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Thursday, July 7, 2011

It was bumpy getting here ....

but it was so worth it!!
Just to see my mom's smiling face and her excitement was worth the traveling.

From Boston airport I was sent over to this little bugger.
Which actually I rather enjoy.
It always makes a journey feel like you are heading for an adventure
to some far out of the way place.
I was sitting right next to this one and only escape door.
It might have been valuable if perhaps I had a parachute
in my huge handbag.
No worries.
They fly pretty low,
and I am a good swimmer.

One of the passengers sat next to the pilot.
I was in the third row - the last set of seats.
Very comfy.
No seat belts really...
something that resembled dental floss.

The first thing I needed to make clear was
that I wanted lobsta' for dinner...
several dinners.
So this morning we headed down the street
where mom lives and really got two gorgeous 2 pounders for $13 bucks.
Pretty sweet,
but not half as sweet as the meat on a super fresh lobster

See the pond in front of this house.
This lobsterman stores his catch in the cold pond.
Pretty convenient.

But we went down to the end -
our favorite lobster pound.
Yes, that's mom....
I was picking this gorgeous yellow
blooming moss on the rocks for my mom.
Only to transplant it on to her limestone rocks at home.

Here is the yellow moss.
I hope it takes.
This is where we got the lobsters.
I took a shot looking down to the dock.
It made me dizzy.

There is Terry our official lobster man.
and...he either had a terrible twitch in his eye,
or he was actually winking at me.

Then we drove into Rockland
and there was the weekly farmers market.
Very Folksy.
I liked it.
Everyone makes and sells organic.
We had the most fabulous salad
from the greens we bought
and brought home.....

But, nothing can beat these guys.
oh ....i forgot
I woke up to fresh pop-overs.
Mom makes the best.
toodles xxx
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  1. Renee, how I wish I were there with you and Yvonne having lobster dinner!

    Have a great time together!

    Art by Karena

  2. The best life, is the simple life.
    And, you make simple look so exotic.
    Cheers!... to keeping it real.

  3. So happy you are with your mom and I can only imagine how thrilled she must be that you are there!! Lobsters, now you are speaking my langauge!! Is she in Maine? Whereabouts? My sister bought a place up there, we might be going in August. and I have eating lobsters for 6 straight days on my mind, I cannot lie. Looks wonderful and so peaceful, enjoy Renee!!

  4. What a nice getaway! I totally have lobster envy!

  5. R...I've truly missed reading your posts...this one was a doozy! Keep having fun...what a wonderful summer treat...I'm jealous! k
    p.s.....back in the saddle again

  6. Lobster, pop-overs, winks from Terry the lobster-man, and best of all, the company of your sweet mom; life doesn't get better than that. Perhaps if you coated everything in butter it might?

    Again, love to all xo xo

    (highly jeal of your lobster eating)



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