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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Love Tight Back Sofas



Tailored & Sophisticated

I hate multi-cushion sofas.
My preference ALWAYS is a BENCH SEAT { 1 cushion }
or a 2 cushion sofa if they will not make a single cushion/bench seat.


 there are multi-cushion sofas in the first place??????
When sofas were first being made....
obviously they were made for the 'well to do', 
and they made only bench seats
{one single set cushion}.
The rest of us were sitting on hay bales.
I mean where do you think the pioneer woman shopped ?

Sure the saloons and whoooooore houses had them...
and in the big cities.....
the wealthy had them......
stick with me here....
I am getting to the point.

The bench seat takes more yardage than a 2 cushion 
or 3 cushion sofa....RIGHT???
When catalog shopping {Sears} 
and mass production came along they realized 
they could use the scrap fabric for multi-cushioned sofas.
So there.....!!!!!
That my story and I am sticking with it.

In Boca Raton and I am sure else where as well.....
people fight me 
and always say when I want to use a bench seat on their new sofas;

" No One wants to sit on the crack "
and I say;
" But you sit on a crack everyday, and it doesn't bother you! "

Of course they laugh...but they are still not convinced...
and when I tell them the 'scrap fabric' story',
{since here in Boca Raton they are status conscience} 
they go for the bench seat or at least the 2 cushion sofa!!! last!

Funny story right?

Tight back sofas give you the choice of having a cleaner-sleeker look
or you can have a very inviting look with custom pillows.
That's what I like.

I love this sofa.

And I found this one for a client of mine on a budget.
*Actually this sofa is more refined that the one above.

DON'T throw up from the fabric!!!
When it is recovered.....
It will be gorgeous.

I love the beat up patina on this.
I will not refinish it.
I will ad a bit of a glaze with a touch more blue/green to the finish.
I am really good at glazes.
And I love to do it.

I am going to make it into a TIGHT BACK with 
fabulous custom pillows.
This sofa is 34" D   x  78" L  x  28 H
These are DREAM dimensions for me!!!
*I actually wanted the sofa myself.

I will post the sofa in it's room when completed.

What are your thoughts on TIGHT BACK sofas 
and bench seats?

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  1. Funny about the crack. I love bench an tight back sofas...they seem to stay less sloppy.

  2. Hi Renée,
    We have just bought a bench seat sofa with a button back but, high backed and not low like a Chesterfield. I was worried first of all, that it wouldn't be as comfortable but, it's great and always looks nice.....not like three seat sofas that look a mess when someone has sat on it and then it needs fluffing up all the time !! Hope that the interviews have gone well or are going to do well. XXXX

  3. I love the style of my current sofa, but not its "poufiness". I bought it in 1997 when sofas were overstuffed. At some point in the next 10 years I plan to have it recovered. Hopefully I can get it tightened up at the same time!

  4. Well, I could be very comfortable in any of these rooms, and you can put whatever kind of sofa you like in it for me. I trust you completely. Come over and enter my jewelry giveaway, my friend.

  5. Great examples Renee and I am in agreement.

    I am working with a client on selecting a pair of matching English Rolled arm sofa with the casters... so many ways to customize it, but my preference for this project is the classic tight back rather than the loose back cushions... either a two seat cushion or a single bench cushion definitely the way to go...

  6. Renee,

    You are so good at being you and I'll bet you're a "rock star" when hunting down solutions to people's design dilemmas. Love the tight back sofas and bench seats cushions. How true not all cracks are the same..he he.

    Keep in mind during these interviews that you've got it all confidence, lots of experience and a wonderful sense of self. Now go get'em!


  7. So funny about sitting in the crack and how true it is! Good examples and valid points.....wishing you a very happy Mothers day!!

  8. bette/ideezine

    you are my biggest cheerleader.
    love you mucho
    have a happy mommy's day

  9. Loved the story! I literally laughed out loud in my office! The customer probably wondered if I was crazy! hmm…anyway you are so right that multi cushioned sofas appear messy! I am constantly fluffing mine back up and it drives me crazy! It's about to go to college with my younger and then I'm getting a tight back, bench seat sofa for sure! My mother has my most favorite one I've ever seen and I did order it for her but for the life of me can't remember where! If I find I will show you a pic! Have a great weekend!
    did you ever get the Rosemary plant for your mother? Mine are looking really good if I do say so myself!

  10. I love tight backed sofas b/c they are tailored and not sloppy! I also like bench seats ( as I put on my granny's sofa). I ADORE the sofa you got and the wood is scrumptious, I like it just the way it is and will be outstanding when recovered. You going to try your hand at it? Linda @ Lime in the Coconut did a chair, remember the Big Butt Chair story? I don't think she's far from you!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


  11. renae

    i do.
    i remember the big butt chair,
    and it came out great.
    i won't do the upholstery-
    that is too hard.
    but i will ad a glaze.

    love you girlfriend xoxo

  12. Carolyn,

    i did not get her the plants yet.
    i will when i get up to maine.

    i am thrilled that you like the story.
    i always get a laugh out of it with clients.


  13. Happy Mothers day Renee. Thanks for the lovely gift and beautiful card. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I love you.
    Now, I like the secomd sofa and the last one. Those over soft low sofa's are horrible. I can't get out of them and they are terrible for your back. NO support.

  14. Happy Mothers day! I hope that you enjoy a wonderful weekend.

    How are your interviews? You are going to find something great, as they say, when a door closes a window opens! I am praying for you and sending you lots of good wishes.

    Love, love ,love all of the sofas! Your find is fabulous. I found a little setee like that today for $30.00 down filled and gorgeous. Too bad I have no where to put it.

    Enjoy your special day, Elizabeth

  15. elizabeth

    $30.00 OMG!!!
    i would have put it on it's side and leaned it on a wall....

    thank you for your kind words and sweet wishes.

  16. So funny Renee, I had a decorator and upholsterer at my house yesterday discussing the very same thing. I want tight back, rest of family wants loose cushions. We have one already. I am thinking Howard style with custom pillows. I was told that Europeans like tight back while the English prefer loose and comfy. So said upholsterer. I am going to his shop today to decide. Decisions..decisions! Love your shots.. The last find is fab!
    Jeanne xx

  17. jeanne

    funny.....the sofa' thing' is always such a big decision for peeps.
    especially the one they actually sit in!!

    do a tight back with removable cusions.


  18. I have always had a three cushion sofa, but you have me thinking now.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  19. Renee please go to this post of Sherry's you won't believe what she is sending me.
    I started to cry. She is such a wonderful soul and a pretty woman as well. love mama

  20. I'm with you. Tight backs bench seat (or as you say two cushions at the most) on sofas, and tight butts on the sofa.
    Great post, and a good story to use on clients too!
    Love you!
    xo xo
    PS Your project sofa is fab!!!!

  21. oh...VAL....
    i can just hear you telling the story!!!
    you are too cool!!
    love you



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