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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shit Tzu - Maltese Mutts.......and other Shit Tzu Puppy People

It is my personal opinion that 'Shit Tzu people' 
are the best people I have ever known.
Besides my 'Horse people.'

If you don't believe me ask any vet if you are looking for a small dog.
He will promise you will not be disappointed.
The list of fine qualities goes on forever.
Never destructive.
Quick Studies!
Easy to house train.
In fact, it is easier 
than training a man to put the seat down.

I would love to know this guy!!! 
Doesn't he look like a fun person?
Or maybe a spy!!!

The LION from the wizard of oz maybe.
*love him.
I bet he knows more than he is telling with those eyes.

I kiss my little girls belly when she is on her back.
{can't do that with a boy shit-tzu.....hahahahah}

This one could be my assistant while selling window treatments.

And they are a 'cooperative people' as well.


One of my favorite things to do is to wash the babies.

and watching a movie together....
can't think of many things better than that!

I am sure she is keeping her eye on us to make sure 
that she doesn't miss a thing.
Including any nibbles.

Could you die?
I want to kiss that little face!!!
Mine was once teeny like this.

I say to all people,
including the 'Shit Tzu People'....
Have fun this weekend.

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  1. Renee, this is a very dangerous post. I am "in the market" of entertaining a pet for Teddy when we move and I have always thouht if I were to take the plunge it would be a Shit Tzu, I went "just to look" the other day and it was ridiculously tempting to just scoop one of those cuties up and take him home but alas the left side of my brain reasoned to think it through and this is something that has to happen at the right now, of which is not now. HOWEVER I am bookmarking this post and will show to my other half if and when further proof of how precious these little pups are......thanks this was the cutest post I have seen in a long long time!

  2. Renee,
    You have made my day with these images. Have a shih tzu, and I love her so much. I had her shaved last week for the beach. She is adorable.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Renee,

    Too cute I enjoyed this so much. They are just darling little dogs!!


    Art by Karena

  4. How beautiful they are, but then I am a complete sucker about all dogs! Is it time to get another one of these for your Mum? xxx

  5. Renee! Beautiful post on these precious pups! I am a dog rescuer in Dallas and just last weekend drove to the Texas panhandle to meet my sister to give her a sweet 2 1/2 yr old female Shih Tzu named Chloe who was an owner surrender (previous owner said she 'just didn't fit in with her family'! I can't imagine!!). Chloe is now the companion of 1 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu "Biscuitt". The girls are getting along very well and both will be happier sharing a home together. This is just a DARLING breed. I am sending a link to my sister now. Thank you for all the fab pics!

  6. vickie,

    i love to hear stories like this.
    i can't imagine anyone not being able to have a sweet little shit-tzu fit in.

    they probably have a little human devil in the home....

  7. jules,
    i am thinking so.
    i want her to get one that doesn't need to go outside.
    mine is wee wee pad trained.
    and one that she can travel with.


  8. The most darling pictures!!!!!!All of those are cute..... The one with the drape over it's head looked like the flying nun!Maryanne xo

  9. I myself am partial to bichons frisés, I have a darling old lady who is 12 years old and she's a real princess. Bichons are a really sweet breed but I could definitely be talked into one of these charming little cuties, I mean what's not to like?

  10. De tout, de rien

    my brother and his wife are bichon people too.
    they are super sweet.
    in fact they would make precious shit-tzu muts.

  11. enchanted one,

    i am telling you.....
    it will be the best thing you can do for you,
    or for the family.

    do it.
    get one.
    but when you look to buy
    find a breeder that sells show quality.
    you don't have to buy the show dog but you can take a sinbling.
    that's what i do.
    then you are sure to avoid a puppy mill puppy.

    xxx thanks

  12. So cute ..hihihi..i like the doggles..hahaha or the kittel one in the bathtube..well, we dont have à dog..perhapsone day..we tough have à cat..à beuutiful ragdoll I dont know if itsthe same name for you...anyway..have a loveöy day / Marie

  13. p r e c i o u s... you and i did similar posts without even calling one another!

    i had a dream i toured your office... and it was awesome! xoxo

  14. Great post, makes me miss my beloved little guy so much, dear Sushi. They are by far the cutest and so loving. We are considing getting another when we move in Jan. fingers are crossed, wonderful post you put together.

  15. pam- red ticking

    i have been having the most vivid dreams lately.
    i am so happy i was on your subconscious...... :)
    sometimes i feel so alone and isolated in this 'thing'
    big hug xx

  16. Awe..just saw this post.. I so miss my shih-tzu, RaJah Kahn was his name. We had him for 14 years, he passed away this January. I was deeply heart-broken. He was an absolute sweet-heart..

  17. Oh, these were precious. Our neighbors have a little Shit Tzu-poo (Grady) that lives across the street and he's adorable! He rules the house which includes a humongous chocolate lab who obeys Grady's every whim...we love him, and he looks great in a sweater!
    xo Jessica

  18. seagal

    i feel your pain.
    i had my first one for15 yrs and had to put her down.
    it took me 5 years to get another.

    xxx but i know looking at these precious babies has to make you smile.

  19. They are definitely adorable....I just like dogs with a little more to them! hehe We had a lab for 12 1/2 years, now what was my granddog is now my dog courtesy of my son that got married! I love her to pieces and she loves me too!

  20. Renée, I have a Shit Tzu too his name is Nicolas.
    They are very intelligent and adorable I totally agree with your post. xo

  21. Renee,
    Opps sorry, and yes these images are adorable. I got side-tracked in thoughts on my RaJah. That I clearly omitted saying how much I enjoyed viewing these precious images..
    also sorry to hear of your lose..

  22. So cute...I get all tingly when I see cute pictures of dogs. I have 2 Old English Sheepdogs.......



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