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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Landscape - Mancor, Mallorca

Destination Spain

I had to post this for the landscaping and the pool.
This is too dreamy.
I love this area.

This is so divine....
Do you agree ?

This property belongs to a home for sale with 35 bedrooms.
It is a working property {INN} since 1971.
The owners want to sell it.
It has so many things on the property,
9 hole golf course, spa, etc, etc.
*link to view this property is at the bottom of this post.

This is the house.
Great pathways- Love Them!!

I have never been to Spain, 
and in the last 10 years I have really wanted to go.
I imagine that I will need one month to see everything I want to see.
The history alone in this country is truly amazing.
*The Moors created the first library on earth in Spain.

Who needs the Bahamas!?!
Look at this water!!

Would You go to Spain if you could?
Have you been?
Tell me about it.

* the property site is here

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  1. What beauty!

    Yes I've been to Spain. I haven't travelled extensively, but we did splurge and go to Spain on our honeymoon, even though we were broke, lol! It was worth every penny. Spain is gorgeous. We were in Madrid, Toledo, Granada (speaking of Moors, you must see the Alhambra when you're in Granada) and finally, Costa Del Sol. We saw a lot of art. Do you know that at the Prado Museum, there's an addendum dedicated entirely to a Pablo Picasso painting? This painting, Guernica, is a huge mural, and he did hundreds of sketches of it which are exhibited in this addendum.

  2. It is third on my list after Paris and Italy.
    These place is impeccable, Renee. Can you imagine?
    Lush is the word.
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. Hey ladybug...this is gorgeous! I've been to Spain and loved it, but never to Mallorca which I've always dreamed about. Maybe it's because I read somewhere that Sean Connery has a home there, but so does Michael Douglas & his beautiful wife. xx's

  4. Renee,

    It's on my bucket list for sure. My mom was born in Spain (La Coruna). My travel list is long and yet you can travel to many places on the internet for the sheer pleasure of becoming familiar with the land.

    Just last week using google earth I saw a street view of my grandparents home in Spain. We've been checking and traveling to relatives homes in may countries as google earth has added them. This was exciting for my Dad because he had actually been there.

    These photos are stunning and there really are some wonderful places to see.


  5. Hi Renée,
    Spain is so close to us. It was the first country that I went to on an plane, when I was 16. I had been to France when I was younger but Spain was one of the first package holidays. I have seen much of Spain and my husband even more. Mallorca is lovely but, most people tend to stay around the edge of the island, by the coast but, the centre, where all of the rich and famous have homes, is even more beautiful.
    It is a very beautiful country and you MUST go one day .... you won't be disappointed. XXXX

  6. tout,

    you have seen the alhambra.
    i have read and dreamed extensively
    about it.
    as well as cordova.

    i can't wait to go!!


  7. bette
    this must have been such an emotional thrill.

    yep....i have got to get there.

  8. oh jax....

    you have tickled my 'travel bone' even more deeply.


  9. splendor baby

    i would not mind terribly
    bumping into sean!
    that is for example,
    just another reason to go.


  10. Is this your way of subtly proposing a bloggers conference in Mallorca? If so I am in:) No twisting my arm over here! Never been but sure do want to go...

  11. Is this your way of subtly proposing a bloggers conference in Mallorca? If so I am in:) No twisting my arm over here! Never been but sure do want to go...

  12. What a fabulous property; the water, the palms. I would love to visit Spain one day! France first though.

    Art by Karena

  13. Wow. Gorgeous pictures. That water is really something isn't it?



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