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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Think About This:the suicide rate has gone up 31% in Southeast Florida for Men & Woman Over 50


We talk so much {on our blogs}
about the great new and fabulous things we can buy for our DESIGNER HOMES-
And then there is the real and painful reality happening
 right around the corner from the guarded -gated 
glitzy-glamorous neighbor hoods some of us live in.

This year in South East Florida
our suicide rate has gone up 31%.
Men & Women in their 50's who can not find work
are writing to the White House.

I know that dark place.

But.... I think that if we just 
don't quit before the miracle,
there will be hope.....

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  1. Between being a business woman and bringing up two children alone, I have gone through some pretty nasty times but have never considered suicide. I don't have an answer to the problem, because I don't understand it, but my heart goes out to the people that are in this rut and hope that they seek help.
    I have dealt with someone who threatened suicide often to get attention. It is these people that take away the urgency for those truly suffering.
    I don't have an answer. I just know that it is sad.

  2. Thanks for caring. I tweeted it, hope you don't mind.

  3. Wow that is a startling statistic and very troubling. If something as THIS doesnt' wake up the White House..what will!
    That is tragic and so goes against the grain of what our great country was built on....a civilized democracy, a place where dreams are created, come true and lived out.
    What happened??? I pray every day for our country to be great again and my heart truly aches for those that feel suicide is their only option. Truly heartbreaking.

  4. enchanted tina

    it pains my heart as well.


  5. A frightening statistic...however, that is an increase in the calls, not the suicides. Could it be that more people are taking the brave step of making the phone call, rather than facing their demons alone? Virginia xx

  6. It happens in the glamorous, designer homes as well. So does bankruptcy, as we all know.

  7. It is the same here for our farmers. The suicide rate has risen in an alarming manner. It is so awful that people are being left with no hope and no where to turn to. A sad indictment on our world at the moment.
    Sad post Renee. xxx

  8. We read about that up here a couple of months ago on some website or another. It is very troubling. These are troubling times, I echo the sentiments of those before me.

  9. jules

    this is a sad time.
    this is no recession, it's a depression.

    xxx love to you

  10. teresa,

    i do know 2 people who have taken their own lives.

    it is often related to the hopeless state of their finances.
    not being able to get a job after getting fired/or let go....

    sounds stupid, but it is terrifying for some. and if they are all alone with no where to turn....

    it is just too much to deal with for some.


  11. glamour drops

    maybe you are right?
    i hope so.


  12. This post is very thought provoking. You are so right about the blogs showing such gorgeousness all the time and how it can create a false reality. Thank you for sharing this.

  13. pink pagoda

    i was so impressed with your comment
    i just had to say ;
    thank you!!! xxx



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