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Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Buster Barman

I am Buster Barman.
Here is my Dad. 
with Ali Wentworth, one of his Manhattan clients.

I know a kid  thinks that their Dad's are handsome....
but, my Dad is.
  And he is a design genius too!
These are just a few of the design jobs that my dad has done.
This one is in N.Y.C.
And that's where I live with with my Dad too.
I will show you my house in another post 
if Renee will let me, 
Buster Barman,
come back and do this  'guest blogging' 
bit again. 

*ask her to have me back when you leave a comment.

Have you seen a black sofa like this one?
I always thought that the colors in this room were scrumptious.
Renee said that she loves the colors, the antique chairs, including the all the other 
eclectic touches that make this space a design winner.
This is an old job....
you can tell from the quality of the picture's reproduction.
I had to scan this one from an old magazine.
But it was published. And that is something!! Right?
My Dad is great.
Check out the dining chairs....
they don't match, but they match.

This a cozy spot.  I can't remember where this shot was taken....
I seem to remember taking a well deserved nap on those red stripes.
Sometimes watching Dad work makes me tired.
Speaking of tired, my paw and my index toe is getting tired from all this typing.
Cool huh?
My dad, John Barman did the Manhattan apartment of George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Ali Wentworth. Their art collection includes a work by Peter Dayton and a series by Jeffrey Lewis in the living room and a Donald Sultan painting in the dining room beyond. Armchair and sofa fabrics, Bergamo.
(architectural digest)
My Dad,  John Barman installed paneling in the dining room, 
then painted it bright orange. I love it!
Below you can go to a home in Ohio that my Dad did.
It was in Architectural Digest.
And let me just say 
that I am intimately familiar with the grounds.

They are Lovely. Don't you Agree?

Buster Barman

I know a kid might think that their Dad can do anything, 
that nothing is impossible, that no mountain is too high, 
but it is true when it comes to my Dad - John Barman.

Would you guys like to say anything to 
'Buster Barman?'
* be nice....remember....
it is his Daddy.
Should I have Buster back for another post?
Buster is interested in design and has told me that he has much to say on the subject.

John Barman  
click here for some Architectural Digest.
credits: www. whiteglovetransportation. com

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  1. cute dog, gorgeous interiors. I especially love that orange paneling in the dining room!

  2. Renee you crack me up!! Hope your doing well and have a great weekend!!

  3. I tell you what, Renee, I've never known a dog with so much interior design knowledge ! It obviously has rubbed off from his dad. If it was up to me, Buster Barman can be a guest on your blog anytime. XXXX

  4. thank you jackie.

    i think i may have him back.
    i think he has quite a bit to bring to the design table considering the circles he runs in.


  5. Buster where have you been all my life and your old man too. His human father is one heck of a designer. I never knew Ohio could look so divine?!

    Buster baby please come back. As for you dearest Renee, you are one clever lady as well as designer. I hope the weekend is a good one xoxo Woof!

  6. Great post Buster.....;) xv

  7. Outstanding Beautiful spaces.
    What a guest blogger :)

  8. yep, he is a cutie all right, dog too. :) wonderful work

  9. dumbwit

    if YOU want buster back....he's coming back!

  10. So cute! And his dad has such sophisticated style. But that Ohio home.... love it.

  11. Oh, Renee...these images just got me. I love the stair and the room with the leather sofa. And, the dog!! But, honey please, don't overwork him at the beginning of summer. xx's Marsha

  12. What a wonderful pup! My friend has pugs, they are cute little fellows!

  13. I just found your blog and am love with Buster... please bring him back often... he's amazing!!
    I'm off to check out your blog now, wishing you a lovely weekend!

  14. Those are some wonderful jobs. He is very talented and I love the PUG, Buster. I couldn't live with ornge it gets me in an angry mood.
    I did it once ornge/Chinese red.
    Clever post Renee. You are too wild. Mamma xxxxx

  15. Hey Buster - tell your Dad that there's a great Interior Designer down BR way who he should hire to assist him. Woof, woof!
    Millie ^_^

  16. millie
    from your lips......




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