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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maps Maps Maps

I will never tire of them.
Old ones,
new ones....
Never will I be bored by what they bring to a room.

This I thought was BRILLIANT!!!

I adore this room.

....and of course the over used Paris Map wall covering can be found here;

This image had me at first glance but it does need a bit of tweeking.
The chesterfield sofa needs to be well worn. {no kidding}
The trunk needs to be L.V.
The table and lamp need work as well.

Do you not agree????

I loved this simply because of all the blue & green.
{the bed does sort of look like prison quarters though}

get the kid started early.....
And this is a room one can grow into with a few furniture changes.

Don't you just love all the varieties???
Do you have a great idea in map application other than what has been shown in this post??
Do share with me.

Maps are the best.....
but let's not go crazy and build a 20 foot scale one!


Maybe that would be just fine .....
it is all in the application.


What are your thoughts
my dear brilliant blogger friends ?

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  1. LOVE them! They do not go with my decor, but I love to see them in homes! I am in love with the second image.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. maps can create amazing environments.
    for sure.
    i ahve first hand experience
    whit how a map wall covering can change / enhance
    and take a room up a notch.
    not to mention....
    guests are intrigued.

    and what could ever be better than that????

  3. do you know where the map with the trunk and lamp is from? or how you can buy it?

    1. I believe it is from the online store, One King's Lane or possibly Joss and Main. Marvelous finds! I'm obsessed with them.

  4. I've been a sucker for maps since I was a kid, whether it was the county topgraphical maps of the farms & creeks that lay around our little Illinois town, or (later) the endpaper maps of expansive country estates that used to be common in 1930s lady-author mystery novels, or the engraved maps ones showing the routes of the early transcontinental explorers in hstorian Francis Parkman's 19th century works. But that's when I can sit with them laid out on a table in front of me. Those kinds of maps seem wasted up on a wall, because you can't see the very details that make them fascinating at close range. Framed behind glass on a big wall, they just becaome abstract shapes.

    That's why, on a wall where the main thing is a map's decorative value, not the information it contains, I like a simpler, bolder look, as when the map is actually part of the wall, not just on it. The Maharajah of Indore had a gigantic inlaid map of India made of exotic woods on the wall of the 1930s office that Eckhardt Muthesius designed for him, and the 1st Mezzanine at Radio City Music Hall has a men's room lounge wall that's entirely covered with a spectacular carved-linoleum map in a tawny palette. And Dorothy Draper and (I think) Raymond Loewy designed Modern map murals for different airlines in the early years of the Jet Era. All those examples' various treatments could be adapted to domestic use with little loss of impact, the same way the smaller map in the Hindenburg's Smoking Lounge was easily adapted to a standard 8-foot ceiling height in the bottom example. Short answer? Yeah, I love maps on walls.

  5. I liked the kids room with the blue

  6. I like street maps, old maps, framed, not sure about whole walls.
    My dark green chesterfield is very, very aged!!!!!! xxx Jules

  7. jules....

    that sounds gorgeous....
    a dark green ,well worn chesterfield sofa!!!


  8. simply grand

    & you are.

    i just went to your blog!!!

    thank you for the detailed comment that we can all learn from.


  9. Adore the second image! Maps are so cool especially if they have meaning to you, from travels, etc.

    Art by Karena

  10. OOh ! Thank you for the link to the Paris Map. Overused yes!!!!!Love it anyway. Some great ideas here !@ Maryannexo



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