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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There Are Few Designers That Can Do This

How Brilliant Is This?
His work reeks of style and class.

Well studied...

You know someone extremely well read lives here.
and here,
and here too.
They may have a pet chimp, but they are educated and interesting.

The homeowner and his pet monkey eat dinner here.

I am in love with Jeffrey Devy's work.
click here to go to his site.
You can find out more by going to his link above 

Okay my people....
do you 'likie', 
or is it too much for you??? 
His work is just so interesting....
I am off tomorrow and Friday.
I am happy, happy, happy!

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  1. YAY!! Enjoy your days off! I think the rooms are stunning but only a couple of them would work for my family. I love the kitchen walkway area and the room with the sofa between the book shelves. I've got a couple of monkeys that live with me and they'd distroy the place ;)

  2. have a wonderful couple of days. I couldn't live in those rooms but I love them. They look like a home! So many 'designer' rooms look exactly that DESIGNER and quite often I can't imagine people carrying on their day to day lives there! I'm off to see the rest of his work bye.

  3. I really liked the first rooms, but then the last ones were a little much for my comfort level and taste. However, I do appreciate his sense of style.

    Enjoy your little break.

  4. The look is very eclectic and elegant. Love his choices....

    Art by Karena

  5. An Antique Dealer's dream.
    Fine exqusite piece's, the chinese panel's and plant stand's, red Chinese lamp's,the blue ticking bath room. He has a good eye. Some of the room's are not for me, I like the yellow wall's with the rose medallion plate's and I collect Chinese Celadon. Some of the rooms I would remove some things. There is a lot to work with. The green wall for one.

  6. Love the first couple of rooms, then you lost me in the 'chimp room'. I swear I could smell 'funny' cigarettes just looking at the picture.....

  7. Dear Renee,
    I actually like these rooms. Our Victorian house used to look a bit like that (strong emphasis on 'a bit'!!) when the Victorian look was the way to go but, we have been de-cluttering somewhat over the years and lightening it up a bit. .... but, this style is always 'de rigueur'. The traditional style, maybe not the height of fashion at the moment, but it always remains in the O.K. box. I think that it holds the visitors interest and there are always talking points. So much more interesting and stimulating than the minimalist approach.
    I LIKIE !!
    Have a great couple of day's off, Renee. You deserve it so enjoy. XXXX

  8. I like. It says personal vision and lived in. It says confidence to live one's life as one desires. Makes me happy. Enjoy your days that are yours.

  9. Pemberley,
    you are right on the mark.
    OR....i could see 'norman bates' hanging out in those rooms with his dead mother in the basement.
    all the while having a lovely dinner with his pet chimp in the evenings.
    ....and smoking funny ciggies!

  10. Renee, my first thought was that he has to be from Boston. I smiled when I clicked on his site. It just that Beacon Hill feeling to it. I like it because it reminds me of home. It would not have worked in our home in Sydney or Auckland but certainly in Connecticut and the UK...enjoy your time off:)

  11. I LOVE it! That Green room sand the bath...Oh my! It leaves me breathless!



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