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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

San Miguel de Allende - The Style Of It

I have always wanted to go to this town
San Miguel de Allende.
It is right in the middle of Mexico.

I adore the rustic
The textures
The weather 76 degrees most of the year,
and cooler at night.

Is this the most charming image?

Check out the rock planter on the floor.

Paris Job for these designers.

When I see these images I want to move there all over again.
Expats from the U.S. and Canada fill the place.
It is supposed to be divine.
And right outside of the city is horse country,

I am dreaming.

What a view!!!


Do  You Want To Go ???
If I could, I would pack today and be gone.


Did you know of San Miguel de Allende before this post?

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into one of my favorite places.

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  1. When do we leave? Seriously enchanting down to the bougainvvilea, the views, the charm, the asses (a.k.a. donkey's), what a stunning place to call home. Renee, you know how to pick them. Hope all is well, I miss you xx

  2. dumwitDEB,
    it is so great to hear from you.
    these blog templates are getting to be too hard for me.
    i still couldm't figure yours out.

    love and miss you!!!

  3. Renee..this is one place I can vouch for being as beautiful in person as in the pictures. My nephew had a destination wedding there 2 years ago and I might just do a blog on it one was SO beautiful. I hemmed and hawed for months prior about the pain in the a** it was to get there, driving from Mexico City in a caravan of cars for over 3 bloody hours...BUT paradise awaited in a big way..and within an hour I said it was sooooooo worth it. It is such a beautiful magical place...tons of Amercians too. Hey.....bloggers conference 2013? :)

  4. Never heard of it now I have to go!!!! Well in my dreams anyway, shall I see you there my pet?
    The colours, the roof gardens, the views...all heaven!
    Deb I miss you too!!!
    Big hugs Jules xxx

  5. Oh boy it has been on my radar for decades! I even have about three books on it!

    My Mom was talking about spending a few months there during our *heat* season. But, alas, it is not the safest place right now. NO where in Mexico is safe right now.

  6. linda

    that has to be a drag for the expats that have moved lock stock and barrel to
    san miguel! !!

    i would like to know more. i am going to check it out.


  7. jules

    i was thinking.............the prices might have really dropped....
    because of the worlds financial state.
    i forgot....they always have drug MONEY.

    so i went and looked, the prices have dropped but no that much.
    at least not low enough for me to live where i want to live.

    xxx maybe we will buy some place there and open a B&B.

    love you

  8. Renee-
    Can you image waking up and looking out on this? Wow.
    You always find the most beautiful images.
    Happy Tuesday.

  9. Beautiful post. I love the plexiglass chairs. Mexico,?? Don't think I'd travel there, to much danger with Drug cartels..y

  10. la petite

    i was kidding about the drugs.
    i have always wanted to go there.
    we used to have most of the furniture made right outside of san miguel for casa casa


  11. Oh Renee, I love the colors, the views, the character of the buildings, oh yes, I'd love to go!!

  12. I need to add this spot to my bucket list! I love the blue headboard, the rustic design - and those chairs (second image) are gorgeous!

  13. San Miguel is one of the most magical places on Earth. I have been there many times with my parents growing up and as an adult. It is like stepping back in time. Way back. The entire city is a historical site and protected. The streets are cobblestone and those burros in your photo are delivering firewood. You order it by "one burro or two". Love, love, love your photos.
    xo isa

  14. blue muse

    thank you so much for this comment.
    it only confirms what i have imagined.
    what a treat for you to have been there!!!




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