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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 'Two' With Mumzy

We started out in Tenents Harbor
having coffee and donuts. this nursury is just very cool.
like most everyone that I know here.  
There is mom off in the distance having her cafe and do not donut.
She is blond, wearing a blue shirt.
I loved this place.
Years ago,
I bought my mom's allim bulbs here.

And look...they have those highly fashionable split trees.
These were 'Mcentosh' {sp??} apple trees
The next part of the routine is going to mom's favorite spots.
below is one of her very faves.

see the man in the distance?
he is touching up the paint...
that is what you see everyone doing around town.
because...the winter is always a' comin'.
I decided to take a fab shot for her to paint.

To the right of this light house,
this picture was taken.

Now we are approaching my favorite funky village.
Port Clyde...
It is just very isolated....and old

this is a view of the villiage from a slight hill coming into town.

The coolest general store...EVER.

xxx have a great week end  xx

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  1. The day looks wonderful. I really loved the special lighthouse photo, and I so want to wander that nursery!

  2. Anonymous20:59

    I love the building styles - we have nothing like that in Australia! Great photographs.

  3. I am so happy to see this post, to know you are with your mother just means so much to me too. xx's

  4. Hi Renee
    FAB photos.. especially those two larger ones!! Maine looks so beautiful.. I'd love to be there with you both...

    Have a wonderful time and say hello to mumzy pumpkins for me!!! ciao xxx Julie

  5. Your in Gods country & so happy to know you were able to spend time with your mom. The photos you too Renae are beautiful. I've never visited Maine which is a travesty, look what I've missed?! Enjoy your time, give Yvonne a big hug from me. I do have a card to send her if you are able to send me her address my love?

    Love to you,

  6. Hugs from this Renae too! Enjoy my dear, love, laught and enjoy your Mum!

  7. * Oh, I envy you~~~ you've got your Mom AND beautiful, enchanting Maine... you can't ask for more! Just lovely photos... THANKS for sharing!!!

    Linda in AZ 8

  8. Hello everyone, This is Yvonne.. Renee ment Port Clyde for the village. I live in St.George.
    We are having a wonderful time, I made Popovers for Breakfast, she loves them. Today I get her to cut my hair and we are getting a lap top..for me and Renee will teach me how to use it..
    Love Mama xxxxx

  9. this is what is dangerous.....
    having your mom around while you are still signed into your blog.
    thank g-d she reavealed who she was.
    she could have written anything.
    and she would too!!!!

    gotta love her xxx

  10. How fun! Looks like a great and much needed break for both of you, nothing like quality time with your mom especially in a place as uber charming as where you are!

  11. Awwww Love this set of 'vacationing with ma' posts! Looks beautiful....and SOO not florida!

  12. Beautiful pictures, i just can smell the air, feel the warmth, taste the lobster. Wished i could just pop in and say hello on my way to Roque island, about 120 miles north. we always spend a night quite close to you at my husband's dad's home in South bristol near Damarascotta. My days (far too few) in Maine are some of the most blissful, soothing and beautiful ones. The simplicity of the rugged landscape, the nature, forest and sandy beaches, the food and the simplicity of a day spent without a thought to the craziness of working in New York...

  13. Those pictures are lovely...

    Such a nice place,
    and that house and general store reminds of some places that have not changed much by time and industrialization. What a fine place ♥

  14. Enjoyed the tour. Got to see your Mom properly on full screen. Glad she is enjoying her trip. Pass on my regards to her please.

    To me this area has a feel of Nova Scotia.

  15. Renee,
    These images are gorgeous. Love the little pier.
    I have always been addicted to general stores. There is just something a bout them.
    I am glad you are having fun.

  16. So glad the two of you ar spending quality time together in this beautiful place.....Our best to you both xo Maryanne and Robes xo

  17. Anonymous17:19

    sleepy town was full of subtle delights that crept all easy and went deep. a dose was always good and a reminder of other ways, places to settle when life got too fast. lovely. haunting even. thanks for sharing.

  18. Cool garden center and love that white house!!!! I've never been to Maine...isn't that a shame?




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