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Friday, March 5, 2010

Three South Florida Design Stars Make The Prestigious AD 100

SCOTT SNYDER Palm Beach and New York
Snyder is not the designer clients hire to get the latest ``look.'' He doesn't do trendy. His philosophy during the past 25 years has been the same: Timeless design that doesn't need to look dated.
``I do not practice what you could call disposable design that could almost be considered fashion,'' says Snyder, who is on the list for the fourth time. ``We are more apt to buy clothing that's disposable.
``This is important especially in times when some people are feeling a definite change in their economic circumstance -- whether it is psychological or due to taking a real financial hit.''

CHARLES ALLEM CAD International, Miami
The recession doesn't appear to have hit Allem's high-end, international clientele. Allem, who grew up in Johannesburg says he creates in a variety of styles from Art Deco to Louis XIV, but the results are all comfortable and luxurious. That luxury includes walls lacquered or covered in rock crystal or quartz and sheared mink on chairs.
But his personal style is calm and minimal. He relies on a lot of white and sculptural forms in his South Beach condo. His office is also sleek and minimalistic.
``I like blank space to think in and create,'' says Allem, who is on the list for the fourth time. ``Personally, I like very calm, understated and restrained luxury.''
to see his work go here

JOHN BARMAN Miami Beach and New York
Designers often say that their inspiration comes from everywhere, especially from clients. But when the client is a creative person, the style may not be so easy to interpret, such as when jazz musician Wynton Marsalis played the piano in his living room as inspiration for Barman.
``It was very difficult,'' says Barman, who is on the list for the third time. ``I'm a decorator, not a musician. The things he played were very happy and up and lively. I tried to incorporate that feeling into his interior.
``It's a little bit jazzy, comfortable, a little bit fun but not too unexpected. The colors are bright yellows, reds and bright blues. And because jazz has New Orleans inspiration, some of the patterns were New Orleans inspired.''

*go to see his work here   YOU MUST GO AND SEE, it is faboo

I am absolutely crazy for John Barman's work.
What do you think?
I think it is  original and rich.
credit: Miami Herald
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  1. Hello Renee: Happy Friday to you. I must agree with you once again dear twin. Of all three I admire Mr. Barman's work the most. I am especially fond of what he labels as his eclectic designs. He's not too over the top but his rooms still have that mark of originality. Not to over-look he's easy on the eyes if you know what I mean and I think you do?! Hoping your doing good. Thinking of you as always xx

  2. These gentlemen are fabulous and did look at Barman's.... work it is genius. Will check out the others as well. I am having a great giveaway soon. come follow me!
    Art by Karena

  3. Dear Renee,
    I think that Scott Schnyder has the right approach. Fashion in interior design is but a passing phase and becomes dated so quickly. If one sticks to traditional style, it is always in fashion if not always at the height of fashion. XXXX

  4. If I hit the Lotto, Start dialing Scott Snyder. He is the winner in my eyes.. I love elegance to live with.


  5. Agree with Deb and you...John Barman has incredible talent and vision and love his work. Have a great week end, Francine

  6. wow, three great designers with different ideas on design, refreshing. I get tired of the same old thing, nothing says glamor more than understated fabrics, and design. Thanks once again for sharing.

  7. opps forgot to mention that these gentlemen are very easy on the eyes.

  8. Thanks for sharing these designers. Can't wait to check them all out. Hope you are well.

  9. HI Renee
    Well I admit I am ignorant of these fine gentleman.. but have to agree with the philosophy of Scott Schnyder.. understated traditional and you can always add some interest via curios... Now I feel sorry for Barman.. imagine trying to interpret a client's needs by listening to him play the piano!!! we all speak and feel via different mediums... Hope you weekend was lovely.. xx Julie

  10. Hi Renee,
    Thank you for the introduction to those 3 architects!
    I love the work of Scott Snyder! Although the contemporary interiors of Mr Barman I also love!



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