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Friday, July 22, 2011

F.S. Henemader

I was walking in the back room and was 
immediately drawn to this chest.
And what do I find on top.....?
the cutest 'Palm Beachy' table lamps.
Don't they look like parts of a white standard poodle?

I think so.
Now this is one of the most fabulous shops around.
You really never know what you will find.
From some very fine antiques to lovely / pricey trinkets.

It really is a great place for a gift for that special friend in your life.
Check out the chandies.

The palm tree has hand blown glass leaves.

Let me tell you that if you like blue and white.....
You will be amazed.
That is a huge piece of coral for the center piece.

Now these little men needed to come home with me.
They are bronze. Including the shades.
Do you love?

I do!!!!

The Site and Catalog below
316 South County Rd.
Palm Beach , Florida 33480
561.8359237  ask for Holly
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  1. Oh YES, I LOVE those bronze 'puppies'. When you get your pair, send me a pair too! hehe


  2. Those coral lamps are so cute and fun! Was amazed to see the huge clam shell in the background of one of the photos. Imagine coming across that while diving.

    Also - thanks for your kind comment on my post about the chair. XO Michele

  3. This store is exquisite, and has my name written all over looks AMAZING! A store I could happily stay in all day long just looking (and drooling) at all the beautiful things. LOVE the lamps and of course all the blue and white, and love that first fabulous!

  4. Oh my God, that coral is amazing! And I saw a chest of drawers I can't live without. Some of these things may find a new home in Canada!

  5. i am so happy YOU

  6. Hi Renee
    So many goodies in this shop.. I'd take all of the lamps!! and all of the blue & white ginger jars... fabulous stuff..

    I was about to throw out some chocolate coloured lamp shades and now see and identical one here.. re-thinking the throwing out part..

    Have a great weekend.. it is soooo wet here... ciao xxx Julie

  7. enchanted
    this place is sooo fabulous.
    you would LOVE it!!

  8. Oh, what yumminess!!! I would love to peruse this shop, I see some really interesting items. Next time I'm in Palm Beach, daaaahling! (Just kidding, never been to Palm Beach. I have been to Florida many times, just never to Palm Beach.)

    And yes, those doggie lamps are to die for.

  9. And I meant to add also that I love stores such as this one that take the time to create attractive vignettes and keep things airy, making it easy for shoppers to visualize and not be overwhelmed.

  10. De tout, de rien,

    if you ever get to so florida,
    let me know and i would love to meet you in Palm Beach
    and show you around.
    i could give you a list of 'must not miss' spots ......


  11. Yes indeed I love them, I was just thinking about those them and alson the Palm lamps..My chandelier is similar to those...Marie



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