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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emilio Pucci And Capellini

This was EMILIO PUCCI’S shop on East 64th when I lived there. 
Looking in the windows was like looking in a candy shop.
The master at work.

A few Vintage frocks,

I would have loved a pair of these.
You know people have tried imitate his designs.....but you can always tell the difference.

Get  a load of this....
Emilio Pucci was so much the man of the 60's that he was commissioned
to design the uniforms for Braniff Airlines. 

Braniff Airways introduced imaginative new flight attendant uniforms created by famed fashion designer Emilio Pucci. The plastic bubble helmet, to protect hairdos on windy tarmacs, was an integral part of the Pucci-designed uniforms.

I wonder if they wore those nutty helmets? 
The new shop on 5th.

Pucci painted his first scarf in 1949. Hand-colored drawings for scarves from the 1960s and ’70s typify the vibrant colors and patterns that characterized his work.
Handbags from the ’60s and ’70s. Pucci once said of his designs, which defined an era, “I revolutionized fashion because of intuition. Certain things were in the air.”

Silk jersey and silk organza dresses in several silhouettes from his 1970 collections hang in a closet.
In 2001 the firm joined forces with Cappellini to produce a new line of furniture.
The designer’s daughter, Laudomia, and his widow, Marchesa Cristina Pucci di Barsento,
 continue the Archivio Emilio Pucci which is dedicated to preserving his dynamic legacy.

Did any of you own a Pucci dress or scarf ??
Did you like his dresses?
And what do you think about Pucci joining forces with Capellini?
I like the idea.


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  1. Love Pucci- I have two dresses of Pucci - one vintage and one new. I also have four matching scarfs - same design but different colorways that I am going to have made into pillows. Just have not gotten around to it yet. I will send a photo when they are done!


  2. No. Never....but those shoes are spectacular! The bubble helmet...not so much.

  3. Wild, definitely NOT me! My mom did have a Pucci dress as I recall now hearing the name.

  4. i had a top made with a piece of original Pucci fabric... love it!

  5. I can't help but laugh,in the70's all the Nurds Men at the Jockey
    club wore those shirts, with pucca
    shell necklaces. Ugh!
    The shoes are cute an umbrella.
    Never was my style.
    Bubble helmet is absurd.

  6. oh renee..........i'm much too young!

    do remember the braniff uniforms as a child and was mesmerized. wanted to be a "stewardess" (remember that term?) when i grew up so i too could dress in wild colors. good thing i never grew up

  7. You know, Renee, the hair style in the days of the helmet needed something like that to keep them glued down, the big bubble hair was THE most popular. Hate Pucci apparel, but he was an artist. Have no idea who would buy furniture like this. I would shake all over if I encountered it.

    The apartment in NYC, beautiful space, horrible decor I think. But I like the TV show too.

  8. Oh I adore Pucci! When my son was in pre school, the homeroom moms did the April Showers bulliten board. I was in charge of the umbrella, you bet it was designed like a pucci umbrella!
    Sooo cool, and a few mom's got it!!

  9. ..Ya, there's gold dust in the air!

    I would love to see more Pucci prints for the home, like poufs ottomans and aprons and such.

  10. Once had a scarf....Those photos do take me back, perhaps too far back!!!

  11. i love pucci it is fun and color is fantastic... i had a scarf... we use to design "pucci esk" tops for the limited... i want a helmet... can you lend me yours? have a wonderful weekend. xxxx

  12. okay pam......
    who let the cat out of the bag that i still had my branif helmet????

    and of course, you can borrow it.
    you would look faboo in it!



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