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Thursday, April 15, 2010

More About Gordon Hayward's Gardens

Get a load of these magnificent garden settings!!!!!

In 1978, Gordon Hayward began writing for Horticulture Magazine, where he has since published over fifty articles. He now is a contributing editor for Fine Gardening Magazine. Gordon Hayward has also written nine books, six of which remain in print. *See below at the bottom of my post

L E S S O N S   T O   B E   L E A R N E D   
F R O M   V I S I T I N G   G A R D E N S 

"Visiting a garden, whether public or private, is a rare treat, in part because it can help us see our own garden more clearly. What we get out of visiting a garden, however, is not up to the garden; it’s up to us to ask the right questions. Too often we don’t get all we could out of a visit because we walk into a fine garden looking to see what we like and don’t like about it. Our own judgmental attitudes get in the way of learning new principles of garden design. And once we pass judgment, we often limit ourselves to the question, “What’s that plant?” In this one-hour lecture, Hayward will show 40 pairs of slides he has taken of grand gardens through America and England. Throughout he will show you how to look at grand gardens so as to gather new ideas for your own more modest garden. This lecture comes out of an article Gordon Hayward wrote for the April, 2002 issue of Horticulture Magazine." 
ABOVE: Rosemary Alexander’s Garden in England
Gordon Hayward


T H E   W I N T E R   G A R D E N

When designing a garden that is interesting 12 months of the year, those of us who live in the northern half of the United States must carefully consider what our garden looks like in the winter. During the seven month growing season colors and textures abound, but in late October we cut back perennials, remove annuals and bring in delicate garden ornaments and furniture, thereby exposing the layout and structural elements of our gardens. Those elements form the backbone of the winter garden, and they lie in gazeboes, pergolas and garden sheds, as well as in paths, hedges, stonewalls, evergreens and lasting perennials such as ornamental grasses. Detail within that structure lies in winter-tolerant garden ornaments, as well as the form, line and color in twig and fruit of many deciduous trees and shrubs. Because we spend so much more time in the house in winter, view-lines from doors and windows into our winter gardens become especially important. In this one hour lecture, Gordon Hayward uses pairs of slides that both he and Richard Brown, a professional garden photographer, took to show around fifty different places in the Haywards’one and one half acre garden in both summer and winter in order to illustrate design principles you can apply to your own garden to give it greater winter interest.
ABOVE: A design for a garden in Southern New Hampshire.

Want more?
You can stay at this cottage. Click here.
They think the North Cotswolds is the most beautiful part of England. Somebody must agree because the whole area, including Blockley, was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty a few years ago.
His Books:

Gordon and Mary Hayward
508 McKinnon Road
Putney VT 05346



I can't get enough.
Can you?


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  1. No...I feel like an addict and your my dealer. Just STOP it! The weather has been so beautiful, But I have been sooo busy.

    Come on over, and try your hand at winning some colorful summer.

  2. Renee another great tribute to the talented Mr. Hayward. I'm glad to know I have always tried to achieve a sliver of whats right. In the NW I strived to make the gardens look appealing once the leaves fell, and the perennials were cut back. What a treat it would be to have all his books or if not just one. Thanks for another great post.
    As far as the 'hot-couple' comment..I'm still laughing but bathing in the compliment. It's amazing what can happened to a person in 10 years time. Damn that gravity. Love ya Renee xx

  3. Gorgeous photos!!

  4. Absolutely wondrous work. And, the landscaper must see into the future envisioning how everything planned will look in 3-5-10 years.
    But, most of all I love the potted plants kinda just placed around casually. xx's

  5. Hi Renee, thank you for your charmig comment in My BLOG ...Toyle de Jouy.... YOUR BLOG is always fantastic¡¡¡¡¡ Berta

  6. Hi Rene....thanks to your blog I just had a wonderful moment drooling over these gardens...and running late for the office. Gardening is my passion and I thrive to learn more, create new beds...all by myself so it can be a little daunting at times since it is so time and labor intensive. thank you for your kind was so needed after these grueling i just hope that our clients will follow. Perhaps you will find your way back to new York for a visit one of these days..Francine

  7. My step-mother is a master gardener, and oh my my my how the grounds of her beautiful her home in the historic town on Madison GA is. I am certain she must be very familiar with GORDON HAYWARD, and now, after this wonderful post and photos, I can certainly say I am, too!
    My mother has purchased a new home and what she is doing out of door is amazing, and I am totally surprised at the transition she has made. I am sadly too busy to do any of it any longer, I must do something about that! LOVE your beautiful blog!

  8. Not being a brilliant gardener myself (hate the creepy crawlies!!) I have to get my thrills from photos so these will keep me going for a while thanks xo

  9. francine,
    you can be sure.....
    you and your shop will be one of my first stops!!!!!

  10. tina,
    then you must buy her one of his books for a house warming gift!

  11. sssoooooo pretty... i just love gardens, gardening, and my friend renee... happy friday sweetie. xoxo

  12. love it... Magnificent gardens

    xxxx Kisses and hugs

  13. Oh Renee
    These gardens [and the previous post] are just wonderful.. I feel like strolling through a garden right now! Makes me long for a backyard again.. even just a small one to be surrounded by nature... It's interesting what he has said about planning a garden for winter.. of course that would be very different here.. but I can see why people use ornaments and buildings to create beauty during winter.. in fact where not that big on ornaments here... well not that common.. probably as our gardens don't end up covered in snow... Beautiful post Renee.. sorry I've missed a few .. still pretty slow getting round blogs this week.... I'm a bad blogger... take care and have fun.. and thanks for you lovely words on my anniversary post.. you're the best!!!! xxx Julie

  14. Hi Renee!
    Beautiful gardens, I wouldn't mind spending a weekend there with a nice glass of champagne taking it all in.......I really enjoy his work. Would love to spend some time in that cottage...Have a great weekend!Maryanne



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