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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water For Elephants ~~The Movie

I am sure many , many of you have already seen this FILM.
And I say it is a film more than it is a movie.
It is an a visually beautiful & gritty experience.

I didn't see it in the theater when it was first released.
A very close friend told me not to see it 
because there was violence against animals.....

The Violence in this film is something that I have had first hand experience with.
It was unavoidable...putting a horse down from illness.
Yes, that is in the movie.
But.. if I can take it - you can.
In the movie - it's quick.
Not at all what I experienced.

quite by accident I watched it on HBO and I said to myself
" if this movie gets hairy I can always change channels"
....for me it never did.

I am not a CIRCUS FREAK,
I don't even go to the circus EVER!!!
On last count,
I have watched this movie/FILM a total of 5 times now.
I think I need to own it...!!!

It is the story of a Veterinarian who just graduated Cornell.
{The best Vet School in my limited opinion}
During the DEPRESSION. 

Reese Witherspoon's clothes are fabulous.
The camera filters used to make this film have a steady golden aged glow
making the entire film feel gritty, beautiful and AUTHENTIC.

The sets were divine too.
The personal quarters for R.W. on the train were great!!
The train....I love trains
any imagery I have in my head of train travel 
is romantic and elegant.
On a circus train....not so much.
this movie will draw you in and keep you there.
It is a beautiful story,
have no fear...
a happy ending.

If you haven't already seen it.
I suggest you do.
You might feel the same way I do about it, 
and then it will be 'a gift'.
Great movies & films are GIFTS that we can always return to 
and recreate feelings 
and at the same time ESCAPE from the feelings that we need to.

Have you seen Water For Elephants ?
If you have...
what did YOU think?


Have a great Sunday!

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  1. would someone tell me if there comments are being posted?

    my account on blogger is not working

  2. Well first...I have not seen the movie, maybe now I will!

    Second, this is a test for your blogger comment 'issue'.

    Hope you get this!


  3. Anonymous22:37

    I've seen it a few times on HBO...just love it. Loved the end..a little movie in itself. Poignant, lovely. Perfect bookending to the grittiness. Sort of skimming over the travails to the good stuff, the meaningful stuff. These are the things we remember, n'est ce pas? Have a wonderful week, Renee! XO Trish

  4. OK you convinced me, I am seeing it. Don't know why I never did, read the book and unlike many, actually liked it. Found it fascinating and such a different world and like you, was never a huge fan of the circus. That one song Christina Anguillera made for the movie was hauntingly beautiful.....going to watch it!

  5. enchanted

    you are like me....
    i am a really tough one to sell a book to.
    they almost never HOLD ME.

    the way i read books
    reminds me of the way men watch 'chic flicks'
    they SLEEP through them.


  6. I have never seen that. Barb and I are driving to Portland today.. Talk to you tomorrow . After 12..

  7. R...I have not seen it for the same reasons as you....still not sure that I can. I HATE anything that has to do with animal cruelty...including films that use elephants (even though I know that there is a humane society official on set)....I can't watch horse racing anymore...or...don't hate me...polo................The circus makes me ill........and all this has come on with age..The movie stills are gorgeous..... and according to you I'm missing something....maybe I'll give it a try one night when I'm flipping channels and stumble upon it.......k

  8. I saw it and loved it also. Now I want to see it again! As a horse owner I was also wary of seeing War Horse for the same reasons, but that, too is a spectacular horse movie-- have you seen that? Horses are so beautiful on the big screen! Enjoy your day.
    xo Nancy

  9. I haven't see it, I agree from the pictures it looks like Reese's costumes were gorgeous.......Maybe I'll take a look......;) Maryanne xo

  10. nancy

    i was concerned about the 'warhorse' movie & violence.
    if you say to see it being a horsie girl -
    then i will


  11. kathy

    no races for me either
    polo concerns me as well....
    i am almost sure that you can watch this.
    they put the horse down because he get was foundering
    and in horrible pain in his hoof.

    their hooves are so delicate care.
    it is amazing 1200 pounds on those tiny feet and long thin legs.....

    the movie is about MORE than the circus.
    i promise.
    good triumphs over eveil.
    and that is all that really matters.


  12. You've convinced me. But first, I want to read the book. I'd better hurry so I can catch it while it's still on HBO. I think this movie has an actor in it that I saw a couple of years ago playing a Nazi soldier. He was amazing.

    1. i would bet it is the same actor.
      he is very nazi-ish in this film as well.

      you will definitely enjoy it.
      xx ;)



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