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Friday, July 29, 2011

Today At The Design Center of The Americas

This was a run of the mill promo for the D.C.O.T.A. or  Design Center of The Americas, 
But it was featuring a very hot deign team out of Miami.

hit this to read the press on them

Anyway I found some things that I thought were fabulous.

The desk is interesting and intricate.
The chair is 'over the top' for me.

I will take a pass on these.

But this really peaked my interest.
I loved this setting.
The chairs are fabulous!!!

I think it may be limed oak.
I was sneaking the I had to be quick about it.

The back and the feet are great.
So refreshing.

Very carefully now.......

This blew me away!!

I can see a mermaid sitting in this chair in an ocean front
Palm Beach home.
But wait......

Could you die?

Mom,... I know this will blow you away.

She will love this shell chair.

The wholesale price on this ONE chair is 24.000.00.

If you loved this shell chair and had the money.....
would you buy it?
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  1. Nope, I'd get out my glue gun, my bag of shells and an old Louis XV-style chair I've had for years and I'd start gluing ....

  2. Hummm.....I mean it is so unusual and so one of a kind looking and it would be a constant reminder of why I love the beach so much but seriously for 24,000 I would rather donate it to a homeless shelter or give a big group of our young returning (often wounded) soldiers that money to take their family on a well deserved vacation...just couldn't see spending that kind of insane money on a single chair knowing how much that kind of money could change some peoples lives...but its fun to see where others creativity and imagination can take them!

  3. Not in this life. I wouldn't pay 2400.00 for it, lol. I just don't like it, but I am with Tina, so many better places to put that much money.
    Glad you are having fun, Renee.
    It is horrible in Florida. It is the humidity.

  4. Renee I adore all of the pieces you like as well and that a few are over the top. The shell chair is amazing just not at that price!!


    Art by Karena

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  5. Renee,

    Love the chair and the fact that it's seashell covered is fabulous. Now I would buy the chair, add swarovski crystals for glitz, glamour, and sparkle and resale the chair for 48,000.00 in Russia, Dubai or China where the luxury marketplace is heating up right now. It would sell because of what it represents something out of this world.


  6. Those are really gorgeous items...

    but buying that shell chair? Hmmm... I can't make myself buy it, too expensive for me ♥ I can think of a lot of other far valuable things to spend that much money on.

  7. bette

    pure GENIUS!!


  8. Over the top price, for sea shells, don't ya think. Who could spend that other than congress??
    Stock MKT is down! Country is in disgrace, and Prices are going UP!!
    Where is the end?
    I would like that sea shell effect for a coffee table. Priced at
    maybe a few thousand. Great post.

  9. Over the top price, for sea shells, don't ya think. Who could spend that other than congress??
    Stock MKT is down! Country is in disgrace, and Prices are going UP!!
    Where is the end?
    I would like that sea shell effect for a coffee table. Priced at
    maybe a few thousand. Great post.

  10. WOW Renee,
    What a masterpiece of art…we believe that whomever purchases this "one of a kind" would have to think the same. 24,000.00 is a drop in the bucket for masterpieces of art. However, our art collection has not reached that budget. LOL
    Have a wonderful day!
    Renee and Angela

  11. under spanish moss,

    you know what i was thinking....
    that chair SOMEDAY will be in a museum....
    when the oceans are all gone.
    they will show people how the ocean floor used to be covered in these amazing shells.

    ???? right?

  12. I'm with Squeak and Tina : find a great chair at a thrift store, collect sea shells (they are free!), break out the glue gun and away we go. Then, give the money difference to a good cause and get a tax receipt. Win win!

  13. Such an entertaining post! I am with the other comment........I would get the glue gun out. Happy weekend renee. XO

  14. Great images and gorgeous chair.. but I would never even dream of spending on a chair what could buy me a new car..

  15. seagal
    NO kidding .....right???

  16. Wow that chair is amazing! Wonder how u would clean it? But I guess if you could afford it you could afford to throw it


  17. Have to agree with Bette - a wry but true observation.

    For me? I think it is hideous - but then perhaps it is supposed to be done with a sense of humour?

    And then, to be contrary, I actually adore your OTT chair, the oversized desk one. So it just goes to show that there are a million different tastes out there. And just as well, too! Makes life far more interesting!

  18. Hi Renee,
    What sumptuous interiors and, for my taste, the shell chair is somewhat OTT..... and, somewhat expensive !! haha
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment today ..... I have always loved freckles but never had them. In the 60's I used to draw them on like Twiggy !! XXXX

  19. I'm with you on the 'over the top' chairs...really? Who would....??

    Now on the seashell chair, it is indeed interesting but I'm with the others...I think 24K could definitely be used in a more productive and positive way!


  20. I guess it's so far from reach , I just can't imagine...however it is very beautiful. Bet you had a fabulous time taking it all in. Have a great weekend. Mona



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