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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random Easter stuff...

I have Sunday off, and I plan on basking in the sunshine.
Here are a few pics I found to put in this random Easter Post.
Don't try and make sense of it.....I didn't.
And it shows.

I am trying to keep things light.
That's what I need right now.
A Paris Easter Window.

2 clowns

Breath...and just important is it really?
This is what is important.
And this!!!
This little girl is too cute and sweet for words.
Well, maybe;


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  1. A fun silly post! Yeah, it was actually quite relaxing!

    Hope you've had a great Passover week and a wonderful relaxing Easter weekend ahead!

  2. Anonymous01:29

    thanks. happy easter to you too. enjoy your day off.

  3. Have a nice Easter Renee, enjoy sun and a short break.

  4. Have a very fun and carefree Easter Renee...Love your pics. xv

  5. Renee

    Lighthearted and fun post --
    Have a Happy Easter enjoy your day in the sun,, it is rainy here in the North West,


  6. vicky,
    have a beautiful Easter with your family!
    xx and a big hug

  7. Renee

    would love to read about the green house rooms -- which post is it?
    Oh yes I do love your blog -- always something interesting filled with nice content


  8. granny.
    thank you for the passover was very nice.
    and i hope you have a happy,
    love, and family and friend filled Easter.

  9. Very Cute post, Love BUSH...
    What a look on that face.
    Going to get some flower bed work in..Make hay while the sun shines..
    Have a nice Easter/Passover
    what ever...Mamma xxx
    here's a bunny Hug. Don't get sun burnt or you will get skin cancer, It's awful..

  10. I'm not sure what is the cutest the bunny's or Bush hugging the Easter Bunny? I loved your post; all things that make you laugh & touch your heart. I feel like I've been neglecting you lately. But your always thought of and wishing you a glorious Easter Sunday.

    A big bunny size hug to you xoxo deb

  11. Happy Easter!! Enjoy your day in the sunshine! ;)

  12. Renee, hop on over to my will see nothing but lightness. Stay cool, lovely woman.
    xx's Marsha

    ps: the pic of W is just priceless
    I may have to copy it.

  13. deb of dumbwit tellher,

    don't feel that way.
    i have been neglecting my blogging terribly.

    i am guilty of the same.

  14. Belated Passover thoughts for you my sweet friend. I love the randomness, brought smiles. Enjoy your day off and soak up some sunshine.

    I too, feel like it's been forever since we 'spoke'!

    love and

  15. Hello Renee, cute post. Happy Easter! I have been on a blog hiatus myself. It tends to be a time consumer for me if I let it. But now that the weather is nice, you know where I'll be...yup, in the barn with my two main horses of course! Have a wonderfully sunny relaxing day full of fluff! Luanne

  16. lulo,
    i am jealous.
    i would give anything to be with my
    man 'Georgian Gentleman'

    xxx happy easter my friend

  17. Dear Renee,
    What a fabulous, fun-filled post....I love the cartoon of the bunny slippers !!!!
    Enjoy your time off and have a really good rest. You deserve it.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  18. Oh Mate you've made me laugh - your caption on the pic of Dubbya & the Easter Bunny is so perfect! But those Good 'Ol Boys will be after you!!
    Millie ^_^

  19. millie

    ha ha
    let them,
    i say;
    BRING IT ON !!! @$^%$^!!




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