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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secret Passages

This is a house loaded with secret passageways!!
*if you ever can go to Salem Massachusetts,
go to The House of The Seven Gables.
(no pictures allowed inside, that's why I couldn't post any)
A secret passage (or hidden passage or a secret tunnel) is a hidden route that is used to travel stealthily. Such passageways may be inside a building leading to a secret room, or be a way of entering (or exiting) somewhere without being seen. Hidden passages are a common feature of fiction, but have also served a variety of purposes throughout history. Hidden rooms have helped people evade capture or carry out illegal, religious, political, or smuggling activities.
I have always wanted a room with a wall just like this one.
That had a false bookcase / doorway.
Isn't this fabulous?
This is my favorite image in this post.
I would do this in a heart beat.
I was at a client's house, a
nd she had one going to a guest room
that was off the dining room.
It was fun.

From what I have found out...
these 'hidden doorways' are relatively easy installation kits.
I have them at the bottom of my post. 
There are all kinds of fun ideas you can incorporate into your very own 

How do you feel 
about the hidden  passageways?
Would you want one in your home?

*secret rooms

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  1. Most definitely....xv

  2. I have just been doing a little blog hopping and I have hopped onto you from Julie at being Ruby. So glad I did, I love your blog and I love secret passageways and I too have always wanted a room with a false bookcase.

  3. Definitely. My husband had one in his house growing up and he has such fond memories of playing in there. Hope you are well.


  4. When we first moved to the manor 22 years ago, the kids were bound and determined to find a secret passageway. None to be found. Fun little cubbies and nooks and crannies, though.

  5. Oh, I love secret rooms and passageways. Here in the U.K. they are always found in castles and stately homes but, also in more modest cottages. Many of them have 'priests holes', which was where the priests would hide when Henry V111 was overthrowing the church.
    We did go to The Winchester House near San Fransisco. That was really interesting with staircases going nowhere and tunnels and secret passages.
    I always wanted a library where there was a secret door within the books, especially when I was a child...well, I'm still a child really !! XXXX

  6. Renee, I am finding your travels all over the east coast. I grew up not to far from the House of Seven Gables but it has been years since I have been in. I would most definitely have a secret passage like that. I would plan it to lead into a very sunny studio if truth be told! Those large old New England homes are great for finding nooks and crannies like that...
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Jeanne :)

  7. I'd like a secret passageway. But I would love, love, love a laundry chute!

  8. I'm to much of a chicken to have one of these in my home! Really! I have a problem with closed doors- I'd rather not even have closet doors. I want EVERYTHING visual accessible! Makes me feel calm. ;)

  9. Hi Renee,
    A wonderful post! I have already made some hidden doors in some libraries for my clients! I love these secret doors!

  10. I had one in my interior design
    office it was on rollers and slid from right to left infront of the
    the other it rolled easy and hid the ofice kitchem, plus I had it loaded with small carpet books..

    Mamma xxxx

  11. What a fun thing to have? I would luv one please?

  12. YES! It's exactly where I would spend 100% of my time! I have a client (a psychiatrist) whose home office is hidden behind a bookcase... I cant' get enough of it!

  13. kinda spooky. missed you too. xo

  14. Anonymous23:51

    very cool. i would love one. a sneaky place. secret is good. i want a secret door at work so i can leave, hee hee. fun post, thanks RF.

  15. I adore seeing these in old B&W English movies. When all the kids were living at home, I dreamt that I could just disappear into a secret tunnel behind the bookshelf until they grew up & left.
    Millie ^_^

  16. How much fun Renee
    I would love a secret room .. why living alone I don't know!! it was the sort of thing you really wanted as a child... and still do..

    I've heard of the house of seven gables.. was there ever a movie about it??? would be great to visit... Have a fab week xxx Julie

  17. Would I ever want one. Don't you love the old scary movies with the house that is riddled with them? I always wanted to experience that for myself. I've seen them incorporated into a few newly built homes, it's was terrific. I'm going to close my eyes and try to remember to dream about secret passage-ways. Hope your great this week gorgeous? Happy St. Patrick's Day to you ~ xoxo

  18. hmmmm...
    where i work,
    it is 65,000 square feet.
    i am always joking with clients
    that want to just browse alone for a while...
    i say; "once we part, the chances of us finding each other again is slim."

    it is the 'sock theory'....
    you throw 2 socks in the dryer and you only get one back.
    has that ever happened to you?

    maybe there is a secret passageway where clients accidentally touch a wall....
    it opens and they are gone...

    that explains a lot.



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