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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miami IS Different - Miami Beach 2011

This is what it is really like in case you were wondering. 

These are everywhere....
but in Boca Raton 
the streets are over run with 
(it seems like to me)
the same navy blue Rolls Royce convertibles.

If you have the chance 
and you are in Dania Beach Florida
This is a showroom not to miss!!!!

for more info on terrazzo floors click here

Now when I was growing up terrazzo was EVERYWHERE!!!!
Every hotel, every house, .....,everywhere!
And the for years Floridians spent ooodles of dollars tearing it up and replacing it with
terra cotta tiles. Remember those???
They are gone too.
And we are back to TERRAZZO.
And now .....
look what they can do???
Not for me .... but still....
I appreciate it. 

Welcome to Miami Beach 2011

Your thoughts?????

happy happy new years with bunches of hugs and kisses

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  1. It all looks cold to me...I love warmth in decor!

  2. renae
    i knew you wouldn't like it.
    i don't.
    we are the warm and cozy type-
    translation: traditional


  3. I think perhaps it is a bit like our Gold Coast...lots of money and glitz!
    Not my style but I do like to visit.
    Big hugs and good wishes for the New Year to you too xxxx Jules

  4. Well I adore terrazzo so that must mean I am neither warm nor cosy....don't answer that...

    But it does depend how it is done - and the colours, of course. (Although I cannot honestly say I have ever seen a version which I didn't admire.)

    Hope you are enjoying a few days off. Virginia xx

  5. Don't like it. Too bright for me. Very cold.
    Hope that you are having a nice week.

  6. Decor not for me but somewhere warm right now, YES! And, I do love the flamboyance of Miami Beach. Just don't want to live there!

  7. You pegged it to perfection! But forgot the skimply flashy clothes and ultra fit tan bodies galore:) (Yea the ones that make me want to crash diet right then and there)!!
    I think the look as you said is "very Miami' not my thing but it does work well with the long hot days, bright skies tons of sunlight and interntional playground that it is.

  8. It's perfect for Miami where I expect the flash, but not quite right in my small Southern town...I'm little too traditional. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2012!!

  9. gwen,

    i agree...
    it i not for me either.
    i have a real thing against
    really bright colors -
    like primary colors, use quite a lot of those colors. yucko

  10. enchanted tina

    i did leave out the tight greasy bodies
    with dental floss bathing suit bottoms.
    oh yes...the beach is topless as well.


  11. It is VERY Miami, isn't it Renée ?
    Not really my cup of tea but, England isn't Florida and what suits one doesn't always suit the other !! I'm sure that the English country look wouldn't look too wonderful in Miami !!
    Hope that your Christmas was lovely and wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year....every success with 'The Trade' and lots more blogging friendship in 2012,
    With much love,
    Jackie. XXXX

  12. No no no no, hate it! :-)

  13. Culture shock from 60'-80's
    I understand it is mostly Europeans.
    And Miami is now Cuba..
    One thing we can't turn back the clock.
    Great post, remember those floors, we had a time on Palm Island.
    Mamma XXXXXXXX

  14. well folks.....
    it just MIAMI
    and it is far away from most of us.

  15. Love it cool and edgy...the designs in terrazzo are fabulous....just think what you could looks
    like just about anything!
    Happy New Year.

  16. I can see how it could be used very successfully for commercial applications, in restaurants, hotels and bars for example. A little too modern for me though. Unless someone interpreted it in a very traditional way.

  17. I should specify I'm talking about the terrazzo!



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