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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Showroom ....and How It Looks Right Now

The front window.

Just behind the front window,
you can see my glass office, and my custom sofa 
35" d x 128 x 112

Now, I am posting these images because my mother would not let up on me
until I did.

looking at the from from my desk where I am usually blogging
or designing.
Thank G-d for blogging.

The view from my glass office.

Things will be constantly changing....let's hope.
That is what I want anyway!

Your opinions?

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! It looks gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I love it, Renee! Very chic and beautiful, like you. xo

  3. anne

    thank you
    i am having a panic attack today at work - i am miserable
    after having so much activity during the art show. {saturday}
    it is a downer today - it is slow.

    YOU need TO BE HERE NEXT YEAR. for real!!!!
    AND....BTW....where you there?
    you would have done incredibly... i think. No. I know!!
    if you have no place you would like to can always stay with me/


  4. What a difference from the version you posted last year, about the front window! I love it. It is warm and welcoming. You have some really interesting pieces. For starters, the artwork - especially the one of the umbrellas all lined up. Fab. Then that curvy sofa - I could use that in a bachelor pad project I am currently working on. (Hmmm...freight to Melbourne???). Also love the big rug - can't remember if that was there before but if it was, it wasn't as striking. All up = terrific! Now let those customers roll through the door and sing your praises. Virginia x

  5. The only thing I'd change is the series of fabric books/samples in the front window. They look kind of messy. I'd put a beautiful table there instead and display some interesting objects on it.

    Otherwise, your showroom looks gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful.

    I wish I could visit!

  7. bruce

    i would LOVE you to just POP in and blow me away!!


  8. awwwww VIRGINIA

    i love you girl.
    i feel it has improved as well!!

    most importantly we both hope it will continue to improve every 6 months.

    you are a friend xxx

  9. okay JONI.....
    i am waiting ....
    come down. your beloved princess is here.
    i want to have french cafe and pastries again with you!!!
    HUGE xxx's

  10. Looks terrific! Love the curved sofa and the fiddle leaf fig adds a lot of life to that section. I would definitely come in if I was walking by.

  11. Renee it looks wonderful. Now we just have to pray to GOD that you get some great jobs. It is a very bad time for any business. They are dropping by the wayside in Maine.
    It all depends what those theives in DC do this year. They could care less.. They have it made. GOVT money.. Mama XXXX

  12. I love your mother! So happy you did as she suggested. The shop looks fabulous, Renee, and I know you will be successful. It only takes a bit of time. Just plan your work and work your plan. xx's

  13. la petite

    you know
    no body knows what is is going to happen.
    i always said ,
    i wasn't a gambler....
    but g-d knows i am one now.

    it is all -
    i have at this point in my life.
    if it fails....
    i fail.

    and i will deal with that when it comes or does not come!!!!
    but gracefully i will step down.

    love to all dreamers xxx

  14. my notting -
    YOUR approval means more than i can
    really share.
    just know-
    your words are valuable!!
    {TO ME}


  15. Renee! It's gorgeous! Congratulations on such a spectacular showplace. You certainly deserve it. Love the chandelier, and I spy a fabulous piece of equine art in the background of one of the photos. Wish I lived closer so I could drop in and say "hi." :)

  16. Finally, Renee, I get to see your showroom. You have been far too shy about it! You have done a superb job, it is elegant, inviting, classy yet sophisticated and warm. Be ready, now i will drop by one of these days...

  17. jmw....
    and wouldn't that be a lovely surprise!!
    i would just squeal with excitement!

  18. Renee, your store is beautiful, which doesn't surprise me! Love everything about it. You have got things just like you want them. I see success written all over it.

  19. Anonymous16:32

    It's looking great Renee! You should be really proud of yourself!

  20. Holy goodness...that is some beautiful shop! Your Mother was right to hound you like that. Listen to her!!!



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