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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Decorative Screens, Room Dividers & Partitions

Screens & Room Dividers
can definitely add that finishing touch that few other accessories can do.

They can be extremely elegant as shown in this image. 

Do you need privacy and do not want to put up window treatments?

As you see the creativity concerning screens is endless.

An upholstered screen works well in the bedroom.

if you are living in an apartment in NYC 
with a kitchen that is wide open to the living room.....
Now you know what to do.

Another clever use for a screen -
providing privacy, yet allowing the light in.
I think this looks fabulous!!

Screened doors are one of my favorite things.
Even on a front door.
I just like diffused light coming through doors.
And there really are so many creative ways you can do it. 

now a bit of what is new and wild.
I think this screen curtain is stunning.
Lose everything else in the picture and I can see it dividing
a living room from a dining room.
Even in a mostly traditional setting.
It would add so much punch without being over powering.
Do you agree??

In the design world they have now created 
very expensive fabrics to use for draperies that look just like this.

These are not drapery fabric however.
You can see more of this product if you look up

This I adore.
They have built a large scale - open lattice work screen 
surrounding the breakfast area.


A jali is the term for a perforated stone or latticed screen, 
usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use 
of calligraphy and geometry. 
Early work was performed by carving into stone, 
while the later more elegant used by the Mughals employed the technique of inlay, 
using marble and semi-precious stones. 
Jali typically use Islamic geometric patterns, and less often arabesques.

This architectural decoration was used in Islamic architecture as well as in Indian architecture.
Info Taken from HERE

I have tried to put in a bit of every style of screens and partitions in this post. 
I wanted for you to find at least one thing you liked.
Something that would spark a creative idea for you.
Maybe even solve a problem you might have around your home.
Concerning privacy, or just defining a space.

I would appreciate your input.
Did you get any ideas?
Which was your favorite?

Happy New Year!!

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  1. I love the second image..solves a problem for me alright..I NEED a little corner banquette like the one shown...the screen is just beautiful..I favor the more traditional wooden screens with oriental works of art, exotic birds and flora and fauna.. love.. I also like the idea of the screen over a front door...think that would be divine in a well lit, extra wide entryway... Happy New Year!

  2. ivy

    thank you for your comment.
    i agree with you on points!!


  3. I love room dividers. They add so much to a room and create beautiful spaces.

  4. I've been in too many "luxury" apartments with a bunch of designer-y stools lined up at a counter that guests can watch--or, worse, help--the host prepare the meal. No thanks. Food, like a good stage illusion, works best when you don't see what's going on backstage: knowing how it's done spoils the fun. Besides, if I can sit on the sofa and see a pot-filler faucet, I'm sorry, it's not a luxury apartment.

    One of those cutwork panels from Razortooth might be just the thing to lend a veil of mystery to an over-exposed kitchen, especially when it's a light-toned panel hung in front of a dark, mysterious kitchen--say, one with walls of black glass. What better way to screen the magic from prying eyes, while still allowing the performer/host a full view of his restive audience?

    My own favorite screen? The ones in pierced white marble that surround the dining island--and it is an island--in the Graf house in Dallas, a 1958 collaboration between Edward Durell Stone & Robsjohn Gibbings that's one of the high points of Postwar Modern design.

  5. Lovely! What wonderful uses. Not to mention that you can use them to hide ugly clutter, lol! Beautiful AND utilitarian, my favourite combo!

  6. Hard to pick a many pretties! I think you make one heck of a beautiful argument for screens, they are dramatic, elegant and so beautiful...wouldn't mind finding a spot for one in the new gave me some great ideas here!

  7. De tout, de rien

    ugly clutter!!!!!!
    i can not begin to tell you how close this is to my tiny heart!!!!
    you are sooooo right!!!

    xxxx 00

  8. This post would have taken ages to put together! Much thought went into it, I can see. For me, the most wonderful screens are the ones where they are cut away, where the light and shadow dance through the patterns. I may need some convincing on a solid variety - but then, as I always say to my own clients: horses for courses. What suits one place can look wrong in another.

    I truly love that black screen behind the bed - that's my favourite. Have a wonderful New Year Renee - and I look forward to following your thoughts in the fabulous 2012. Virginia xx

  9. I loved the screen behind the bed.
    That would work for me I hope. Renee I adore screens and Top made me one, I painted it....big mistake...I had forgotten about it until I saw this because it only lasted two days!!!!!
    It didn't matter how careful I was, or the children were or the dogs were it went flying about every 20 minutes...the breakages were huge!!!
    Don't ask me how it happened because it was standing in a corner (covering a rather nasty damp patch!) and nobody normally went near it but that screen acted like a magnet to all and sundry!!!
    Like the old style ones better than the modern curtaining.
    Happy New Year my pet xxx Jules

  10. My mother has one like the second image...hides an abundance of containers...

    love the last image...just cause!

    To a wonderful, helathy and prosperous 2012 Renee!!

  11. linda
    i think if i started with screens....
    i would find too many places to utilize the.
    and i dont want to be know as
    ..that might even be weirder than being known as the CAT LADY


  12. jules

    happy new year!!!
    it is going to be great for both of us.
    i just know it.
    ....or our 'acceptance will strengthen.

    love you xxx

  13. Hi Renee
    Well here is aus open plan living is coveted.. though it would be great to have a method of disguise when the occasion calls for it.. I love all the lacework style screens here.. open and airy.. probably influenced by the fact it is hot here at present..

    Sorry I am so late to wish you a lovely xmas.. been and gone.. but hope it was wonderful and that the new year brings you much joy, happiness and success.. [only a few hours to go here]

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  14. These are inspiring to start the New Year. I love your blog. Happy New Year!

    jeavon @ Interior Design Pro


    why oh why do we live oceans apart?
    i wish you the happiest and healthiest NY possible.
    let's hope it's an easier year for all of us that have had our struggles.

    love xxx



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