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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hate Speech Against Woman - How Far Have We Come?

A glorious day for Women's Suffrage.

I can tell you FIRST hand that we do not yet make the same pay.

It is a sad state of affairs that in this country 
we are either discriminated against-
or brain washed by religion.
{ the Muslim countries}
{it's true} 
and isn't ironic ?????
 The very thing we are fighting against in wars ....
we are now doing to our own citizens.

As A Woman
It is not an easy task to be treated as an equal,
and with respect.
If you are tough, 
smarter than most of the people you work with...
you are considered a BITCH.
Not so if you are a man acting in the exact same manor. 
You would be considered a savvy business man,
and a good leader. 

{historical document}

And finally after such a hard and brave fight we won.
Let us not forget the women who accomplished this for the rest of us.

We now seem to going backwards.
Taking away birth control 
by telling us to hold an aspirin between our knees....
Being lambasted by a hate speaker like Rush Limbaugh.

If it had been my daughter that he called a slut because she stood up for a woman's
right to birth control.
I would have slapped him so fast with a law suit....

My bigger question is to the Republicans who condone 
Rush Limbaugh by remaining silent.
What's up with that ?
Oh, right.
They are pathetic little scared-y cats!!
I forgot.
I still wonder what they would have done if it were their very own daughter
that Rush called a slut.

okay, I'm done and feel much better.

here are a few sites to check out and to learn from -click on letters below
Click here for some Rush Limbaugh HATE SPEECH

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  1. I dislike Rush Limbaugh very much,always have..
    Have a great weekend Renee,xo..

  2. We have to press on with grace and dignity and not fall prey to the ugliness. The thing most upsetting to me about RL is that he feeds on and adds to things that have no value of greater good. His rants are just that, rants. They are never solution based, but rather a mere stirring of the proverbial pot, and he does nothing but incite and offend. It's attention seeking. Don't give him any. Good or bad. To him and all the other misogynistic beings I say, quoting the great C Chanel, "I don't care what you think of me, because I don't think of you at all."

  3. blue muse

    that is what frightens me.
    it reminds me of a time in germany.
    - it was subtle -
    it was brushed under the rug until it was too late.

    republicans might get themselves elected in a big way if they completely separated them selves from this man of POISEN

  4. You go girl, don't know who he is, don't want to know. We have arses of our own over here!! I have had it with these people. I am so glad you are not afraid to speak out, someone has to!

  5. di -yonks

    it really does make me sad that so many men and women are weenies.
    we can't GO BACKWARDS!!

    but for a group of very brave women....who were beaten etc...
    we would no be able to vote.
    people deserve CHOICES
    even if their choices are wrong.

    isn't FREE WILL the very thing G-d gave to us??????

    thank you for being brave enough to coment!!!

  6. We look at your verrrrry complex electoral system from afar & shake our heads. What I can't understand is this Primary stuff, as various candidates from the same side go around slagging each other off until there's only one left standing, just too weird in my book. Then after every,salacious detail has been revealed about the Presidential candidate from their own camp in the run-up, he asks folk to vote for him-doh? We're basic here, in that we tick the box for the Party, not the person.

    Someone needs to plonk that Rush bloke down as a Support Worker in a women's shelter for a week. Maybe a week observing some of those harrowing situations might reform his mind & mouth, or maybe he's too far gone.
    Millie xx

  7. millie

    our process is crazy & ugly.
    as far as i am concerned it is out of control. and now it seems it is ALL about money. we recently passed a law that said the a corporation or a person con give an undisclosed amount of money to a candidate.
    which means , a company, a country, a person can own the president.
    pretty sick.

    and these goofballs talk about whether a woman can have her birth control paid for by her health insurance!!

    go figure....
    cuz i can't.
    i am just scared living in this country now.
    we are heading for big trouble unless these laws are changed. :0


  8. I listen to the Buffoon for 10 minutes when I drive to town. He is a wind bag, says Maine can't get him off the air because he is the owner. He is an evil man, selling propaganda like the Nazi's
    and has all the other Buffoons calling in. Ridulous, He should
    be banned off the air. Then what about free speach. He is a crazy and making Money. M

  9. Oh the things I'd like to say about Rush Limbaugh, but I will exercise restraint and class. What I will say however is that by stating that this woman was a slut for wanting birth control, he was stating that every woman who has ever used birth control and effectively by extension, logically, every man who has used birth control, i.e. a condom, is a slut. Even monogamous, married people. Even women who must take the pill for therapeutic reasons. That is painting a picture with a hugely wide brush. But I think he's too much of a jackass to 1) realize this 2) retract what he said 3) apologize for it.

  10. Whoops...this article (on free speech) is going where??? Can't we all have freedom of speech? I am a Repbulican, and very proud to have a choice.. RL was wrong in saying what he did...but we all know what he's about, and Yes, he was wrong, and Yes he did apologize so does that mean we should condemn him for his right of FREE speech. Good God people, I have daughters and I am not happy with his opinion, but it is his opinion, not mine, nor yours...perhaps Take one more freedom away from us. Is that what you want our Country to be about!!!!The reason we live here in USA, is what our sons (mine have) have been fighting for!!!! FREEDOM! Grow UP and stand up for your rights!! Please let us all have the right to speak!

  11. For the first time in my life I worry what the future holds for my 24 year old daughter.

    Great post!


  12. i worry too
    for my daughter.

    just a i worry for those deeply religious people that are in fear of things changing for them
    it is simple-
    g_d gave us FREE WIIL to do with the choices put in front of us.
    if one does NOT WANT birth control...
    no problem.
    but where do these same religious folfs get off making decisions for other people...that g-d can only make.
    ' FREE WILL ' is about G-d.
    and he is in charge



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