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Friday, December 9, 2011

This is 'THE TRADE' in Boca Raton Today

Okay my friends.....
and you are MY FRIENDS....

I have been to hell and back with this venture.
is welcomed by me.

Keep in mind that it changes everyday.

My Office

And this is my view.
And what a view I have too.
When the UPS truck isn't there 
I get to watch all the men kiss their girlies goodbye in the AM.

Oh ....I could write the all soap operas off the air!!
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  1. I'll just move straight into your office thank you! Renee it is beautiful and I could live with just about any piece in your showroom. That is as long as I had some colour too!!!!!
    You are the style queen my pet!!!
    Talk to you soon xxx Jules

  2. Looking good........real good. LOVE the stripes on the floor and the paint color on the walls. It has a sophisticate and elegant vibe, very beautiful. If I were to make one teeny tiny suggestion (you asked and I say this only with the best of intentions and in looking at the pics) is I would possibly consider adding more to the walls, groupings of prints, art, mirrors, brackets, plates, prints,etc....whatever, just to "fill" the blank wall space wtih . And on your coffee table I could see one oversized planter wiht a great big white orchid plant to give it height a pop of color, of course it would add to the already very elegant atmosphere, You are doing one heck of a job and I love the palette you have gone with...fabulous!!!!!! Wishing you much success!!!!

  3. Well Renée,
    I think it looks perfect and you must be so proud of your 'baby'. I personally think that you should go with your own ideas as they are brilliant. If I was sauntering past 'The Trade', your window would definitely intice me in.
    Have faith in your own creative talent. XXXX

  4. It look Fabulous Renee.

  5. Beautiful artifacts!! I love the touches of lucite! Sigh, if I ever have a condo in Boca Raton, I'll be sure to hire you!

  6. Oh great and powerful wizard, if my office looked like that, I would think I was the....

  7. I see no flaws. I love the mix.
    Tell me about that small painting over the hall tree.

  8. Renee-
    You have done an amazing job here! I can't believe what you have done in such a short period of time. The results of a seasoned designer for certain.
    Proud of you. So many beautiful things. Love.
    Hopefully I will make it by that way within the next year.

  9. Renee, Your showroom is aMAYYYYzing! You are a true inspiration.... Happy Holidays!

  10. I think it looks stunning. Beautiful. Inviting.

    And now dear friend, do tell me those stories.

    And I will share some with you :)

    Off to a #JingleTweet for night in South Norwalk, CT via @quintessenceblg

  11. Renee,

    Lovely, lots of work and lots to love. I agree with The Enchanted Home a few more pieces on the wall to flank the floral wall art, and a couple more planters.

    I would add a flat screen to one of the walls which would show portfolio's of work (on a loop) for both you and your partner...after all this is your fabulous showroom. Entice clients with the potential for their space.

    Add some fresh flowers in your office as a reminder that we are the flowers in life and it begins with us.

    Everything looks stunning and you should feel really really wonderful about this adventure. It's a perfect fit!

    XO Bette

  12. Nothing wrong here Renee. So stylish and sophisticated, this send out a true message of style and is a great shop front for your obvious creative talent. I would hire you in an instant! This is a place I would like to hang out in and your consultations with clients will be a comfortable affair. I don't know you that well, but I am so proud of you!
    Well done dear friend.

  13. Di,
    thank you so very much for the sweet words.
    i can never get enough of that.
    this might have been the worst year in recent history to open a business.
    YA' THINK?

    xxx but i am putting my best foot forward every time i take a step.

  14. Renee, I adore it all, very upscale, elegant! you have done a fabulous job of putting this showroom together !

    Thank you for mentioning my gift to all of you..........

    An amazing 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!!


    Art by Karena

  15. Looks great, Renée!



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