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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Was Never Into DOLLS Except For One Big And Ugly ONE!!!

My mother came from the 
'we love dolls'
the PAPER DOLL world.

You can imagine her frustration with me.
 who rejected every one of them, 
except for 1 great big ugly one that she wouldn't let me take 
out of the house because it was so hideous.
Remember that one Mom???? 

Chatty Cathy....
she ran her course quickly!!!
Freaky little buck toothed thing she was.

You know they are scary.

I thought this would be a freaky Friday post!!!!

What are your thoughts on dolls??

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  1. I loved dolls, but my daughter liked Barbie dolls for an hour or two and them tossed them in her closet with the other 500. I can remember my housekeeper telling me (she did run things) to ask her what she was looking for because her room was always a disaster. In other words, she needed to figure things out. I certainly miss Earnestine. She was my lifesaver and friend at that time.
    I carried a baby doll around until my mother thought that it may be embarrassing, say age 16, haha. I loved to dress them, and I found it fascinating that I could actually make some of them wet their pants, cry, and talk.
    I think it really funny that the students now have to carry home their "real" babies and take care of them for six weeks. They even have to pay someone to babysit them if they leave home. I am certain there are signs of child abuse early on.
    I didn't mean to write a book, but dolls are a favorite of mine.
    So in answer to your question, yes I loved them. Some of them really did look like "Chuckie" though, similar to my ex-husband. Ouch.
    I hope that you are having a great holiday season. Your shop seems to be something else!

  2. okay teresa!!!!

    what is up w/ that???
    i think there are doll lovers
    and doll haters!!!!
    how important is it really???

    hugs xx

    to me.....
    they are in the same category as

  3. You wouldn't play ball and jacks, or paper dolls, hop scotch,
    ring a round the rosey.
    You did play with the slinky and crazy puddy. What workes for me didn't for you. I bought the first magic skin doll for you, and I thought you loved it..
    Mama xxxxxx

  4. I'm with you Renee! I did love to play dress up though so alas the poor kittens and puppies got to play the doll roll and accept that they were going to be wheeled around in a pram clad in knitted baby cardigans, booties and baby bonnets...poor long suffering things they always seemed to accept the inevitable and put up with it!!!!! I always had lots of subjects as we bred working dogs and the barn cats were always adding to their masses! xxx

  5. heheheheheh

    I can SO relate to this.. I think I had more teddy bears than dolls.. and I can't relate to the big doll fetish!! haha.. but the 'Freaky little buck toothed thing'.. has me crying laughing.. i uttered those same words once.. and you just brought back the memory..

    Have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  6. I loved dolls. I mean REALLY loved dolls. I had baby dolls at first and my dad used to "torture" them just to hear me throw a fit.
    As I got older, I started collecting antique china dolls. I still have a few tucked into drawers where they belong--not in some freaky display in my bedroom. hahaha
    My oldest daughter never liked dolls. The jury is still out on the little one, she is playing with matchbox cars as I type, sigh.

  7. julie,

    my big ugly doll WAS weird.....really big.
    i used to eat with it at my little table and chairs.
    it was as big as me.
    really strange.
    ya' think i might have been lonely????

    i love that you see chatty C. as i do.
    i will come and visit today.


  8. kerry

    that is too funny!Q!!
    your dad has my sense of humor!

    if i had had a little sister i might have done the same [am i bad?}

  9. God, we are so alike in that respect. I rejected every doll and teddy I was given. My mother told me that one Christmas I was given a doll and push chair and I pulled the legs, arms and head off the doll, slung the pushchair over my shoulder and walked around with it in this fashion for the next few months! What a weird kid I was :-)

  10. Renee I did get into the Barbie & Ken thing for awhile. However with Five Brothers, I was quite a tomboy! Ha!


    Art by Karena

  11. After I divorced (amicably after many years of marriage) in 2004 and moved into a loft in an old factory and opened a photo studio and art gallery, I had a number of dolls (from Charley McCarthy--I had 3--to old dolls friends on the internet sent to me) that I often photographed. I will have to share with you on my Blog! When I got engaged and moved out of the loft and in with Susan to her home, I gave all my dolls to an artist friend. Sometimes I miss them.

  12. bruce

    yes, BUT
    did you have howdy doody?
    i went out with a guy who was a freak over his 'howdy doody' doll.

    x :)

  13. Thanks for the laugh, except for my collection of Madame Alexander dolls who were always sweet and smiley, the others kind of freaked me out. I would envision them walking down the hallway with their creepy little teeth and seeing them get evil on me...SCARY! Yes, I think they are right behind the way clowns make me feel.....creeped out!

  14. HA! Those dolls were scary...I liked Little Kiddles...remember those?

  15. I had one doll and quite frankly am so glad I had sons so I wouldn't have to do the 'dolly' thing. Not a fan!

  16. they totally freaked me out miss R!!



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