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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quintessential Palm Beach equals: KEMBLE INTERIORS

Who are my favorite designers to visit
and to work with????
Kemble Interiors!!!

This is the office of Kemble Interiors
in Palm Beach.
Is this not the BEST??

This is Courtney.
I drove her crazy until I could get a 
breakfast meeting with the staff.
Is Courtney not adorable?
note: the pecky cypress paneling in the showroom.
-my fave-
pecky cypress

Yesterday I was in the P.B. office working with
Keithley, one of their designers.....
as I walked in to their little showroom
{which like their work... is quintessential Palm Beach}
I saw these amazing planters.
They are handmade.
My camera does not do these pieces justice.
The colors, and workmanship are amazingly lush.

This planter really does look like coral.

What do you think?
Do you like?

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  1. Oh my goodness, Renee!
    Love their work and the planters! So unique!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Not famliar with thename but her design work is beautiful based upon the pictures above. Those planters are very funny looking....not one I would use but whimsical yes!

  3. R...I have followed her for quite some time now. I am constantly referencing her book "To Your Taste". You are so lucky to have access to her. Actually, you live in such a "designer rich" environment that I'm green with envy! My state of mind right now is late 60's early 70's Palm Beach aesthetic...simple and traditional with a little whimsy.....have a great week! k

  4. Wow! I absolutely love the look of this designer. So great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. kathy

    unfortunately....that is always my state.

    i do think this is exciting.
    it ia what i love.....
    brainstorming with great designers.
    what in life could be better??

    and THANK YOU for that massive compliment.

  6. T,
    you really wouldn't believe the work involved.
    each blue and green flower....made my havd .
    one at a time.
    The same with the little coral fingers.
    one at a time.

    mind blowing!! loved them

  7. Hmmm, not sure I likey those planters. But I DO like their sofa and the lamp beside it!


  8. Hi Renee,
    Kemble Interiors is beautiful from the outside as well as the inside and it's contents. I love the ivy clad walls. ...... and, Courtney is a real Kate Middleton look alike isn't she ?
    I'm not too sure about the planters....... I think that's because I'm English and they really wouldn't look right in an English garden but, in California, I think that they would fit right in. They are very life-like.
    Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. Much love. XXXX

  9. Not loving the planters personally but do think she has great style.

  10. wow..all is so gorgeous..! the aqua planter is it..

  11. R,
    i have to tell courtney that you said that!!
    i am sure she will be thrilled.

    love you girl!

  12. Great looking planters. I'd be afraid to break off the delicate coral looking thingies.


  13. Renee,

    I do think the "feel" of a designer office/showroom should feel like your visiting another fabulous home.

    Brainstorming with like minded individuals is exciting and incredible when it's focused. if others can stop attending their smartphones long enough to flow through the process then I'm in. Otherwise it feels like I'm an intruder.

    The planters are an incredible body of work and fit the feel of tropical without a doubt.


  14. That side chair with sloping side I had in my show room window
    1980's, at Chez Moi Interiors. fab chair
    That white sofa with fringe , you grew up with, remember my two love seats, in house on Palm Island.
    Love their taste.
    Mama xxx

  15. thank you miss yvonne,

    did you know that mimi {celeries mom}
    is a 3rd generation palm beacher.
    they own and live in the oldest episcipol church on the island { on the lake side}.
    ---rumer has it that douglas fairbanks lived in a wing or something.

    very interesting.....:0

  16. bette
    i agree.
    this is the homiest design studio ever.
    and things are out of place enough to let you know
    they are 'working'.

  17. From the CURB you can see who this company is. Fabulous exterior design too.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  18. tara

    i thought you might dig it.
    i love it !!!



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