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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Arranging Pictures - Do You Have A Big Boring Wall??

Everybody but me has a wall that needs ' something.'
The only reason why I don't have an empty wall
 is I have been in my home for quite some time {25 years}, 
and I am a designer.
I am relatively confident & fearless 
when it comes to this stuff.
The reason why I am confident and fearless is 
I have done this sort of thing all my life.
And it is all I have ever done.

Practice makes; 
{not perfect} but a less freaked out person when attempting this sort of thing.

Throw perfect out the window
unless Architectural Digest is featuring 
your big boring wall in a 'wall' in a  BEFORE & AFTER series.

If you have a big blank wall .....
do 'something.'
Unless of course 
you want that "I live in a warehouse" look.
And many people do.

But... if you do not want the
"I live in a  warehouse" look.

Don't make yourself nutzo.
Just come up with a teeny weeny concept for the wall.

Photographs of family & friends
art - interesting images.

It is only my opinion...
I feel that you shouldn't mix personal photographs with art.

Just decide on one
 or the other.

I had to post this image....
it cracked me up.
This must be an engineer's home.

Don't OVER THINK this project.
As a matter of fact....
don't make this into an unpleasant 'science project.'

I think what you want to do is to
 make the wall and your home
more interesting and reflect 'who you are' in 
the images you select.
Are you with me?

Unfortunately the frames are the part of this project that is costly.
If you mix the frame styles....
this brings down the cost considerably.

here are some good sources for frames;
flea markets, garage sales. dollar stores, drugstores ....

You can use a simple approach 
place the largest or focal image
 in the center and build outwards.

That is what I do 
when I am doing a 'cluster' of images 
and they are all different sizes.

This wall is not PERFECT.
{part of the charming style}
is it not 100% better than a blank or empty wall?

Like this room............
so cute and charming.

Take all the items off the walls....

Have a great week!!

 I had a fabulous weekend and am ready for 'MONDAY.'

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  1. These are all fabulous.. I must say I find the 5th image interesting.. I would consider it, using a large image of an ocean view, behind my desk.. speaking of desk, image 9, the glass top buffet table as desk with those it..!

  2. Have decided to do an entire wall in my conservatory in brown/white transferware ironstone.

    All walls will be getting several sconce type shelves for ivy topiaries.

    Will use your method of the biggest platters in the middle then work outward.

    Now, when to get the time for this project?

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. yes - i'm not much of a planner this way (hanging up brown paper cutouts to get the layout just right) -i had a hammer, nails and a glass of wine and just WENT for it one afternoon right after moving in. It looks just great -you just have to use your EYE.

  4. Great examples Renee! I also love the idea of one large focal work of art!


    Art by Karena

  5. We adore these images. They offer so much inspiration for a wall we are working on! Hope you have a beautiful week!
    Renee and Angela

  6. This is a keeper post, am bookmarking it. When I move I will want to refer back here for many fabulous images here, Renee! Why have a blank wall when you can have one with so much personality?

  7. I want to do something like this, just the thought of where to begin starts to overwhelm me. Darling, if I could afford to fly you up, I would!

  8. tara

    that sounds divine.
    when you DO do it.
    take pics and share them with us xxx

  9. JMW, NEVER know.


  10. I love these galleries, so much visual interest! I'm trying to make a gallery of small round mirrors in our living room. I have eight so far, but I'm thinking nine would be better, aren't uneven numbers always better?

  11. Very lovely post, poor me I keep hanging and rehanging every new painting, I have that crooked look, That's me half cocked.

  12. Renee,

    This is great for everyone to learn from. People need visuals because if you tryed to explain the display it would be misunderstood. My wall is in a stairway, less light is there and that helps preserve photo's, artwork, and special items from aging to much.


  13. Sing it Sister!

    My Prob.....little to no wall space for the ever encroaching goodies that find me!

  14. linda
    you are so cute!!!

  15. I love a picture gallery, and have one myself. I must confess that I love the design of the one going up the staircase, and yes, it must have been done by an engineer...wish I could see with the actual images!!

  16. I loved them all...but...I did just want to jump in to the screen and straighten some!!!!! I, will also, bookmark this page because there will not be a blank wall in the new house if I intend keeping all the art, photos, and bits that I currently have!!!!! xoxo

  17. jules,
    this is crazy but true.
    i was thinking of you soooooooooo hard yesterday.
    and it manifest itself in you contacting!!!

    there is something to this stuff!!
    xxx love you - a giant long hug

  18. Love these busy walls Renee...the more the better....xv

  19. How very conceptual that stairway; it should be left just that way! We always called our less precise technique eye-balling.

    le style et la matière

  20. Such nice inspiration here. I do have one big wall in my family room which is filled with probably 60 8x10's all in the same frame of different pictures we ahve taken over the years as a family, friends, our dogs,etc...and I had them all done in black and white and i never get tired of looking at them, nor does anyone else..its the first thing people go to when they come over.

  21. You are so right I have been afraid of my big walls in my foyer for yrs. I've been thinking of doing just what you showed. Not sure if all of what I have is art though? haha

  22. I love a gallery wall but I like it to look thought out. I don't much care for the hodge podge look, or the kiddie pictures all over the place, it begins to look cluttered and I don't feel good when there is clutter all around. I will say that I DO need more on my walls, but picking out art is like picking out rugs...I get nervous!

    I would love to see your place!




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