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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Soul Is Starving

My soul is starving for the freedom to create!
Create something original with no constrictions.
Working for someone else is just that. 
There are so many limitations....
I feel as though I am hand cuffed.
I am not used to this
When you have your own design firm,
the only limitations on your creativity 
are the ones you choose to set into place.
I had none. 
The limitations that I did have were the result of 
the capabilities of a workroom or manufacturer. 
'Design' is the air I breath.
So.....since I am working for someone else....
My soul is starving to death.
 I have very little free time....
So, I have decided to start painting again....
"I need to feed."
If  I have been M.I.A. for a few days 
it's because I was preparing a canvas or two.
I am going to attempt the picture at the top of this post.
In addition... 
last night I thought I was witnessing 
the end of my 'ex' mother-in laws life.
It was very scary, and very real. 
But she is fine today....
like nothing ever happened.

Life is so fragile and so weird. are you guys doing?
Anything new?

XX's and hugs

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  1. Sad to hear about your hungry soul. Glad you are painting again, and that your Mother in Law is ok. Your blog is creative, and inspiring to me.

  2. Glad to hear your mother in law is okay. Mine is near death, and it's a sad thing.

    Your pic made me chant "Amster, Amster...Dam Dam Dam!" Silly song my kids used to love.

  3. Feeding the soul is a goo thing to do! I think that everyone needs to feed the soul now and then!

  4. I understand how you feel, Renee, and encourage you to create as much and as often as you possibly can. I'll bet you paint beautifully and hope you'll share photos of your work with us.

  5. I think that's fantastic that you are going to paint!! I agree with La Maison Fou- Feed your soul!! ;)

  6. Life is a banquet and some poor suckers are starving to death - Auntie Mame.

    Painting is good.

    But design is your air.

    Why not take on a "charity" design project to feed your soul? Maybe somebody young and just starting out, who couldn't afford a designer, but might have a little money to spend decorating. Donate your expertise.

    You can e-mail ideas, make project lists (including DIY projects the person could do like painting), choose colors, help root out thrift and big box store finds...

    The internet has great discount fabric sites, and deals at places like and
    Also check out the blog Copy Cat Chic.

    Helping someone who couldn't afford you at this time in their life, will make you feel good, and putting together a pretty room or two will make you feel good too.

    Young people with no money today, will someday be successful, and they will come back to you when they can afford you.

    In the meantime, you can feed your soul and keep your excellent chops up.

    Glad you still have your hideous job to pay the rent :-)
    And super glad your mother-in-law is okay today.

    Much, much love to you.
    xo xo

    PS You can always write a book...excellent for the soul I assure you :-)

    PPS Or you can teach a design course. Do it in your home if you can't rent a space. The design schools are turning out know-nothing ninnies.

  7. no and that photo of you is there again...We'll talk tonight..
    I love that VAMP..
    Let me know what's going tonight...

  8. Yes, Renee, definitely return to your painting immediately. Years ago I suffered some catastrophic losses (death of dearest girlfriend who was like the sister I never had). My grief was assuaged by starting to make a piece of jewelry for myself, one she would have loved too. As I crafted along, learning techniques, expanding my horizons...the jewelry became a small business from which I made money. I still do. I love the touch of the stones, I have learned so much about geology and the earth, as well as met many new friends. Your artwork could be your salvation in many different ways. The most important one is that you are expressing "yourself" and only you. You have a lot of supporters/followers in this blogging world. Let us see one of your pieces. We would all be thrilled. xxooxx's Marsha

  9. oh, those dream clients that give one free far and few between.

    paint away renee and we would love to see your work

  10. Oooh that must be difficult... any chances of side jobs???
    BTW... I'm enjoying chatting with your mother via blogging!

  11. fifi

    my mom digs ya' babe.

  12. Anonymous22:33

    painting is good, feelings expressed in colors. I indulge in painting. can you share your work with us? hang in there kiddo, find your creative spark elsewhere. you really need a new gig,this is not a healthy fit for you.

  13. it's time to move kid. Painting again is terrific but listen to the Vamp. There are ways to be creative earn an income and not have to put up with the rubbish!!!!Just remember from little acorns giant oaks grow so start with the little changes. I enjoy visiting you as you remind me a little of my own youth. I wish you well and will follow along.

  14. Hi Renee
    Glad to hear that you are painting.. must run in the family and also good to hear your MIL is feeling better. A very stressful time for you... Assuming you have free time.. Visual Vamps idea seems like a good one... But whatever you choose to do will be the right thing for you.. I know last year my soul was anorexic hence starting my blog... Take care dear Renee xx Julie

  15. Feed your soul, and your soul will feed you. I think the Vamp has some excellent ideas. And, like others, would love to see your art.

  16. i can totally understand....expression feels so good!
    sending you hugs! so glad i found your blog..
    will be following you.


  17. design is finite, always changing always exciting, that is what you need. You are a designer, so go and design. Don't you live in a fairly large city? Tell your boss to kiss your a$$ and get out of there. We mostly stay in situations out of fear, and fear will suck you dry. Go on unemployment and get out there and design (under the table of course) until you can become legit again. You will feel free again and alive. Sure it's scary, but this is miserable for you. You certainly have it in you so go do it. What is the worst that can happen? And yes, I know all of this by doing it. Do I feel better? Only 150%. Do I make as much money? Nope, will I soon? Yep.

  18. boy oh boy.......great ideas.
    i am trying to figure this all out.

    thank you,

    brilliant but almost impossible for me right now with my 95 yr old M.I.L., the 'HELL' job, and still including sleep in the equation which is my life.

    and if i like the paintings.....
    i will post them.

    i really really really really
    love my BLOGGIE-VILLE peeps.

    and you know exactly who you are.
    don't you ??

    XXXXX me

  19. Be still with your thoughts. It's amazing what ideas will come to you and the peace it will bring you. It's so against my nature but when I make myself do it, I'm so much better mentally.

    Paint, paint, paint. Express yourself. It's the best thing we can do to feel better. A creative person must constantly be expressing something.

    Will be thinking about you.



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