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Sunday, January 22, 2012

F.S. Schumacher & Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard now has a line of fabrics @ F.S.Schumacher.

* Very nice touch adding corbels at the ends of the beams.


These are just some of his fabrics.
It is no wonder F.S. Schumacher jumped on his band wagon.

Young - Hip - Exotic

Some of us are really into the barn door thing.
These just knock your socks off!!

I love and admire designers who can really combine patterned fabrics.
It is an ART!!!!

Is he adorable or what????

Below I have Martyn Lawrence Bullard's link,
as well as a wonderful article written about him in the NYT.

what are your thoughts???

Listen to The Skirted Round Table interview HERE

read the NYT Q & A interview HERE

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  1. like that red chair and oh! that white bed dust ruffle. Love it


  2. The bedrooms are so striking! I agree it takes a very discerning eye to mix patterns and scale!


    Art by Karena

  3. Renee-
    Is he a doll or what? Love him and the rooms that he designs, and yes, his line is beautiful too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. karena

    it is the layering....
    the scale and the color....
    you are right.

    in the beginning of my career i worked at
    FS Schumacher in the design division.
    all i did for 5 yrs was boards of fabrics, carpets {custom}
    wall covering for the top designers and architects in NYC
    and the tri state area.

    they would give me the color palette
    and i did the rest.

    { way back in the late 1970's and early 80's
    they had 2 showrooms.
    one for the public and
    one with-in the same space that was GATED with a buzzer....
    ....i thought that i had died and gone to heaven !!!

    {here i go on a tangent down memory lane}
    does anybody out there in blogsville remember 'MR ROBERTS' ?
    -he ran the designer's showroom.

    he taught me sooooo much.
    loved him.

    love you too karena
    thank you for the comment!! xxx

  5. He will be here in Sydney for our Design show. I am sure it will be very interesting seminar.

  6. i cannot print my thoughts about what i think of this guy!

  7. Love his fabrics and his work - can't wait to see him in Sydney next month! Tracey xx

  8. Firstly, I love the Boycott American Women rant, and the fact that you left it there. What a hoot. Obviously, at some point in his life, he got what he deserved. Now, bitter and twisted, he rants on any air space he can find. Poor sod! He is in serious need of a hobby!

    The ability to mix and match so many different patterns has always amazed me, genius.

    I can truly understand all the grunt work behind your activity. Those rooms don't look that magnificent by themselves. I salute you :-)

    Have a great week Renne!

  9. yonks, D

    i just reported his butt to google.
    i am soooo sick of him.
    and.....he slides in under the radar.
    THAT...i don't know how he is doing it.
    and you are right some are quite ordinary-
    i don't believe HE actually did those rooms.


  10. He is fabulous and he knows it. His style is bold and yet it doesn't scream at you. How does one achieve that?

    And thanks for pointing out that there is generally a talented team of people behind every great designer and they don't get nearly enough credit.

  11. OMG, I've have that "boycott American women" moran leave me comments and I've deleted every one of them!

    As for Martyn, I love some of his fabrics, others leave me with a headache, but he does have a flair for the dramatic!

  12. De tout, de rien

    for sure.....
    some designers get so big they really do any design.
    they just kind of give a 'wink and a nod' to their firms designers.

    they end up having to do so much publicity......

    xxx thanks for the comment



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