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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Personal Work Spaces & Offices

I adore everything but the desk!
I am over the cottage/pottery barn desks etc.

I feel it is most important to want to be in your work space.
And a big part of that is how the work space 'works' for your work.
This is a great place to sit and make phone calls.....

This image reminds me of Rockport Maine.

I like everything in this image....
there are too many 'things' in it.

Dark Bottle Green Walls.
Done 'em
& Love 'em!!
Again....the desk is way too small for me.
I need a huge surface.

This must be a very busy persons office space.
I like it.
Not fancy~~~~but has some sort of edge.
It must be the exposed radiator.
{....reminds me of apts. in the city}
'The edge' is that this office is not decorated,
and that is all we look at all day on our design blogs.....

Very practical but not too 'FABULOUS'

{to me}

What a dynamite space to work out of~~~!!!

This space would actually be ideal for me.
I love it.

This too is how I like to work.
The only thing this space needs {for me} is a giant story board.
It is bright , practical, has storage-shelving, and is spacious.
I can get nutty if I feel claustrophobic. 

The detailing is beautiful on the built in.
This looks like a great place to 'close' contracts

What is your work space like?

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  1. You would be amazed to see my work space. i left a 1500 sp/ft work space for a less than 100sq/ft space when i moved uptown as most of the space is allocated to the showroom. Out went the library, drafting tables, shelving, sample room...i have one tiny metal desk, a computer and a metal bookshelf and boxes for samples for on going project. We produce more from a 100 sq/ft than the showroom with 3000 sq/ft!! I had designed a wonderful office a home in my son's old room with an antique day bed, loved it! so did my son who moved back in!

  2. The last is my favorite, but I really love organized clutter (in everyone else's office), lol. It gives a feeling of warmth and prosperity!
    Happy Wednesday, Renee.

  3. Renee Adore the second image with the Lucite desk and that chair looks so comfortable for our many hours at the computer!!

    Do you happen to have the sources!

    2012 Artist Series
    Art by Karena

  4. Karena....
    as a matter of fact,
    i think i do.
    i will check and get back to you.

  5. Right now my office is in the dining library room - which was only my office before. I have a great view in this room. It will be moving into my daughter's room when she moves into her new room in a few weeks. Her window is too high up which will leave me w/no view. I plan to remedy that with a new window so I'll be able to look out into my backyard.

  6. My "office" although I no longer work was created almost 20 years ago as antidote to working in a hostile work environment: upholstered walls in a dark green, four large bookcases, an upholstered desk, dark wicker chairs, leopard carpet, lined curtains to keep eastern sun off my computer screen and a three panel screen that I have pictures of the women in my family plus quotes by women who have inspired me. On the back side of the panels that I flank my desk, I use as a memory/creative board. For years I have called this room my Edward VII goes to Africa room. Works for me.

  7. My Notting Hill

    i love the idea of the dining library
    used as an office.
    i am sure that i would be doing the same same.


  8. I would LOVE a huge space to spread out. Right now my office is one of the bedrooms and needs a 'makeover' badly! I need more work surface than I have. I like what you like...imagine that?!!


  9. I think if I had that "office" of the lucite desk and huge window, I would either produce architectural masterpieces....or possibly not get anything done at all! What a view! xx

  10. renae,

    it's time we set up an office together!!!


  11. glamour drops

    me too!!


  12. Gorgeous work spaces! Mine is way too small and cluttered which means I often end up working from my dining room table! One day I would love a gorgeous big office but for now ...this is just fine! Tracey xx

  13. I love the warmer rooms, probably not the best choice for a work space, warm, cosy and womb like, but it appeals to me so much.

    I came by looking for Marilyn Monroe's last interview, but these offices came up.

    How you doing lovely girl! Keeping chin up? Glad you've not fallen off the edge of the world!

  14. WOW!! This is really gorgeous & Great!! I read your full post & i have been friend of this post. I have really enjoyed this post. It is amazing.
    ATHEISTThanks for this post.Thanks a lot..



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