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Friday, December 2, 2011

Rosie Vela & Patti Hanson Were My Favorites - At The Time This Was A Model's Uniform On The Streets Of Manhattan

Rosie Vela & Patti Hanson Were My Favorites - 
At The Time This Was A Model's Uniform On The Streets Of Manhattan

So....I had to have a pair of these hiking boots.
Some how I just didn't pull it off as someone 5'9" could.
They stayed in the closet after wearing them just one time to the movies.

And they would wear these hiking boots with Raccoon Coats.

I ended up with a full length female black mink
(boo hoo me....right????)
and the boots definitely didn't look as cool.
It looked like I just screwed up with dressing myself.
These were different times......
my mink is worthless today.

This is Rosie on the left.

Rosie Vela is now a singer....
and has been for a long time.
She went right into it after her modeling career.

I lived around the corner from
Ford Modeling agency.
Wanna' feel short and unattractive??????

I saw Rosie in person.
We were both having lunch alone in a local hot spot.
She was like an angel.

Left; Rosie
next to her is Patti

And then there is Patti Hanson!!!!
She was doing a shoot on the river by my house in NYC {East 58th}
and I must say she was the friendliest sweetest gal ever.

She married Kieth Richards and lived pretty darn happily after.
And that is a good thing. 

Does anybody remember these 

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  1. I still have a Rosie Vela cassette tape; love her.

    And look at this photo of mine of Patti Hansen:

  2. Renee
    Did you see T&C for December with Patti & her girls on the front? All beautiful.

    Sure do remember them...

  3. ann

    i have not.
    but now i am intrigued.

    thank you for the comment!

  4. bruce

    i am linking into your pic now!!!

    thank you for the comment!

  5. I have a pair of those shoes. Got them for 20 less because I could wear a child's size, haha! They are Timberlands. Unfortunately I didn't have a raccoon coat but my 5'3" body would have given me away around the models. I had to stay skinny just so I wouldn't look like an Oompa Loompa!
    Great boots. I haven't thought of them lately. I'm too busy wearing my tacky uggs (short for ugly) around.
    What happened to your mink? Florida weather?
    Have a great day.

  6. Yep at 5'4" there was no way I could carry off long coats & ankle boots in ANY way. I don't give a hoot about Super models, but let me remind you Ms. F, you are one Super blogger!
    Millie x

  7. I have searched and searched for a full length mink jacket for years (second hand and vintage!) but cannot find one anywhere and I am about to buy boots just like you think I could be an vintage super model?!!!!
    Sunday night is the big reveal night I hope you will come over and follow on One Pink Chair. Love you xxx Jules

  8. jules

    i will definitely come over!!
    i can hardly wait.

    xxx love

  9. teresa,

    my mink was in cold storage for a while....
    then the animal protection folks started throwing paint
    at people wearing furs.....
    it has been sitting in my closet for g-d knows how long.

    ....i brought it home from the cold storage to make a throw for my bed,
    and never got around to it.

    it will probably disintegrate if i move the hanger!!!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. A great tribute to how models should look....beautiful, healthy and happy. I don't know these days so many of them have these perpetual scowls on their faces, are waaaay to skinny (I wish I could "loan" them a few pounds) and honestly many are not as pretty as they used to be, kind of an unorthodox kind of sure you know what I am saying.
    I miss the old supermodels even if they made me feel short. And chubby. And kind of imperfect. LOL

  12. enchanted tina,

    i agree the new ones almost look like
    'abstracts' of woman.

    and i too thought that they were more perfectly per portioned.

    i mean look at patti's thighs.
    just right!!

    i was just mailed that she is recovering from bladder cancer.

    take care and stay true to your style!!!

  13. I love the mink. At 5'2" I'd look silly in the boots too.

  14. Blast from the past! Wow. I wore those hiking boots with a skirt because I saw it in Seventeen magazine.



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