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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Last Day With Mom in Camden

My last day in fab Camden.
I am so sad to be leaving my mother....
quite a few tears today.
A few uncontrolled teary outburst.

This is Camden from the mountain top
where there is a fort that is ancient.
My tour guide at the fort on the mountain in Camden.
{ mum in the hat with those HUGE Palm Beach glasses}
We had the most fun....laughs, laughs, laughs.
Much to mom's chagrin.....
she gets my humor.
And she just laughed and laughed.
I took this shot 
because it is this unbelievably chic veggie garden on a cliff,
on the ocean. Any place you are in Maine ,
with some elevation,
you will see sailing tall ships,
 small day sailors, and of course lobstah' boats.
After a bite of chowda' and a fried clam roll....
mom takes a break in front of
my fave place, 'Cappys.'
Just beyond this amazing garden
{this picture does very little justice to it's beauty}
there is the wide open ocean.
It is breath-taking here.
Mom loves these cows.
She had a farm in Liberty Maine that had them,
along with a huge heated barn with horses.

Aberdeen Farm for the famous Belted Galloway Cattle
click on aberdeen farm to know more

Home sweet home -
the view from the back yard.
The water in Harrington Cove is calling me....

but we decided to watch a movie and take a 
All the excitement, sunshine, and walking.....
not to mention the looming sadness that I would be leaving
in the morning. 
Knocked us out.
We slept for over 2hrs.
That's a long nap!
This is mom's art studio.
She doesn't really paint there-
She hangs her art there -
and sells it from there.

This has been the best time spent with my mom ever!!!

I love you mom!!! xxx
I will be back soon ....
We can throw another party for the artist in St Georges.
My Last Day With Mom in Camden
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  1. A really special visit with your dear mom. Loved all your photos. I get your humor (& love it) but nobody really get's you like a mother does.

    Sending love,

    xx Deb

  2. This post is stunning... it really made me miss my mother, who lives in Brazil.

    Have a great day.


    Luciane at

  3. Glad you had fun.
    Miss ya. You forgot the cute brown hat.
    mama XXX

  4. The setting of your Mom's home looks gorgeous!! Love the art studio..., and the cove right there, priceless! Can't you stay for the entire summer?!
    I flew in a tiny plane like that once. The pilot had fun with us and dropped the plane, and I threw up in a bag after it.

  5. maya
    i had wicked turbulence on the way to boston....
    it is a good thing i can sleep through it.
    xxx thanks for the comment xxx

  6. OMG, no wonder Yvonne lives is beautiful. Just beautiful. And, I love seeing the pics of both of you. Wonderful post, Renee!! xx's

  7. Looks like you've had a wonderful visit! I'm sure your mom will find this post very sweet.

  8. Renee, no wonder your mother lives in this little town. It's just beautiful. And, it's so good seeing both of you together in these pics.
    Love you both!!

  9. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful trip in Camden with your Mother. Camden is one of our favorite places in the world. I moved to Santa Fe from the east coast last year so seeing pictures of Maine made my heart long again for the lovely mountains, trees and sea.

  10. Renee I love that you and Yvonne had such a wonderful time together. I cannot think of a more gorgeous setting!


    Art by Karena

  11. I know that you two had the best time...I wish we could have all come along and had a clam roll or two.....xv

  12. oh vicki,

    that would have been fun!
    you would absolutely have had a lovely

  13. I am seriously more relaxed after having seen this post....every picture is so pretty and calming. Is there anything more incredible than "mom time"? I don't know but for me, I am always my happiest and most myself with my mom, and just cherish as I know you do, those special moments and times we are together. Thanks for taking us along! Safe travels home.

  14. What an incredibly beautiful setting.
    You both look rather gorgeous together and I know how hard it will be for you both tomorrow but you have obviously had a wonderful time when you both needed each other. xx

  15. I can see why you love it there. It is absolutely gorgeous. So glad too you had a fab time with your Mama. Love the pic of the two of you!
    xoxo Nae

  16. Two of my most favorite gals, what a team!
    Millie x



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