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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Quit 5 minutes before the miracle


LOve this room, and the draperies are  right up my alley.

The unusual wood paneling behind the bed is fabulous.

This kitch i love the casement windows, the ceiling, and the view. :)

Maybe you’ve had this experience too…
you’ve waited for something…
you’ve prayed for something to happen…
and it seems like forever…
and you feel like giving up…

God’s timing is better than our timing…

for me...
that is where the faith I have worked so hard on developing
comes into play.
Just when people tell me to throw in the towel,
close the shop, cut your losses,

How dare anyone to tell me to give up.
Insensitive, I say. 
This is my real Fu--ing job, and has been all of my life.
I am DIGGING my heals in now!!!

Maybe you've had this experience too…
you’ve waited for something…
you’ve prayed for something to happen…
and it seems like forever…and you feel like giving up…

God’s timing is better than our timing…
I had one of those days today...
a customer from an old firm I worked for 
looked me up!
To finish her home.
I am all smiles.
How about you?

Listen to your inner voice.
That inner voice IS DIRECTLY placed inside us from G-d.

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her Blog of her Adventures in Design,Owner of 'The Trade' Interiors, ,Boca Raton,Palm Beach,Boca Raton Florida,All custom upholstery,case-goods,window treatments,Antiques, Accessories and Antique accessories, built-ins, and all built in seating,Don't Quit 5 minutes before the miracle,Don't Quit 5 minutes before the miracle


  1. Way to go!!! I am so thrilled for you.
    Can we have the first room in our house in France...please?!!!!! xx

  2. YAH RENEE!!! I am sooo happy for you, so glad you listened to your inner voice and didn't give up....this could be the start of new things to come and a new chapter for you. All the best!

  3. jules...

    INDEED!!!! i think may even be 2 rooms in our house!!!

    love you xxx

  4. enchanted tina

    children are born with an inner voice
    and 'well meaning adults' drive it out of us.

    i have had a few hard lessons in my life....
    and it was because i listened to someone else's advice for me.

    my g-d voice is clear...and he didn't bring me this far to drop me now.
    xxxx thankyou tina

  5. Tuesday, January 10, 2012
    I move forward through change.

    While change is inevitable, my response or reaction to change is up to me. How can I best prepare myself for change, and how can I make the most of it?

    Change is a transition from one thing, one place, one state of mind to another. I am evolving from what was to what is. I am becoming more than I was before.

    Just as my view changed as I transitioned from childhood to adulthood, I now see that I am gaining a new perspective during this transition.

    I may be stepping into unfamiliar territory, but this step is an opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness. With each shift or change in my life, I am moving forward.

    When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child ...; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways.--1 Corinthians 13:11

    ~The Daily Word

  6. bruce dear heart,

    this is what i needed.
    thank you xx

  7. Renee as you can see you have inspired so many...I must write to your Mother!


    Art by Karena

  8. Me too, absolutely love those draperies!! Miracles happen when we don't give up..., and keep doing what feels right, and what we love! And it's best to surrender to that... and give up attachment to results then the ride is even more enjoyable. Happy for you!!!

  9. People sometimes misunderstand our desire to do something we long. I learned a long time ago to listen to my own heart as long as it didn't hurt anyone else, and God does put that voice in our heart.
    Keep up the great work.

  10. I love those curtains, too. Fabulous! You are so right about God's timing. There are so many moments in my life where the time was on God's clock, not my own. And in the end, all worked out they it's supposed to. Congrats on the call from the client - clearly they know how talented you are!

  11. Oh Renée,
    I am so pleased for you. You have worked so hard and deserve to now reap the benefits.
    This is just the beginning .... you had better get some rest, as I think you are going to be very busy from now on.
    Thinking of you. XXXX

  12. My sweet Renee Sistah...
    I am sooo proud of are learning to trust the One who breathed life into you. Good things DO come.

    (now about that f-word.....hehe)

    ( I am in TN with an ailing MIL...I know you can relate)

  13. Renee,

    If you truly believe it, it will work, your destiny is in your own hands! Don't let others doubts creep in to your mindset. If I gave up everytime someone told me "you can't do that", I would be standing in a different place now. Follow your inner guide, it won't let you down.

    2012 will be a great year for you and remember, no matter what, everything has a reason. Keep moving forward dear friend!

  14. Renee,
    You have an amazing talent, be strong, and know that you deserve to succeed!

  15. How wonderful for you. It does make you feel justified for sticking to it, doesn't it? Congrats!

  16. Congratulations!!! I know there are many more clients to follow too.

  17. jax

    that is so kind of you to say.
    i wish i weren't across the pond....i would give you a big hug!!



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