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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Greatest Accomplishment To Date!!

22 years ago today she came along......

My Daughter.
*4 years old and she was IMMA.

Andi looked like this everyday at preschool.
I made those crazy head bands for her.
She had them in every color.
They were soft and strechy - no head aches.

This fold up tent was set up in front of the TV.
Her hang out.
Her favorite program was PeeWee Herman.

Andi's Joey Girl.

And of course she could do a mean 'time step.'

Andi's first trip to NYC with Mommy.

Ogunquit Maine....
collecting starfish for the plane ride home.
whew!!!! did they ever stink on the plane!!!

But she was happy.
So I was happy.

We went every summer.
In this shot she is about 13.

Andi, selling lemonade on Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine.

Here she is with her cousins.

Andi became an accomplished rider.
I was soooo proud.

Here she is on my Hershey.

Here she is on her horse 'Mon Dauphin'
She turned out to be a hot shot jumper.

Andi grazing Hershey after a show (with sweaty HAT HAIR).

Do we look happy AND PROUD?
You Bet!

Here Andi is at a horsie affair at ( Trumps )Mara Lago in Palm Beach.

This kid can shop!!

In High School

It wasn't all fun......
this is Andi's room  in high school.
These shots are for BLACK MAIL at a later date.

I hope she has daughters.
And when she rides them about cleaning their rooms...
Yep, you guessed it.
Granny will come to the rescue.
I will show them these pictures,
and Andi will not have a leg to stand on.
Life's a bitch. hahahahah

Andi goes to camp.
But not as a camper,
 but a counselor.

A card I made and sent to her at camp.
These are all her favorite stuffed critters.

The kids love her. Frankly how could they not?
She is fabulous in every way.
The apple doesn't fall too terribly far from the tree. hahahaha

She is a good sport and from the looks of it,
will do anything for a laugh.

Andi is going back for her 3rd year as camp counselor this summer.
And after camp she will join the Peace Corp.
She just is graduating college.
University of Miami, with a major in History and a minor in French.
I think she may end up in Haiti (in the Peace Corp).

This is Andi today.

Andi wore this pot on her head all the time when she was a toddler.

I have never done anything in my life
that has made me more proud.
We may not get along perfectly,
but it is how she fits into the world around her
that is most important to me.
And I KNOW she will do fine.
She is good, kind, and caring.
And beautiful.
This is a winning combination.

What is your greatest accomplishment ?

I love you Tweetie Bird!!! 
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  1. Brava to you mom, it looks like you have done a great job. My greatest accomplishments for all time, like yours, - my son and daughter.

  2. She is so beautiful Renee and quite an accomplishment. I have to say ditto on the greatest accomplishment, there is something to be said for a daughter or children. It is one of life's greatest accomplishments.
    Hats off girl!
    I hope she enjoys the day,

  3. An amazing face and a simple grace.
    It's like you raised your Self as someone else. That must be a wild ride, to view You from the other side.

    I have not gotten to my greatest accomplishments...yet.

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous but the best part is that she is a kind and sensitive person.
    What a lovely tribute to her.
    There is nothing in my life that even comes close.
    you are blessed my friend!
    Carole the picture of her in the mickey mouse ears!

  5. Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

    The pictures of her riding are so much like my own daughter. They both have that natural posture on the horse.

    I too claim that my three children are my greatest designs and accomplishments. Can't even imagine life without them.

  6. WOW! Not only is she beautiful but she sounds like a fantastic young woman! My greatest accomplishment to date?? Is is sad that nothing comes to mind right away? I think I am in need of some self reflection.

  7. Congratulations to both of you. Growing up is hard to do. Best wishes to each as you start this next phase of your lives.

    My greatest accomplishment is my marriage. We have been together for 36 years and he still makes me laugh.

  8. Beautiful daughter and beautiful years together. I'm sure you'll have to make another sign for her when she comes home to visit you. I have friends who are Haitian and they're a marvelous people....very happy with so little....unlike us Americans.

  9. Happy Birthday Andi!! Lovely tribute, Renee.

    (my daughter's room looked exactly like that when she was in high school!!)

  10. Aww! That is such a sweet post! Love it!

  11. We have to do something here Renee - Sons 2 & 4 are currently free & available, I'll got onto it right away. I just know that Andi will make a fabulous Daughther-In-Law. Tell her to expect a friend request from both of them on her Facebook page.
    Millie ^_^ (your soon to be relative through marriage!)
    P.S. My greatest achievement to date is being controlled enough not take to MOTH's snoring body in bed with a blunt instrument!

