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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are U Going To Get One? {QR CODE}

I am wanting one.
Finding the right person to make what I want the' thing'

It is possible that I could really get on someones 
nerves if I don't get exactly what I want.
Shades of color, just the RIGHT Shapes 
mean too much to me.
then again,
That is who I am.

I just wanted to show you some of the examples here
and hear your feed back on the idea.

The idea is that you give your card to someone and they van scan
the little puzzle square which will load your smart phone,
black berry...what ever...
with all info that you wish for a person to have.

including, but not limited to your email,
facebook, fan name it.
It is the freaky future.
Right now.

This whole deal could spur a great murder mystery script.....

I like the cut out ones.

But I love this too.

I am semi crazed for this one too.

What would you do?
Would you use one on your business card?

to see more, and learn more, GO HERE

QR Codes

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  1. Um no. I was hoping you were talking about slipcovers. Because that's what I want made.

    These? A little too George Orwell for me.

    Enjoyed your visit with your mother.


    xo Jane

  2. jane
    aren't they Geo O.!!!
    i was thinking this while i was writing the post!!
    they are cool, handy, but....

  3. Hmmm I recently heard about these, not really sure it would be something I'd want..they look really cute and all. My opinion, the more high tech we get the more we expose ourselves..

  4. I already have them on my business cards - been using them for about 6 months already. It satisfies another market - the I want to do everything quickly and want less paper too.
    The readers are not that good yet - but everyone who scans my card (reverse side like many of your examples) doesn't need my business card afterwards.
    The traditionalists they keep the card. Be well-

  5. I am not sure about having my own code like that. Some of the ones you showed are cool, but don't think I'll be doing it!

  6. A bit scary for me! xx

  7. It is a very cool idea especially for the tech inclined. Great examples as well Renee!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a painting!

  8. Renee, as you could imagine the idea of mastering blogger overwhelms me. I have stopped advancing in tech. I think. too much communication overwhelms me-and I think maybe us all.

  9. My daughter scanned some similar data from a website on her Apple laptop onto her iPhone, it was kind of freaky deaky as she would say. All these technologies are becoming so integrated and intertwined, we just can't fathom all the possibilities yet and it is slightly overwhelming, especially at our age, we move ahead and learn more slowly, and this information technology is growing at an exponential rate.

  10. p.gayle,

    it is a bit scary to me ....
    the future just seems so.....
    ...that's just it!!!
    I DON'T KNOW.....!!!!

    it seems like we could eventually be tattooed with one of these.
    enough said.

    Thank you for your comment XX

  11. I thought your were talking about design at first too! I can see where this could be and will be useful........ But I am not there yet... I think if you are in a high tech business it is sexy...I am going to consult with Charlotte the Harlot (one of my two best friends) to see her take on it!She is in the smart card business! Maryanne xo

  12. Well, your Mama's tacky, I just put some tiny colored ribbons through a hole in the corner of my design card, Old style. Saved some money too. Too star wars, sell grace and beauty.

    Mama xxx

  13. seems that my age speaking?!

    what are they called?

  14. I am so out of it, here I was thinking this was a hot new fabric! I don't know I mean its a look and one that probably hasn't yet had a chance to "grow on me" I would have to think about it, not saying no, not saying yes, would have to sleep on it. Things are moving forward and changing so fast.........

  15. Renee,

    I am all for it. I love blogging, twitter, Skype, my iPhone, Macbook Air etc. and have always been ahead of the times with things that I'm fasinated by. This was so thrilling to see (read the article too).

    Test them out. Have about ten made and experiment with it. You can send one to me and I'd be thrilled. The only thing constant is change and technology!


  16. First time I've even heard of behind am I? I'm probably a no on it. Had such a fun day with Renae. She really speaks highly of you. The friendships with bloggers are the icing on the cake.

  17. enchanted one,

    i is getting creepy. xxx

  18. Progressive thinking...
    well, I'm not sure how I feel about it... maybe it's the way of the future!

  19. I haven't decided if I like this new technology. It's a little scary all this data profiling. Just heard on NPR some strange things about smart phones. Somethings I knew about but when does it stop? They just know too much about us.

    Hope your friend gets found.

    and I'd like to tell you I like that couch but you know I'm more a traditionalist and like comfort.

    hope the heat isn't killing down there!


  20. Wow, I'd never heard of these before. I think the pros are that you can easily transfer lots of data to someone else, but the cons would be privacy issues; and what happens if you decide you no longer wish to share so much information or change your details?

    Love your blog by the way.



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