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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dream A Little Dream Job

I had a dream recently
 and I was in Maine. 
(where my mom lives)
My mother was in my dream 
and so was her new boyfriend 
who she wanted me to meet.
I was at the house alone with her new beau 
while my mom had run to the store. 
Feeling weird with this 'new man' in mom's life, 
I decided that I needed to clean a few spots on her white carpet.
This enabled me 
to avoid any serious conversation with 'The Beau', 
since I decided 
the best way to get these tiny spots out of her carpet 
was with her 50 foot garden hose!!!

I brought the hose inside and hosed down the carpet.
Now....I am panicking because there is way to much water..........
.....but I manage to finish drying the carpet with towels
just in time for mom's arrival back home.
Ahhhh....she is home and here it comes.......
her usual minute by minute itinerary.
Mom insists on a schedule, 
and getting every single 
hair splitting second of fun 
out of your visit with her.
So we head down to Camden Maine.
We are driving around with the new beau....
With me being me,
and not in 'the drivers seat',
I need to get out of the car for a few minutes.
I just needed to be alone for a while.
I need to have a few ciggie puffs
and explore a bit.
I am thinking;
maybe I can find something  inspirational to paint or to post about.
So, I walk into this alleyway and see.... 

these 12 x 12 paintings of crazy little faces
and I say to myself; 
hmmmm  "I could paint those. 
Or I could try."
But I need to get more info.....
I go into the shop where the paintings where displayed,
and I meet the artist.
I ask her if she gives lessons.
She said " Yes, I do." 

Then I asked " what is it that you are painting?" 
and she said....

They are Marionettes.
*A marionette is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings (wires being the standard now due to increased durability). A marionette's puppeteer is called a manipulator.[1] Marionettes are operated with the puppeteer hidden or revealed to an audience by using a vertical or horizontal control bar in different forms of theatres or entertainment venues
Then I said 
"where can I sign up, and when is the next class?"
This lovely woman explained to me that 
"this is a children's art class."
(I am thinking .... ruh roh.....!!!)
"Okay" I said with enthusiasm,
"when is the next class?"
She tells me, 
and off I go to find Mom and her 'new beau.'
I find them walking down by the shore. 
We all load back into the car and head home.
The next thing that happens is this; 

I asked to go back out to a nice cosmetic shop...
I just wanted to look around, and check out the lotions.....
maybe I would find something fabulous.....
( I love to do that)

I am looking around and
end up running into the artist lady
from downtown Camden.
The very same artist 
who paints the marionettes.
We get to talking about life and our interests.
And of course,
I begin talking about what I do.

I start talking about design,
and how much I love color.
And the joy I get from making a beautiful environment
for a person to live in.

The artist lady asked me 
if I would be willing to do her home?

I said "Yes, I would love to."
She explained; " I actually live in England.", "Would that be a problem?"

I said "No problem.
That would be great,
my sister lives outside of London."
We exchanged phone numbers and emails 
and off she went.
When I got to the checkout counter 
all the make-up girls were whispering 
and looking at the 'artist lady' leaving the shop. 
Then when I was checking out and paying for my things....
One of the girls asked me; 
"Do you know the woman 
that you were talking to?"
I said, 
"well... I know she is an artist and that she lives in England."
They all started to giggle 
and said to me
"That was The Queen Of England"

The girl said to me;
" she lives in England alright," 

" In Windsor Castle!!"

I looked at my mom and smiled, and she said;
"I told you darling,
everything works out for the best"

Sweet dreams tonight.
Thank you for indulging me my dream.

*analyze your dreams at the bottom of this post 

*the little illustrations are from  Happy Doodleland
Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....
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  1. Some dream Renee, what did you eat. No banana's at night.


  2. That sure is a vivid imagination you've got there! ;) What a gorgeous photo of your mother! She did resemble Zsa Zsa.

  3. Angie
    she was shocked i had that particular photo.

  4. whoa and i thought i had dreams!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Renee
    You dream like I do... psychedelic mini series!! and like me.. in vivid colour!! hahaha That photo of Yvonne is darling..!!! Have a great weekend.. dream away.. xx Julie

  6. Renee...what an imagination....your nights sound a lot busier than mine. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  7. Renee, too much, I would love to have a Mom Like yours (dream Mom Zsa Zsa)

    Oh, wonder what I will dream about tonight!