  12. O.K. seriously Renee - are you providing tissues with this tear jerking, lovely post? Your daughter is so beautiful & by your description not only outside, but what counts, inside as well. You two look so much a like. All her photos perfectly lay out her character. What I want to know is does she date 23 yr. old men from Washington State? Do I have one for

    Truly, well-rounded, responsible, compassionate adult children are a mothers proudest accomplishment hands down. Proud of you Renee and a happy..happy 22nd birthday to Andi.

    Hugs to you proud mom xx deb

  13. millie
    they will have to find me on facebook first, to find andi.
    we have different names.
    i still have my dads.
    (it's a 'thing' with me )

    wouldn't that be fabulous to match a pair like this?
    well, for us anyway.

  14. thank you so much mommy. that was a beautiful post, i loved it... an amazing birthday present. i'm flattered (and slightly embarrassed) by the generous praise of your readers. love you so much, and can't wait to celebrate my day with you on friday.

  15. andi
    oh baby....i am glad you liked it.
    i can't wait to see you!!!

  16. Anonymous23:57

    Beautiful girl!

    Proud you, very nice.

    I have a grown son. He is everything! The bond is pure love. Happy Birthday Mother's Day or something! :)

  17. What a gorgeous girl! I wish her a most happy birthday!!

  18. awww 'Mommy'
    Well she is just gorgeous and it would seem that is inside and out!! You must be very proud of her achievements and her plans to get out there and make a difference in the world. I just read Andi's comment too .. how sweet... two gorgeous girls!!

    Now Renee that bedroom shot looks like my nieces room but I think my favourite is the mouseketeer shot.. too cute.. xx julie

  19. You have so much too be thankful for. I have two boys. One is 23 and the other is 12. Both have been my biggest test, both have been my biggest joy. When the time comes and I leave this world.....I leave behind two men who, I know, will make a difference in the lives they touch. All a mother can hope for really.

  20. Congratulations to both of you. You have something special between you.
    Happy Birthday Andi.

  21. Renee,

    Yep, I understand your greatest accomplishment and I feel the same. You are sooo right, the apple does not fall very far from the tree. She is beautiful outside and if she is like you, the insiders are beautiful too. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

    Big hugs and lots of blessings....

  22. thank you for sharing your lovely daughter renee. what an accomplishment indeed!


  23. Time goes by so fast! Like you I have a 22, 21 and 11 year old!! My treasures!

  24. thank you all for your sweet comments.
    (andi was touched by each one)

    thank you again

    xxx Big Group Hug Please

  25. This is the sweetest post! Your daughter is beautiful and looks so much like you. I'll be people are always asking if you are sisters! Oh, and to answer your question, what is my greatest accomplishment? I'm with you, friend, my precious children. They are true gifts from Heaven!

  26. What a LOVELY post Renee! She is GORGEOUS!

  27. the best that you could do, is wonderful. not easy raising girls, I have two beautiful young women and when they were teenagers my hair turned white...really it did. Now to see them as mothers and such good mothers is a tribute to me. Good job girl!

  28. cj
    now i know that's why my hair turned white!!!

    it was hell, no doubt about it.
    but i feel better knowing that that is normal behavior for teen girls to be nightmares.
    xx thank you

  29. Ooooooooooh Renee. Magic lies in letting go. So hard.

    But you have no choice. Thank you for your beautiful child.

    Imagine. If each parent could be thanked for providing a productive child. Imagine that Earth.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  30. omg. you can not believe how much I related to this! are our daughters separated at birth? amazing.
    this is so sweet and loving!!!!! she is so beautiful!!! I am dying reading this - I know EXACTLY how you feel. yes - my greatest too - and only!!!!

  31. This is a beautiful tribute. She ( and you) remind me of my daughter and I and the special bond, even through horse shows, a messy room, college, and now as adults. She is a beautiful woman and I wish her a bright healthy and happy future- as I wish for you.
    Being a horse show mom was trying at times, ( B had a grey horse who inevitably rolled after a bath before the show), but we loved that life and the excitement! Memories, that's what we have of all this. I had similar times with my phenomenal son as he traveled with baseball teams and we had a wonderful time then, too. My greatest accomplishment hands down is my kids.



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