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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seaside Builders In Delray Beach Florida

Seaside Builders In Delray Beach Florida.
I would like to share a few stunning images with you.

This is such an old style Florida home -
with out all the low ceilings and tiny rooms.

In Our Old style Florida Homes, with all the charm...
they were just too tiny and crowded to really live in.

Seaside Builders has held on strongly to the undeniable charm of these homes,
made them ready for the lives of today's families, and friends.

Not to mention the new refined tastes of the individual who what to live in this style.
And it is, and has great STYLE.

Just look at the tall ceilings.
It feels OPEN.

This one is my favorite.
Seeming very private.

And this shot depicts the Charm of Old Delray.

I must say....
I could work magic on the interiors of these homes.
It's easy when you feel an affinity for them.

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  1. Beautiful Renee! I loved seeing all the lush vegetation and greenery and palm trees, can almost feel that blazing warm sun.....ahhhh!

  2. I got excited because I'm going to Seaside, Florida in 3 weeks for a mini vacation but this is a DIFFERENT seaside. Really great work here though!

  3. S,
    i am glad you like it.

    it does feel sooooo delray.
    there is nothing more charming than old delray.
    it is like Connecticut on the beach.


  4. I wish they would design and build new homes like that here!
    Our architects and builders are stuck in a medium box or McMansion mentality!!!! xxx

  5. vurrry nice! Gotta love a Florida home, eh?

    And those horses from your last post...ahhhh.

    Have you been to Wellington to any shows this season? We are off to Ocala again this weekend. Hope to get to Wellington next!

  6. Renee,

    I could be very happy in this kind of home and environment! Love it!

    Art by Karena

  7. Excellent information........House Builders

  8. Well Renée,
    I could do with owning one of those beautiful Florida homes ( decorated by you, of course !!) I could hop on a plane and grab some of that beautiful Florida sunshine rather than the freezing temperatures that we are experiencing at the moment !!!!
    ....and, many thanks for your kind birthday are a lovely blogging friend , my fellow Aquarian !! XXXX

  9. jules...

    the rest of my area is the McMansions.
    there are just a few fabulous areas with the charm of Delray and Gulfstream areas.
    another is Rio Vista in ft lauderdale , and coconut grove in miami.


  10. linda,{lime and the coconut}

    i haven't been to wellington this season.
    it makes me melancholy....i miss showing there.

    i am going to TRY to see at least one grand prix jumper show.

    post some images of ocala 'HITS'

  11. Too funny, you want to tweek the homes. I want to tweek the gardens.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  12. Tara

    definitely would be a blast if we could do that together!!!

  13. I could just live by the pool. Love the airiness of the home.

  14. A beautiful home Renee...and that last shot is to die for. Orange chairs, green ceramic stool, centered between the tiles right down to the palm opposite. Can't forget the fuschia as well...loving it all. High ceilings get a yes, yes, yes from me....the higher the ceiling...the more artwork I can display. :)

    Jeanne xx

  15. This gets me so excited for Spring. Love the outdoor areas and lush gardens. Happy weekend!!

  16. Renee
    You forgit to mention those OLD
    1920 homes on Palm Island.
    Those were Florida homes.
    These are very beautiful.

  17. Total love-love-love, Renee!



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