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Thursday, May 3, 2012

To Whine Or Not To Wine

I have never been to wine country.
Lately I have been living in 'whine' country with my miserable self.

I have always wanted to live and ride in the hills of a 'wine country' type area.
They just seem so .....

I could see myself riding my beautiful  'Hershey'
through these hills.
That would be a dream!!!

Is this not amazing?

Do you think they are 'whining' ?
I think not.

I have wanted to go to Portugal {for the tiles}
all my life.
Wouldn't you want to go?

No more whining for me.
I have an interview for a management position at a 
famous and fabulous fabric house
on May 21st.


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  1. I love the play on words Whine/wine. Very cute. Yes I would love to see that also. I am ready for some itsy, bitsy trip as soon as I get the new hip. It has to be no step climbing.... Love Mama xxx

  2. Renee,

    It all looks and sounds so divine. Fingers crossed for the May 21st interview. Hope the culture is appealing be sure to ask about it. We can all use a culture we look forward to co creating in instead of just existing in.

    You always do your best...this I know about you is true!


  3. I want to wine with husband glanced over and wants to come too...gorgeous scenery.

    Good luck with the interview.

  4. Oh then I have all fingers crossed for you - that is wonderful. I was about to say, perhaps you should consider doing something dramatic, like moving to the Nappa valley if not Portugal, but then I read the last line. I am, as ever, on your side and truly wish that this pans out if it is a good company who will be a thrill to work with.

    And just for the record, I have always wanted to get to Portugal too. Oh my goodness, so many wonderful places to see and just the one lifetime... xx

  5. Oh will be thinking and sending big wishes on the 21st...on the other hand we have the wineries and the hills (but alas not the aged buildings) right here on my doorstop
    so with just a little flight across a few oceans you could be rolling in wine without the whine!!!!!!! Take care I will write soon just have a few problems to sort first big hugs Jules xxxx

  6. Dear Renée,
    I think that you are justified to have a little whine ...... and then go and drink a few glases of wine !! haha
    Lovely to know about your interview on the 21st. I'll be thinking of you.
    Have told your mum that i'm going for 'I'll Have Another' at the Derby on Saturday. Think of me when you see it trotting in last !! That's the sort of luck that I have when betting on horse races !! XXXX

  7. I am living in whine country... and was brought up in wine country, love one world, despises the other... and really trying to let go of whining...really not becoming as i tell myself all the time.
    Wishing you the Best of Luck for the interview... xo francine

  8. Glamour,

    you have been such an amazing friend through all of this.
    thank you xxx

    maybe in the next life we can meet in portugal!!!

    love x

  9. jules

    i am running right over to see what is up with you.
    AND YES.....i need all the good wishes i can get on the 21st.

  10. Wow, an interview on the 21st!!! Fantastic, and best wishes for you to knock their socks off. I love your dreamy images, and would love to go to ANY wine country. So far Ive just been to a few wineries in Virginia, but want to go to Sonoma and Napa Valley and Italy one day..
    Have a lovely day..sounds like your doing ok? I hope so!

  11. Great post! I love the play on words and of course I love all of the pictures! My mother in laugh always says "She's allergic to whining!" Sometimes we just have to, though! I hope all goes well with your interview! Can't wait to read more of your posts!
    Carolyn Bradford

  12. Whine a little for me too, Renee. Just because!
    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I knew it wouldn't be long before you landed on your feet:).
    Can't wait to learn who!!
    Happy Thursday.

  13. if you need a reference...... ;) k

  14. kathy

    you are the best

    hugs xxx

  15. We biked through the vineyard of Tuscany once.. indeed beautiful. Hope you have your ride through the vineyards soon.

    Good luck with the interview

  16. nancy

    i haven't been to virginia wine country....
    and i am up there to visit my brother now and then.

    thank you for the kind words on my interview.
    i am praying.....................!

    and then i am moving out of my house and down to ft lauderdale where there is much more action and many more nice people!

  17. It's time to circle the globe with our best wishes for May 21. Can't imagine the magic you could make happen in a house of fabric!

  18. Oh dear, these images are awesome! Oh yes, you should ride with your horse there one day!!
    Must be wonderful!

  19. sometimes wining and whining go hand and hand!
    so happy to hear a lightness in your spirit, go renee!

  20. deb/5th and state

    i am working heavily on my spirit these days.
    i can't have this latest disappointment 'take me down!'

    love xoxox

  21. greet,

    one in my dreams....i will ride my boy through those hills.
    thanks my fellow equestrian.

    love xoxoxo



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