    Art by Karena

  8. I reckon you must have been exhausted when you woke up from this night of excitement Renee! Geez, I hope Mama has better taste in men than old Zsa Zsa has.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Renee, that was a great story to start the day with! I loved it! We both have Maine on the brain this week. I came across a lovely clip made by the people of Damariscotta. It is on an post earlier in the week. You might like it. It has a real home town USA feel to it.

    Keep dreaming...that was fun!
    Jeanne :)

  10. Honey...what DID you eat last night?!

    Actually sounds like some of my wild and crazy dreams...


  11. Hello Renee:
    That was one fabulous dream. As a young child I decided to wash the kitchen floor in my family's country house, and used a garden hose to do it. My mother talked about her surprise at finding me doing it to her dying day. Fortunately no real damage was done, but it took weeks for the cellar to dry out. Oh, and my mother didn't look anything like Zsa Zsa, much to my chagrin, more like June Allyson. Reggie

  12. you possess such a gift with storytelling that as i became enthralled (wanted to jump out with you for that ciggie break and exploration) i actually forgot this was a dream and am thinking WHA??
    reality woke me up to a great and humorous adventure!

  13. Renee,

    I think you should start writing short stories too. So fun, I loved it. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  14. You never know, Renee...dreams DO come true !!
    I'll have a word with 'Her Maj' next time I'm in London. She might need a room or two decorating, she has so many !!
    Yvonne looks FAB-U-LOUS in that photo. Very Hollywood, tell her.
    Enjoy your weekend, Renee. XXXX

  15. Oh Renee - I love how your mind works awake and asleep! You dream big, never stop.Lavonne's pic is incredible..WoW. What a dead ringer for Zsa Zsa. I typically don't dream, maybe that's my problem?
    Dream on I say, dream on xx hugs

  16. Very funny...our imaginations are a funny thing. I wonder what happened during the day that triggered the thoughts?

  17. I agree about your writing stories. I rather see you doing pop-up/make your own adventure books for grown-ups!

  18. You naughty little Minx!
    Not only is that a sexually charged scene you dreamed, it also represents each of your own archetypes. We play the roll of all the many characters in our dreams. Go back and put your own face on each, and find out how you feel then, and how you act and react to them/you, and would you do it again, or will you re-write that script. "Dream Challenge"..On!

  19. What a fabulous ride. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xo xo
    And how glam is Miss Yvonne!!!

  20. Vamp
    yes indeed she was pretty glamorous!!


  21. deb
    tell yourself to remember them before you go to sleep and you will start to remember.
    i promise. ...
    at first small bits and pieces, and then the whole dream.

    xxx hugs

  22. home

    that would be wild!
    hmmm....i wonder what i would have 'POP OUT ' of this book?


  23. What a dream story..., a lot of content. Are you going to figure it out what it means! I heard that all the characters in dreams represent an aspect of the dreamer..., so there's "a Queen of England" in you..., of course I don't know what you think of her!

  24. Oh Renee,
    so much on your mind.
    What a busy night.
    I guess some dream job is on your way.
    Take care

  25. Your glamour mom is right when she sums up at the end of the dream (what a tidy dream!) - and your own positive attitude comes through even in your sleep. Smart girl!

  26. Oh Renee, I do so enjoy your posts. You can make me laugh, giggle, cry and snort with indignation (at your boss) every week. Keep it up and I will continue to visit regularly. Look after yourself xoxo

  27. Renee,
    How wonderful! I love it that you took the time to give us visuals of your dream journey. Oh my you had me hanging on every word.
    I for some reason have the hardest time remember the details of my wild dream adventures. Must be my ADD!

  28. Hey girl, that was some dream, it looks like you and mom resemble each other. That was and is a compliment.



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