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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Plan

Everything is just as it should be....
there is a plan,
It's just not mine.

I just have to wake up, 
dress up, 
and show up. 
Then ...
do the next 'right' thing.

I have to have faith that there is a plan, 
and it's better than any plan that I could ever dream up.

Have a great week

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  1. How beautiful!
    We'll keep trying...maybe this is part of the plan!!!!!!!
    rest and take care of yourself and we will talk soon love you Jules xxx

  2. And Renee, I am sure it is...take care, and have a great day ~

  3. jules

    this thing is crazy....
    gmail chat is great when it is working.


  4. Renee I tell myself this everyday!

    You inspire me tremendously!

    Art by Karena

  5. karena

    that is so sweet to say.
    i wish i could inspire myself at times when i need it the most!

    love xx

  6. Believe in a plan but also know what they say about the best laid other words important to keep an open mind and sometimes "just go with it". For the first time in my 46 years I have allowed myself to do this a little more in the last year and its pretty liberating. I have learned despite my best attempt at making the best plans, sometimes they just don't pan out but in the end I always "get" that there was a reason:)

  7. There is no doubt that He has a plan for us! This is why I have chosen to follow his wishes instead of what mine dictates. If I am going to have a lot of money, I want to love what I am doing!
    Great post, Renee. Really got me thinking!

  8. Oh this brings joy to my heart! The 'plan', not one of our own but the best for us!
    Love you girl...wish you were here to be my nurse!

  9. So I guess the plan was -
    we were not hurt when I jumped the cutb.
    Good way to think
    It helps you get over the pain of it all.
    Hang in there Sugar.
    Mama xxx

  10. Have I sent this before? If so, forgive me.

  11. Sounds great Renee! Gorgeous pictures. I agree with Tina too, keeping an open mind and a willingness to follow the flow- you never know where it will lead!

  12. renae

    i should be there to be your nurse!!!
    i love you, and will call you later.

  13. T @ enchanted,

    you know i am tired of swimming against the'current.'

    it does all work out in the end.

    no matter how hard i swim the against the current
    it will still take me,
    and wash me up on the shore that it wants me to be on.

    xxx thanks for your comment

  14. I have a habit of derailing a plan just when it's going along fine. Why is that?
    Millie xx

  15. Oh Reneé....don't despair...this is all part of the plan....early days, early days.
    Keep smiling. XXXX

  16. millie

    i think it is a fear based thing we do.
    i know....
    i am guilty of the same.

  17. Great outlook, Renee. It's amazing what can happen when one has faith. :)



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