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Thursday, March 11, 2010

All The Top Apparel Designers ....

Are using real fur again.
What is your opinion on this subject?
The picture below looks like a fur that was very chic ages ago.....

"And it didn’t just happen because of some idea 
that was floating around in the collective designer ether. 
Rather, fur became a trend 
because of a marketing campaign."

Click HERE 
to see the NYC catwalk-runway show of the new fur fashions 
and report back here.

I am off today (yippie), 
and trying to catch up on all my commenting  in Bloggieville .


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  1. The provides for only farm-raised animals to be used by furriers for any merchandise manufactured to sell here. Nothing can be killed or captured in the wild. Do I like that? No. However, there are many places in our world which require fur to keep warm (Chicago, for example). Chanel in their Fall Ready-to-Wear is using a lot of "good" fake fur.
    One day "we" will all realize that every living thing on our Earth is too precious to hunt. My husband used to say what about cattle? Would you quit eating beef?

  2. Seems our hypocrisy has no bounds.

    I have inherited a Silver fox bedspread, a Ocelot jacket, Monkey hair sleeved gown, and an old beat-up-by-time-and Winter, heavy Bear coat.

    The bear really needed to be buried, just from the decay but, the rest is well cared for and appreciated, just not dragged out everyday.

    Fake fur is like safe sex. Eventually the first leads the way to the second, in extreme excess.

  3. Happy day off Renee! I'm "reporting" in after a long blog break (unintentionally)....while I really enjoyed the runway fur fashions, (#5 & #10) being my favorites, I vote no real fur. The thoughts of even the slightest of abuse being done to ANY animal for their pelt just for fashion's sake is not acceptable. I live near Chicago and keep warm just fine without wearing a fur (and I'm out on a windy prairie). Do I like fashion, yes, but not at the expense of a living creature.....just my two cents worth....which isn't worth too much I guess.

  4. love the look renee, can't get past the vanity for the sake of an animal. also dislike the use of animals for decor; elephant legs for stools, deer rumps for laughs.....

    we can do better and sorry to see the tide is turning again.

    would love to hear your thoughts?

  5. Ummm. Monkey?...seriously, monkey??

    excuse me~



    i like you, have a full length mink coat......from my days living in NYC,
    and i bought it long before they started throwing red cans of paint on people wearing fur.
    at the time i was told ....
    " they are rodents!!"
    i said like rats?
    they say they are bred for fur.
    bred for slaughter?????
    for my fur coat????

    i was young, hard, vain, and i hadn't seen the documentary made by P.E.T.A


  7. I always had a dislike for Monkey Fur I don't even like monkeys.
    Now Sable and Black Mink Oh Yes!!! I hope it come's back. They raise Minks for furs like chicken farms.
    I was upset about the crazy activist's throwing stuff at women in fur coats. The coats I had were warm. I am sick of people telling me how to live. How about me throwing stuff at anyone wearing
    something I don't like. Tattoo's
    They kill them like a cow,chicken,
    pig. Infact I hope If I am sick and in pain I could die that easy.

  8. I don't have a problem with fur although I don't own any. My mom has a full length mink and stole, plus a fox coat. Not my style...but I don't mind that people wear it!

  9. Not much fur seen here Down Under Renee, but have seen lots on trips to the U.S., especially on the Michigan Ave. ladies. Would I wear fur? Personally no, but I also wouldn't force my opinion on others. The aggressive Activists do nothing to advance their cause, they would do better using a more concilatory educative process to enact change. Like Debra, I'm sorry to see the tide turning again.
    Millie ^_^

  10. As an animal lover, I just can't see the need to any longer use real fur for clothing or decor. Manufactures have made great strides in an attempt at producing quality synthetic furs. The word 'synthetic' is rarely in my fashion vocabulary, but I admit the textile industry has come a long way since polyester. Fake furs not longer 'look' fake.

  11. Oh you are making me actually 'think', you know Renee how I hate that. Well..I too would hate to impose my thoughts on someone else. I remember my grandmother wearing fur in Minnesota and can hardly blame her. But I think in this century we are too wise to do that and I know I would feel quite guilty wearing a fur. I hadn't even realized people wore monkey. I'm with Linda..blecchhh...
    Much fur for thought my dear. xoxo

  12. Well don't have to guess what my answer is. I get that people will kill an animal for food...well that's not really true but for "fashion" give me a break!
    Have your commenters watch and see how they feel then.
    Ok..... you asked!! lol

  13. carol,
    i just went to
    ...and i am having a nightmare while awake.

    much worse than what i viewed in the PETA film.
    and a cruel death is not something to pretend does not exist.
    if we look away and cover our eyes...
    it is still there.

    thank you

  14. I don't think I could wear that monkey...he looked pretty unfriendly! Have a great day off and a wonderful weekend, xv.

  15. Dear Renee,
    I cant see why anyone needs to wear real fur now. I don't like fur of any type personally and find it rather 'vulgar' and downmarket but, if you want to wear it, fake fur is so much like the real thing now, it's not neccessary.
    Have a wonderful day off, Renee and, find time to put your feet up. XXXX

  16. jackie,
    thank you so very much.

    i would love to really relax but,
    'DOODY' calls....
    with the ' Miss 95 Years Of Age USA' winner of 2010!

    xx O

  17. Hi Renee, pleased to have discovered your blog, ! Some great postings. I became a follower.
    What do I think about fur? I don't think it's acceptable today, in this age of awareness of how precious our planet is and each living species. I don't throw paint on people wearing fur, but for myself I'd go for fake.
    As a kindred horse rider I have to add that your horseback pictures are beautiful.
    I'll be back

  18. wow. this is insane....great post

    happy weekend!!!



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