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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Beauty Doesn't Fade

This post is about my attraction to Portuguese Tiles.
The Moors had their hand in the original designs, including patterns and colors.

Below you will see some applications done with these works of art.

This will always be my kind of is forever!!
If you like it too you can...
::read more at this blog...

Portuguese tiles running up the walls.

How is this for 'a touch of Chinoiserie??'

Now that you have taken a peek at Poruguese Tile....
do you love it like I do??
If you do ....get a load of the uses in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Lascaux Tile Company
*image fr. blog. hgtv.vcom
I love back splash is done like this in black and white.
But I adore this green.The bath to the right, I think is faboo~!!

The tiles before install.....
and after.
Pool Tiles Too 
ASK 5722 Moorish enameled cuenca tilesASK 5723 Moorish enameled cuenca tiles
 What do you think of some of these super old designs. 
Most are from the 12th century and later.
ASK 5713 Portuguese enameled cuenca tilesASK 5711 Portuguese enameled cuenca tilesASK 5712 Portuguese enameled cuenca tiles
I have never seen the Portuguese tile done in this color-way. I am in love all over again.
I NEED THESE. These are actually enameled Moorish tiles
1414 Portuguese traditional panel Tile

5102 Portuguese modern handmade tiles

Starting with the tiles right over this sentence are from [Portuguese Tiles from Portugal] 

When I was a teen and I walked into 'Country Floor Tiles....'Now,:
*Country Floors, Inc.
15 East 16th Street

New York, NY 10003
(212) 627-8300 Fax: (212) 242-1604
I was completely smitten for life.
If you are smitten, you find someone so attractive that you are or seem to be in love with them.
They were totally smitten with each other
If you are smitten by something, you are very impressed by it and enthusiastic about it.

I was never a blue person really.
But I was at the design center in Manhattan in the late 70's , there was this very dark walnut square cocktail table with Portuguese Tile in the center. I was of course drawn to it. So I inquired ,and it turned out that Anne Bancroft had originally ordered it because she was going to be in a show on Broadway and needed to furnish an apartment. The show was cancelled and she never took possession the table. Guess who did take possession????
That's right. Me!!!
I had it for many years until I gave it to my cousin who being the idiot that he is....
lost it or gave it away. I mean that in the nicest way - snicker, snicker.

The glazed ceramic tiles "azulejos" were imported from Spain and the motifs and techniques were all Spanish-Muslim. 

for more gorgeous tiles...go here
and here

Do you like these tiles?
Could you think of a place to incorporate them into your home?

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  1. Anonymous23:29

    love your tiles. these are very nice. tiles are small designs and grand on the large scale. tactile. i like them. i woudl eat them with a fox. i would admire them with a fox.

  2. Love them, especially the yellow and blue combinations.

    Art by Karena

  3. Can't say I have ever thought about Portuguese tiles before.....suppose I am going to have to now! Love the ones in the shower.

  4. You know I love them - they're on my bathroom floor! Mine are Moroccan though. Check them out here: (before and after shots)

    I've just relaunched SC - you have to come over and check it out! Lots of news :)

    Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!!


  5. I love all of them all and you are right that there are many ways of using tiles, not just in the bath or kitchen. I just visited some Renaissance chateaux where the the decoration had been worn off the original tile floors except in the corners and just under the walls. I will post some pictures for you!

  6. Oh yeah, honey...I could think of all sorts of places to use them!

    While we were in an old colonial part of Brazil last year...there was a house completely tiled in blue and white portuguese tile...stunning!

  7. Oh, do I ever love tiles! Your photos just make me drool!

  8. linda

    i thought of you during this whole post.
    there are quite a few of them used in old miami homes.
    i love them on stairs, bathrooms, and especially in kitchens.
    they are FOREVER.
    and to my eyes...a great investment.


  9. Renee -
    I love the tiles, the photos, and your stories! My favorite is the kitchen with the tiled wall. I'd move in in a second!

  10. please excuse me...i put comment word verification on because the PORN commenter's are back.


  11. HEAVEN I'm in Heaven!!! all i can say is ooooh and ahhhh... how wonderful.. love them.. that church is mind blowing will have to follow your link...

    of course kitchens, baths... hallways.. i always like the look on the stairs too... and sometimes incorporated into furniture.. ie washstands .. although sounds tacky without seeing it...

    I bought some painted tiles in Positano.. nothing like these of course.. but haven't thought how to use them yet.. don't want to make it permanent... Have a lovely week Renee... xxx Julie

  12. GORGEOUS!! I love the green ones used in the bathroom!! I have never been a blue fan either. Only recently have I been drawn to certain shades of it.

  13. Yes, I think I do like least some. I'm sure I could work a few into a bathroom or kitchen, or maybe a fun powder room. They do give a unique look. Thanks for sharing the images and their background.

  14. Renee just noticed the little built-in brass covered lights on those steps.. Great Idea.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Love Tile-- I collect tiles pieces at antique shops and estate sales, etc, waiting for the perfect house to come along to put them in.
    Love the photos of that house with the blue and white tile in the kitchen,, bath & dining room. Now that is a house I would love to have. The photograph framing in the palms outside the kitchen window creates a beautiful visual interest -- would love to be in that kitchen looking out the window.
    Nice visuals,

  17. Thank You for posting some of our Portuguese Tile Installations. We owe the many talented designers who have had the insight to utilize our tile so beautifully in their projects including Michael S. Smith, Schuyler Samperton and currently Trey Laird.

    Lenore Eisner
    Lascaux Tile

  18. I love these tiles and just featured a kitchen with a similar amazing backsplash! Really beautiful examples. I think they would look wonderful in a bath or in a conservatory/sunroom!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Dear Renee,

    The seven tiles above the "are from Country Floors Inc." mention are ours and I made them with my own hands.

    Can you correct the reference?

    They are Bicesse Tiles from and not Country Floors tiles.

    I appreciate you linking back to us, but if you do not intend to change the reference to those photos, I will have to ask you to remove them.

    We understand your interest in our tiles and we love them very much as well. It is a pleasure to make them and come in contact with our roots and history through them.

    We also are interested to know how they are (or can be) used, both as a material and as an element in creating spaces and ambiances.

    So we thank you for promoting our culture, but I must insist that you please correct your sources.

    Thank you for your work, and do please come by at for more hidden treasures of our great tradition in azulejos.

    As yours, our work is important for us...

    Thank you

    Best Regards
    Luís Leal [Portuguese Tiles from Portugal]



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