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Monday, March 22, 2010

I Spy

The 1st. 'i spy'
a fabOO sofa!
and a fabOO deal!
A TIGHT BACK Chesterfield SOFA,
with a BENCH SEAT.
This sofa is from the Martha Stewart Collection,
that is manufactured by BERNHARDT.
What a deal this is!!!
The price for the 96.5 inch sofa is 
way under $2000.00 with any fabric on the fabric ring.
It only comes in solids. 
M.S. fabric selection is small but perfect.
I have done this sofa in a taupe linen 
with tons of pillows made from 
Turkish and Persian - Silk Kilim rugs.
A very worldly / sophisticated look.

Let me know 
what your thoughts are on this sofa.

BTW, I kicked 'arss' at the sale yesterday!!
Thank you.
 Your loving words and comments got me through the night, 
and the next day (the sale).
I am not alone.
We are not alone. 

PS Would any of you
 like to do a short post called I SPY?
There are days a short post is all I can handle.
grab the 'i spy' tag and use it.
I will come running when I see it, and eventually others will to.
Do it any day you feel like it.

I love you guys!!
XXXX's and hugs.

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  1. Great looking sofa, Renee. Congrats on your sales success - you deserve a break. Glad you liked the Dog Judo. xoxo

  2. Glad the sale was a success!! I spy sounds like fun! As for the sofa- I can't believe it's under $2000!?! I think the 2nd fabric might be my favorite for pillows!! I'm in the process of redecorating now and am headed that way. Don't know how long before I get there considering my budget is in the crapper! ;)

  3. The couch..the kilim kind of thing Renee!
    In fact, throw in a lot more pillow and that is my couch (with a skirt). Glad the sale was a success...I imagine you are one clever salesperson:)

  4. Short is good.
    I Spy is good.
    A long sofa is good.

  5. I like the sofa and the price sounds unbelievable. Glad bad day turned to good.

  6. Renee, we knew you would kick some serious butt at that sale. That sofa is to die for, any chance of getting one a little shorter? I am looking for a white, slip covered sofa to go with my new look. Suggestions my friend? Thanks girl.

  7. Love that logo and the concept is great!
    Also, luv the sofa,

  8. 4 thumbs up, way up for that gorgeous sofa. Very classic and stylish, quite like you. Glad x1000 that Sunday was a good sales day. It's amazing what the support of our dear blogging buddies can do.
    I'll jump on the 'I Spy' bandwagon. I quite like the clever idea & the logo. Thanks Renee. You are brilliant. luvs xoxo

  9. congrats renee on a great day!

    crazy for the sofa, love the 'i spy' concept. my posts are getting too long
    put your feet up!

  10. debra
    i think ' I SPY' it is a great concept.
    i am too busy and worn out to do ' FASCINATING ' 3 -4 times a week.!
    ' i spy ' is just a post on one item that you think is really outstanding....
    and why.
    love you

  11. I want that sofa badly! I'm going to go check it out right now!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  12. i have an eye spy... ck out the ticking blog...
    as i said before... you rock girl... congratulations! xx

  13. Nice and it gives us all a break..and a new post.. Everyone like my new post..and the new header you made me ...I love you Darling Girl. Thank you so much..

    Mamma xxxxxx

  14. Hi Renee
    I love this sofa.. we certainly can't get that quality for the price here.. and love the kilims too.. I have two kilims I brought home from my travels in Turkey many moons ago...

    Well I think I could Eye Spy... for sure!! I agree with Deb... the badge is FABULOUS!! sometime soon!!! thanks for your always sweet comments... keeps me going!! xxx Julie



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