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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bebe, Papa, Mom, and Me

In my last post I had mentioned that I wanted to keep things light...........hah!...not for long.
Today my morning started off as it usually does, with a walk around a pond in my neighborhood.
There are ducks and other giant (4 feet tall) birds there as well. They come from the Everglades which is just west of me about 5 miles.
At the same time I talk to my mom who is is Maine. It helps the walk go by more quickly, and sometimes she exercises at the same time.
She is always telling me to bring bread for the excuse is that;"I am always on such a tight schedule....."
This morning I did.
I had today off just as most of America did.
So, there was no rush.
I was on the phone with my mom and was describing the ducks and this HUGE bird.
He was so friendly. He was looking right at me, and I was talking to him, and he kept getting closer and closer.
BTW, the bread was all gone by now...he didn't want anything from me, he just wanted to meet me I guess. hahahah
Right before he flew away he was only about 6 feet from me. Amazing.
Anyway, we finally decided together (but mostly because of my mom's knowledge of nature) that it must be
a Blue Heron.
It was.
All this natural beauty without a timer running in my head was almost more joy than I could bare.
I have put a couple of pictures at the bottom of this post of the big bird.

The day went on, and as I promised myself,
I basked in the sun with a clever book, called ' BLINK.'
But lying there with the breezes rolling over me and the sunny blue sky above me,
I drifted in and out of a sleepy - dream state. Ever been there?
Dozing....I was reeee-laxed!
I got to thinking about how life passes by faster sometimes than we want it to.
My daughter is 22!!!
My mother and I are getting along famously today. Mothers and daughters can have a tough time of it.
It is common, I know.
And with 'me being me', and 'mom being mom'.....well.... we have had some bumpy rides.
But is seems as though; 'NO MORE!'
Today my mom is a blogger and we have so many funny things to discuss........: )

This makes me happier than you can imagine....but she is far away.
Could blogging be the NEW CURE ALL for what ails you?
Now I want to garden with her, go antiquing with her,
watch her corny old BLK & WHT Turner Classics with her.
I want to be with her on her birthday, which is this April 7th. 
I can't. And I am not happy about it.
But today I got to thinking of an Easter Day when I was about 5.
It was spent with my mom's mom,
at her home in Texas, where I spent the first 5 or so years of my life.
My beautiful sweet, gorgeous, classy grandmother 
who I called Bebe all my life.
*That dashing fellow is my mom's dad, who for the short time that I knew him called him Papa.
I was just laying with my eyes closed imaging us all together again.
Everyone in their prime...and at their peak of beauty and health.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday that was filled with love and happy times.


*the big bird below
The Blue Heron
picture credits: 

Debra from 5th & State
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that is fabulous. It is a quickie post.
That is what I SPY is all about.
go check out the design element that she found!

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  1. Wow! I am so thrilled that you
    did this post. Aren't they sharp?
    She looked great in her riding Jodphurs,leather jacket and boots.
    I Miss them so. They were fun
    and chic.

    Love Mamma xxx bunny hug

  2. I have a daughter, and although it isn't always, I'm thrilled when the ride is smooth.

    Hey, tell your mother I'd love to watch TCM with her any day of the week!

    Happy Easter, Renee! xx

  3. willow,
    when i was typing that line in the post...i was thinking that you'd LOVE to watch TCM with her!!!
    ...and here you are confirming it!!

    love ya

  4. Renee-

    Happy, sad or mad, I enjoy reading your posts. I love herons. In the summer, we have two that make their home on our pond in front of our house. Please come over to my blog and check it out.

    Happy Passover (we celebrate both holiday in our family!)

  5. Lovely post Renee
    and that photo of our Papa and Bebe is terrific!!!! what a wonderful family memory.... It's great you and your mum have such a good relationship....I was very close to mine but she died when i was young so we didn't get to that argumentative stage..haha ..Anyhow... hope your Easter is fantastic.. xxx Julie

  6. Dear Renee,
    How wonderful to sit and chat to a heron. I remember when we were in Florida We rented a house once and were visited by lots of herons. We have them here and, some people don't like them as they take the fish out of their ponds !!
    It's lovely that you and Yvonne are having lots of lovely chats. We have just taken our daughter and her boyfriend to Heathrow airport.They have gone to Singapore, Sydney and Bali. What with our son and his wife being in the States, it's a quiet time for us this Easter.
    Fabulous photograph of your Papa and Bebe. They looked as if they thoroughly enjoyed life.
    It sounds as if you have made the most of your time off, Renee. XXXX

  7. I am happy to read that you had such a relaxing day off. I spent mine in the garden, aggravating my tendon as much as possible. Now the garden looks loved ( at least the front yard)and I will sleep like an angel tonight. Hope you do too.

  8. It was a very relaxing day, filled with family..... wonderful time together!

    Art by Karena

  9. flwrjane
    i am glad to hear that you slept like an angel.
    and i did sleep like an angel too.
    but is another day,a work day.
    so i must take off my angel costume
    and put on my work costume
    that includes a set of horns and a tail.


  10. A nice way to start your day -- I too walk my dog around our pond -- we have Blue Heron , Osprey nesting near by -- lots of ducks -- geese, and more the trees here are lovely old and have grand shapes. It has been too rainy to take pictures.

    To dream and have the dream become reality -- and sometimes it isn't possible to be with the ones we love -- and oh yes Mothers & Daughters --I miss those days my mother passed away in March three years ago I sometimes forget and pick up the phone to call her - or want to drop by and see her. I gladly take back those years smooth or bumpy .

    Your Grand mother looked radiate in that picture.


  11. There's a movie in that glorious photo - get cracking on the script straight away girl! Then I'll be able to say 'Oh do you know my friend Renee, the big Hollywood script writer.' Son #2 had a girlfriend last year who all the other sons nicknamed 'Big Bird' & she was!
    Millie ^_^

  12. A lovely intermezzo. Enjoy the rest of your time with your Mom. Yes, I do think blogging is a way to connect in ways none of us have dreamed of. Treasure the memory you made of this day.

  13. Such a sweet and beautiful story. My son is also 22 and my youngest are so right about time. I dream of a quiet life in nature and I am in hectic, stressful manhattan. I opened the doors to the new store yesterday, scarier than giving birth...not too mention of the fear and stress level, but you know all about that. Would love for you to visit your old neighborhood, interieurs is between 3rd and 2nd on the north side of 58th. I will be posting photos this week.Hope to meet you there one of these days...Francine

  14. A 4 foot tall bird would scare me to death face-to-face. I'd be sure he was planning to peck my eyes out.

    Overreact much? Me?


  15. what gorgeous people, no wonder you look the way you do. I also love to see Heron's, prehistoric birds. Glad you had a great day off.

  16. millie

    love you.

    i am working on that script....
    it's just all in my head.

    xx hugs



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