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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I SPY An Industrial Shabby Chic Pendant

I SPY  An Industrial Shabby Chic Pendant Light Fixture
measuring 9" dia. x 9" W 7" H x 12" Overall H

"The Five-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandelier (9” x 9”) is an industrial blow-torch of light and crystal. It features five refrigerator bulbs in a tight symmetrical pattern lubricated by a colorful flow of crystal which plays with and amplifies the light.
Crystals may be rearranged over time to change the look and feel of the piece." 
Retail 1499.00

I can see this pendant fixture being fantastic in just the right place.
I love industrial design touches.
This would be perfect over a kitchen sink!
Or several over the eat-in counter in a kitchen, over a kitchen island.....
heck I can see this pendant in a bathroom, master closet......
or over a the bar in a hip new restaurant....

I like it.
How about you?
Where would you put 
this light fixture?

Mom, I would put it in the garbage.

Five-Bulb Compact Pendant Chandelier
from Michael McHale Designs
Fon: 646 496.8864

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  1. Oh Renee, You know I love you! But this is the first time i've got to disagree with you!!! They want HOW MUCH for that light fixture?? YIKES! I guess your right, in the right spot this might look great but i'm pretty sure it's only if I were squinting while looking at it! HA!!! ;)

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  3. I agree with you in the right place that is --I have a love hate relationship with this piece... in an old funky basement bathroom for a bit of glam and surprise or an old loft -- say in Chicago or New york and yes in the garage definitely or an artist workshop. How about the old outhouse? do they still have them in use I wonder?

    All kidding aside it has its merits and a great conversational piece.


  4. Oh Renee,
    I could easily find a spot for that particular item.
    Are you buying !!!! haha. XXXX

  5. Hmmm. It's not working for me.
    But who am I??

  6. joanny

    like i the right spot.


  7. angie

    i know,
    i know it's weird.
    ok ....
    how about hanging it
    in the garage?????

    love ya

  8. I can appreciate the effect, but it seems to heaby to me. Maybe a lighter version would be nice?
    Thanks for sharing, ..... and yes in the "right" place!

  9. It's uberfantastic! I'd use it in a bathroom... but, is that too predictable? I don't know, but I adore it!

    (Your little comment to your Mom was hilarious!)


  10. scott,
    of course you love it!!
    because it is fantastic.

  11. It would be super cool in just the right spot. I happen to like industrial touches. I saw some great heavy metal industrial stools on wheels last week and almost bought one.

  12. Yikes! I had to laugh out loud when I read the tiny print...I think I am with your Mom on this...eeek...(sorry!)

  13. That's a pretty wild light.....kind of crazy fun though, xv.

  14. Hi Sister! I love industrial touches
    too but you know that. I picture this going over my bar sink. That's right, cocktails and chandeliers. Hope your having a great week kiddo? You begin your two days off starting tomorrow..whoop..whoop!

    oxo luvs

  15. I can't believe you.. Mama xxx

  16. Oh ya....GREAT minds think ALIKE...I do like this and yep, hung in just the right spot could create mighty good conversations!
    xoxo miss ya Girl!

  17. It's a little cutting edge for me, but at the same time, very refreshing to see something different and artsy, too. You always have something interesting to share, Renee! xo

  18. I guess I'm the only one who realizes you were celebrating Earth Day with this idea. LOL

  19. I will pass. I wouldn't be able to find the spot for it.

  20. I will create a spot for it.
    It's like an abstract painting not for everyone maybe but I love it.

  21. I think that without the crystals it would get a more favorable response... (where did you find this?)

  22. Hi Renee!
    Oh My My My!!!!!! I know this is a very specific industrial piece. But the price tag is ridiculous..Maybe in an industrial wine cellar??????? with metal stools.....Maybe. I'm trying, Renee. Hey, sister, you have the guts to put yourself out there which I admire xo Maryanne

  23. That is way too cool. Come on you could try your hand at making that. lol

    I'm sure it's much harder to make then it seems....always is!


  24. carole,

    i agree. it has to be difficult to make.
    you just KNOW it is made by had with a blow torch etc.




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