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Friday, March 2, 2012

Emerald Green Interiors

Let's start of with 'I LOVE GREEN!'
-and this scene in a movie

I have used this pattern both on walls and floors
so many times that I have lost count.

The walls with the gold, black & white and definitely RICH.

My showroom was almost emerald green.


I have a brilliant woman who can FAUX paint this to a T


I adore this room.
Look how easily emerald works with ART.
and for many reasons.

This could be my bedroom for sure.
It would take me 20 years to tire of it.
That is IF I EVER tired of it.

I am almost sure I would not.
I have had emerald rooms in my life.....
the effect that the color has on me is too difficult to put into words.

How do you feel about EMERALD GREEN???

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  1. It is a colour I truly, truly adore. But I don't often come across the right spots to use it. And I think that is the trick with it, would you agree? In just the right space, it is magic. But it isn't one of those colours that will work in just any building. One of my current projects is using it though - a 1960s James Bond style home which already has a lot of character. And now it is getting even more, with emerald green Tretford carpet. I think I may faint with happiness when it is installed in a few months!

    Love all of your examples - can't pick a fave. But would love to go to dinner in that dining room at the top, and then whiz up cheese & spinach souffles in that very groovy kitchen.

    Why didn't you paint your showroom in emerald green, then? XX

  2. Renee, So striking, that entry wall-covering is amazing and yes that bedroom I adore it and the art IN it!

    Art by Karena

  3. love,love this color and every picture Renee...Just bought and emerald top that Im dying to wear, but I have no place to go,lol....Hope you are doing fantastic!xo

  4. karena

    i do adore the art in the bedroom.
    see!!! the emerald works with most artwork.


  5. My home was designed using emerald free as the base. I loved it. I guess I was tired of it but I wish I still had my sofa.
    These images are too beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

  6. hands down FAVORITE! it's rich, warm, sultry and with green eyes, i look good in such rooms....isn't that important?!


  7. We had an emerald green bathroom in our first home...loved it!
    We had a dining room the colour of image 7 and the cedar furniture looked so rich!!!
    I have just pinned the bathroom!!
    I guess that means I love green!!!
    big hugs xxx
    ps as the hair settled yet? xx

  8. I am obsessed with this color and have written three blog posts about it in the last year. It calls to me, just like your post title did. Malachite!

  9. You just reminded me of how much I love this colour. To wear, in interior design, in nature and in food. It's so rich you can almost taste and smell it. In my last home I had a feature green wall and will no doubt incorporate it into my next.
    Much love

  10. Love the color and now I am craving an emerald green room, how over the top luxe they all are!! So decadently delicious!

  11. Yep....dripping from a necklace.

  12. I like Hunter green best and love the Malachite. Remind's me of the Hermitage Palace. That left me breathless.
    Very beautiful post.

  13. I would definitely use this color inside my home, it's so rich and feels like a jewel box. Totally get it! xx's

  14. splenderosa,

    i must say i had a big bathroom and i had the was lacquered emerald green,
    the sink was a pedestal, and the tub a ball & claw.
    i even carpeted the bathroom in the same emerald green.
    then came the art - very colorful in gold frames.
    and of course all the towels were black.

    that is still my fave bathroom of all time


  15. glamour drops

    you know i think is more likely to be used in a room that you wish to be a treat.
    shall we say....a retreat? works for me.

    even when used in a formal living it gives off warmth without felling STUFFY.
    it is a stunner of a color.
    me personally.....i think it is so right for a room that does not take much light. the emerald will shine the room up, never feeling DINGY.
    and we can't have that!!!!


  16. yonks

    you can never fail with green.
    that's only my opinion.
    btw - it's a good one.

  17. enchanted tina

    DO IT!!!!
    you have enough rooms .....
    pick one that you want to use as a retreat.

    and use shiny emerald, or lacquer the emerald green.
    trust is pure heaven


  18. My office is upholstered in a matte/satin stripe green. My husband's bathroom is dark green. My dining room table and chairs are green. The new project (a combined dining room/library/kitchen will have a ceiling paneled and painted BM's Great Barrington Green. My eyes are green. What can I say?

  19. I do love the emerald green, as shown here at the living room wallpaper. But I never would use it for a kitchen.

  20. greet

    absolutely not in the kitchen.
    ....unless there were tons'a WHITE.


  21. The bedroom in the final photo has been a long time favourite of mine; I agree...insanely beautiful.

    Thanks for posting this much underappreciated colour.




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