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Monday, April 26, 2010

St. Tropez ( With Gold Ironwork )

A New Collection from Lexington .
This is brand new, hot off the press,
hitting showroom floors this week!!

A designer that I work with loves theses chairs so much
that she is ready to start a new design job based on the style and finish of these pieces.

 A few of you know how I feel about armless pieces.
This one is beautiful from all sides - and that can be a blessing if you need to put the back of the sofa facing the entrance to the room.
Especially if you are tight on space or tight on money.
You will not have to buy a sofa table, or the things that you would need to place on it.
* to cover the back of the sofa
And if you are tight on space, this will negate the need to make allowances for the space a sofa table will take up . Was that clear?
It's a 'win win' situation. No?

These tables are treasures.
They are 24 inches square you can build the cocktail size that you need.
The gold finish is not too gold, not too shiney, it is just right.
In fact the finish is not shiny at all. It is almost aged in it's effect.

This console is a stunner.
It has a stone top, it is mirrored inside,
and has glass shelving and the criss cross gold iron work.
The criss cross gold iron work 
is the signature of the St Tropez Collection from Lexington Furniture.

 Beautiful in person.

It is so hard to find a really long dining table that is beautiful.
The dining table from this Collection extends up to 124" long.
How is that for big?

This table extends as well. It has 4 leaves that extend the table
in such a way that it retains it's unique shape.

I will be using this china cabinet in a job I am working on right now.

What do you think of this collection?
The truth!

go here to see the collection

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  1. I think the collection is wonderful in its surroundings, very calming and elegant and yet formal and easy at the same time,

  2. I like this collection very much...

    I also have an attachment to armless pieces and these are gorgeous with the tracery backs. You had some very nice examples of armless pieces in one of your previous posts.

    The burnished gold tones have been making their way back into interiors for awhile now. For those who have a lot of silver tones, they could use pieces that have a combination of the silver/gold tones as a bridge, if they want to add the gold.

  3. The-Countrypolitan
    funny you should mention the gold-silver issue.
    i think gold and silver paired in just the right way is one of my favorite finish combinations.

  4. I am loving it...particularly the gilded pieces, xv.

  5. Renee, I adore the collecton... especially the occasional tables and console!

    Art by Karena

  6. vicki,
    i am so glad you do like it.
    i was worried....
    you know i have been working in this retail furniture store....
    i was hoping that my style, and taste had not yet been tainted
    by the common everyday furniture lines that are produced for the public

    i know...i know....
    just send me over a bowl of milk....meow meow


  7. Love the geometry and the return of the gilded age, although it never left my house. I, like you, enjoy the mix of metals as well as standing another rule on its rump.

  8. the collection is lovely... how are you my little friend?? sorry i have been out of touch... xx

  9. I know how you feel about armless sofas ;) I LOVE the back of that one!!!

  10. LOVELY furnishings!!! LOVE the warmth!!!

  11. Renee.... love the China Cabnet.
    nice collection. I just like arms on my furniture. The back design on sofa is beautiful and the console feels a little 1920's

  12. The collection is nice to look at, but how comfortable are the pieces to sit in? I especially like the hutch you will be using. Come see me Girl!

  13. stunning, sexy and tres chic!

  14. renae

    i loved our chat the other day !

    xx i want to

  15. Great collection!



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