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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come with me to Round Hill

This is Round Hill Hotel & Villas. in Jamaica.
Thirty acres of  pure bliss, 
the property of Round Hill awaits you.
I can describe Jamaica with only one word.
I have been to many islands.
The Bahama's, Curacao, St Martin, Barbados, Bimini, The Hawaiian Isles.
The Cayman Isles, Coastal Mexico, Jamaica and Bermuda to name a few.
I adore Bermuda, and I think I could live there. 
But Jamaica is the most lush, green and blue place on earth.
It has mountains, with waterfalls.
And it has the turquoise coast that is dappled with cliffs and white sand beaches.
One of the pools at Round Hill

The illustrious watering hole.
If only these walls could talk. 
The villas have been a place for the famous 
and not so famous to 
check in and check out!
(from the world we know everyday)

How about a rub down here?
Or a drink here?
Imagine hanging out here after a day at the beach.
You are golden brown, squeaky clean from your hot tub, steam and massage.
You are wrapped up in all white terry .....
hmmmm....what shall I do for dinner?
These are just a few of the faces you would have seen at Round Hill over the years.
File:Noel Coward Allan warren.jpg
Noel Coward, Errol Flynn, and yes, Clark Gable
 to name a very, very few.

In 2004 Ralph Lauren had his hand in the compound's make-over. 
This place is so perfect that at any given moment you might find 
an employee holding a palm branch at just the right angle, 
 to make your view just as it should be. 
I swear I can see the tips of this guys shoes. He's holding the palm 
in front of the camera lens to frame the shot just 'Paradise' beautiful!
A villa pool.
Not bad eh?

Could you, 
would you like to check in, 
and 'check out' at Round Hill?
The accommodations

More history here

About some movie stars in Jamaca.

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  1. ehh....I guess I would check in...IF I didnt have something better to do.


  2. This is certainly a side of Jamaica I have not seen...would love staying there!

    Art by Karena

  3. Well I can tell you two things after reading this post.

    1) I haven't traveled nearly as much as I should have been.

    2) I'll be putting Round Hill on my list of places to stay! ;)

  4. Perhaps this should be next on my list of places to visit, when I need a quick escape from the troubles of Bangkok; bit further to go however! It certainly looks heavenly, so I hope it lives up to the photoshoot images; mostly these resorts are a bit creative with their photography, and I always check the review sites to see "real" travellers photos and to read their bugbears. Quite often it puts me off going to places, which is both good and bad. Good because I save myself a lot of money, but bad because I don't get away enough.

  5. Oh Renee
    Pleaaassseee!!! I'd check in .. but no check out... it'd be hotel california.. haha.. too sad it is just so far away for me.... beautiful.. i can at least dream.. xxx Julie

  6. checked in, bags unpacked and I am swimming in the villa pool planning what I will wear for dinner tonight...Can't you see me?!!!!!

  7. Renee...I've attended a cocktail party and dinner there (but never stayed). We camp out next door at Tryall.(check it out online). We've stayed in a lovely villa, "Fairwinds" yearly since 1992. Jamaica is our most favorite place in the world, where we have made lifelong friends. It's my dream to retire there!

  8. kathy,
    i would love to retire period!
    but if i could spend the rest of my life there.....
    it would be a dream.

    errol flynns widow lives on the 2000 acre estate that they bought when they were married.
    she has a boutique and a cattle ranch.
    sounds good to me!


  9. columnist

    it is worth the trip....i promise,


  10. Beautiful, serene, delightful and I could meet all those wonderful people who hang out there. Perfect then!!

  11. Too beautiful - how would you ever leave! Leigh

  12. It looks divine..., oh I would love to check it..., I might go to Bermuda first though.

  13. what a wonderful place!!! i wish o could go there right now and just swing in a hammock!

  14. Absolute Paradise, Renee.... and if the celeb's like it and go there then, it must be good.
    Our daughter is in Bali at the moment and she and her boyfriend have been upgraded to the honeymoon suite !!!! I think that she would say that Bali could give Jamaica a run for it's money !! I've never been upgraded to the honeymoon suite ! I must be going wrong somewhere !!
    It looks beautiful, Renee and I would book into Round Hill in a heartbeat. XXXX

  15. Jacqueline

    well, well....i am sure bali may give jamaica a run for it's money.

    ...and btw i HAVE been upgraded to a honeymoon suite....
    and it's been bad luck for me !


  16. oh ya...I would go there in a split second! I'll drag Linda along. hehe




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