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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Do You Say To This?

This is on the corner of my neighborhood.
I pass it everyday.
Men and woman with heart wrenching signs....
"I have lost my home & my money, and no food to give to my children.
Anything will help"

This is a sad sign.


No Way 
do they like beggars in Boca Raton.
There are people living in the hedges 
on the fringes of beautifully manicured private neighborhoods

Do you have these signs where you live?

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  1. No. haven't seen a sign like this.
    It is really sad that so many are living like this.
    Hope that our week is of to a nice start, Renee.

  2. We do. And when I drove to Austin with my son (He is in grad school there), I saw them every place we stopped. It is a sad comment on our times.

    I feel blessed to know you. Just noticed you have this daily mantra off to the side. Beautiful!

  3. No thank God. But they do have houses for the homeless.
    Florida had beggers in Fort
    lauderdale in the 80's They use to approch the car and say I am hungry, so I handed him a hamburger. He threw
    it on the ground, didn't even unwrap it. So now I say get a job.

  4. la petite

    they don't do that here.
    they wrap it up.
    i guess to save for their children.

  5. Oh.. so sad... we do not have signs like that here, however, I see a man often by the entrance ramp to the freeway that has a sign asking for help... we have stopped to give him money on occasion...and I am sure he was always grateful... I know it is easy for someone to say "get a job" or "suck it up and work" or... but, I am sure it is not that easy.. if someone says that, would they hire one of the people if they came to their business without proper interview attire or clean clothing or a clean body??? Tis the season for giving..let's all stop and think..thanks for posting this Renee!!

  6. ivey

    you are a pearl.

    what you say is so true.

    xxx merry Christmas!!!!

  7. Renee, I am not sure but I may have seen something like that in the Tampa/StPete area. It is getting bad, and a whole lot of people have nowhere to go.

  8. Renee I have NEVER seen a sign like this! In San Diego we seemed to have more panhandlers than here in Kansas City.

    There are a lot of very good shelters here though. I have given $5 gift certs to McDonald to people at times. People have to eat.


    Art by Karena

  9. I say it's would never think that this would be a problem in Boca, I suppose it's everywhere. My son (that lives in WA) keeps cheese sticks and juice boxes in his car to pass out to the homeless. When he told me he did this I wept at his 'heart' and kindness.


    we need to chat!!

  10. No. Not yet.
    I will still give when my heart says give.

    sign be damned.

  11. We don't have these signs in our area, but what a sad sign of the state of our economy.

  12. That is truly tragic! What is the world coming to?! I won't get on my soapbox here re the greed of the guys who created this situation but it does really anger me that they have not had to pay for it!!!!!!!

  13. If you want to say no, you do - for whatever your reason. You make up your own mind without being herded and pressured in one way or the other. Then you deal with the little doubts. Strange to have a community sign to endorse not giving and influence separateness of the haves and have-nots.

  14. I have never ever seen anything like this in my life. My feeling is that anyone who is desperate enough to beg is certainly in dire straits, and if I can give them a few dollars and it can brighten their day or afford them a meal, then I am going to do it pure and simple. I think its immoral to have a sign like this.....just my own two cents.

  15. The closest we get here are the 'Beware Koalas Crossing' signs. We truly are the Lucky Country having so far escaped the worst of the GFC due to a huge export mining/resources boom currently keeping us afloat. That plus a whole different welfare system based on the British model, which seems to support those in genuine need a little better than the US equivalent. I think so many of the panhandlers are victims of mental health issues who have either slipped through the cracks or who have just been abandoned by the system & are sans their meds. Thought provoking post mate.
    Millie xx
    Millie xx

  16. enchanted tina

    i agree with you!!!!


  17. Renee,

    I believe when one heart speaks another heart should always be listening. Give when you can and when you can not then really give by saying a prayer to bless them and keep their needs met. Then picture them smiling, groomed, eating a simple meal and talking with others who are blessed to be a blessing among us.

    Give thanks for them for reminding us all that we are just at different stages on our path in life and this too shall pass.


  18. No we have nothing like that, not that there aren't people that need help.
    So sad

  19. carol

    thanks for the commentary.
    today they said on the news
    the about 50% of american are living just above and below the poverty line.




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