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Thursday, April 8, 2010


BUBBY : Jewish grandmother, endearing term

This is a new one for me!!!

I have shared with you how tough design is in Florida right now,
but have I shared how tough it is when you work in a furniture showroom 
and about 20% of the clients walk in.....
or hobble in..... 
and ask to see the recliners????
I say...
"is this it?" 
"this is what it has come to?"
Will I ever REALLY design again?
The Sophia three-position recliner from Pride has the look of turned-wood legs and arms but is actually crafted in cast aluminum. It will sell for about $3,300 (
Here's the kicker, I want this recliner.
When I am basking is the Florida sunshine.....
I hardly ever can get really comfortable....

Would you ever own one of these?
I am sure if it were upholstered in a fabulous fabric, and hidden under a flowering shade tree....
it would be more palatable. No?

It should retail for about $3000.00 ( high retail )
*a realistic purchase price is less 30%
go here to see the outdoor furniture trend in South Florida

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  1. Only YOU could make me want a recliner too! Yummo!

  2. Renee, I always said I would never have a recliner, the thought of one makes me cringe....

  3. The recliners have definitely become more modern looking, so yes, I guess!

  4. If you have to have a recliner, the one you featured would be it!

  5. OH yes! It is smashing..
    I'd love it. Please don't buy one for me, you can't afford it now..
    I have always hated house's with those ugly cumbersome, chunky thing's. Come check out my funny post. Mamma xxxxxx

  6. Oh yes, I like this one..... but how do you sun your backside?

  7. For comfort, I have always wanted a recliner, for the look, not in my house .... but...the other day I saw a beautiful very aged brown leather armchair (I have a passion for aged leather!) it was not heavy, it did not have the dreadful thick arms it was beautiful! I sat down it was so comfy and the the saleslady said, lean back, I did,,,and it was a recliner! Two are now on order!!!!

  8. i have to say - on a warm summers evening to be sitting out under a tree, close by the of cold beer or a nice chilled white wine...

    i think i could be very happy in said aluminium recliner...

    maybe i'd funk up the pattern wee bit...but generally speaking, you'd find me very happy in said aluminium recliner...

  9. custard

    who knew i would write a post about an aluminum recliner of all things....
    and would get comments so quickly??

    i hope you and the little woman are doing well.

  10. Renée, Leave it to you to find a stylish recliner! Couldn't we call it something else, please?

  11. c.j.

    'yucko' is a term that enters my head when i think of one.

  12. It is against all my principals, yet we have owned one in the first of marriage, graduated to a more no look recliner, and now a leather chair and ottoman. We evolved slowly and as my taste is as well. Outdoor, metal??? Talk to me!

  13. Love that recliner! Certainly not a Lazy Boy. I just did a post on Les Toiles Du Soleil fabrics that would brighten up that chair!! Go here: I am also featuring a give away that you might like!

  14. Hey Renee
    Recliners make me think of the collection of inherited ones we had in the childhood home.. [thinking about it now.. i suspect relatives had to die for us to receive them!!!].. anyway we had one big whopper recliner.. ugly as sin.. but oh so comfy.. was always a fight between 4 kids to see who got it.... never had one since though..... Although!! Linda is right.. only YOU could make us want one.. this one looks quite nice.. but I think the sea air here would have it rusted out in no time... Have a good one.. xxx Julie

  15. Always thought that I could wait another 20 years before i caved in for a.....recliner......but right now, i could just plop into one and never get up....just keep lounging. one can dream???

  16. Things have changed with the old recliner! x



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