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Friday, March 19, 2010

An Anchorwoman In Dallas - Living In Color

"Jane McGarry and husband Kevin’s Fort Worth residence is full of foreign flavor and sensational hues.
News Anchorwoman Jane McGarry met designer Ken Blasingame (the man designed the White House for Dubya) in Dallas, TX."
"Jane says color makes her happy. So she must be downright ecstatic as soon as she hits her driveway—her front door is lime green."
I think this place is great. 
"A brilliant orange dining room with rich terra cotta walls housing collections of Italian and Mexican blue and white ceramics, green velvet chairs, and a profusion of pink and orange gladioli. Of the dining room, Jane says, “This is my favorite room. It’s so rich and vibrant.” All the color makes their guests happy, too. The McGarrys often entertain during the weekends."

An Television Anchorwoman (isn't she adorable?)
"On television, Jane is a bit formal—coiffed, buttoned up, and the consummate professional. But at home, the suits give way to workout clothes—she runs daily—suitable for the comfortable life she shares with Kevin and son Michael (not to mention all of Michael’s football and baseball friends) and the dog Chocolate. She is enthusiastic about her home and the things in it. Of her job, she says, “How you present yourself, the colors you wear, and the words you say are all part of a daily art production.” The same could be said about her lovely and vibrant home."
All of this reminds me of a company I worked for for years in the 90's (with heavy Mexican influences), 
Casa Casa. There was a showroom in Boca Raton, and one on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.
These rooms remind me of some of the work we did.
This look was very hot in Florida back then.
I still like the look, although I am not into the Santos.
But hey, it's only my opinion.
Out west.... people are still into it, and might always be.
What do you think of the kitchen?
I love the turquoise....
but not in this kitchen. 

How about this fireplace mantle ??
I am in the process of doing a linen headboard for a client just like this one.

What is your take on these rooms?
Would you, could you live with all this color?


by Peggy LevinsonPublished 1.04.2010 From D Home JAN-FEB 2010

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  1. LOVE IT! Everything except the tile in the kitchen. The range hood was just a bit much for me.

  2. With the vibrant colors it looks like Tex-Mex. It is certainly a happy house isn't it? xx's Marsha

  3. Hey Renee
    Well I love colour and need it to keep me happy. Not completely sure about some of these rooms.. maybe too many colours competing for attention... but I do love aspects from each room... love the sofa.. and love the last image as is.. Have a colourful weekend my friend.. xx Julie

  4. I like the Mexican style colors. The Kitchen Tile is not my taste I do like the Stag. An Anchor woman, thought we would have had one in the family.

  5. I like the rooms to look at...but...That is not the look for our new home (whenever!!!)

  6. Being a former Dallas girl, I love color and everything big! (big hair, lots of makeup!, LOL) but I think that the colors in this house do not flow well. It looks very fragmented from room to room.

  7. I would if I could!! The last photo on the porch just makes me want to dismount my horse tie him right there on a hitching post and plop down for a glass of lemonade. Love every room. I think the kitchen you would have to view in it's entirety for the tile to make sense as well as every room. You cannot judge a room by smaller interesting vignettes. But I agree, you either love this or hate it. I like the lighter rustic cabinet with the colorful dishes in the kitchen?. I like every one of the rooms but I'm an artist and color is my friend. I need it in my life! It is definitely a happy sunny house! (Can you detect I have not seen the sun in a while) Only in the west or the southwest could I really envision the home. It would stand out here in the Midwest like a sore thumb. Thanks for sharing it Renee. Have a great day!

  8. Dear Renee,
    It's not that I'm averse to colour, it's just that I get fed up with the over-the-top colours really quickly and, unless you have unlimited supplies of money and can get the decoraters in whenever the mood takes you, it's just not practical to decorate with wild colours.
    I do like a lot of this house though. The first few images are my favourite as they have a very strong French influence to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Renee. XXXX

  9. Such a lovely home. I'm crazy for their green large scale doors. What a way to enter this brightly colored home. I agree the kitchen's turq. is a bit much, but all in all a cheerful, happy home. Loving that headboard by the way, very dreamy! Great post my dear xoxo

  10. Renee, I love this house and could easily live with all that colour. The yellow and red living area is my favourite room of all. How could you not feel down right chipper in the morning with all of that greeting you. Must be a fun house for entertaining too!
    Jeanne :)

  11. I love the color, it's vibrant and alive, not a wash out, shows that she isn't afraid of being herself!



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