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Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Manhattan Apartments Combine To Make A Home That Is 5ooo Square Feet

Published November 2006

It is all so easy on the eyess.

Not cluttered.
This place feels roomy.
{it should right?}

This room is cozy to me

The roof top garden beats all else.

This room is just too calm for me....

....if you care to jump on over to Architectural Digest
hit ME hard!

Now that Monday is here...what are your plans for today?
OR...the best way you have found to organize your day?
I am interested. Really.
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  1. Renee fabulous residence, needs more fabulous art!!


    Art by Karena

    Exciting New Giveaway from Dr Perricone! Come and Enter!

  2. Ahhh that front entry is so so serene...bedroom bland alright...needs a little more soul....just read your last three post loved them all...still move sorting no blogging but love blog reading!

  3. I would like to be on that roof terrace today Renee! Monday....lots of jobs....that's me....catching up... Mondays are always my catch up day....xv

  4. At last I found the word Comments, nice reading. Love the overhead cabnet on the island. It is a bit vanilla. Do You remember Mitzi's niece Joy Stampler? They had two apt. on central Park and connected them with a stair case. He owned all the Stampler steak houses
    Nice post

  5. I have great plans for today. I am still recuperating from the wedding preparations. i took the day off to:
    Not stress about business
    Hike at least 4 miles in my preparation for my big trekking trip
    Empty the contents of my son's cottage (attached to the main house) into the coutyard and with the help of my store 's cleaning person, scrub the place inch by inch
    Quite glamorous.
    I am actually in the process of finishing a space in Tribeca where we took 2 lofts and a few thousands square feet later, turned into one great city home.

  6. francine
    i feel like i am on easy street.
    but about exciting....
    a new city home?
    awesome!!! xxxx

  7. Nothing not to love here, its so elegant but light and airy. Love the high ceilings and large rooms..feels grand without feeling stuffy or foreboding. Beautiful Renee!

  8. I love this home, and the art is great too!
    I hope that your week is off tho a great start!

  9. beautiful! what a dream apt. i love that designer too - she is so classic.

  10. All so beautiful.. it's the garden terrace, and the foyer that really caught my attention..

  11. Ok...I like the kitchen and the outdoor space but the rest is way toooooo boring for me. You can do way better than any of this, me too!

  12. Hi Renee,
    It's a lovely apartment and what I wouldn't give to own one with an outdoor space like that BUT, I think that it was done in 2006 and maybe looks a little dated in some parts but, that's the only critisism I can make.
    Monday has gone now but I met my oldest friend who I started school with age 5. We spent a few happy hours over lunch, eating outside in the sunshine, at the pub and reminiscing .....there are many, many years to reminisce over now !!!! haha

  13. How fabulous! Love that outdoor seating. Wonderful view! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  14. J,
    i love that.
    i have friends from about age 8.
    that's when we moved to miami beach from houston tx.
    i have managed to stay in touch with my close buddies.
    most of my real long term friends are from the age of 12-13yrs.
    it feels sooooo good to be with someone that you don't really
    have to explain or justify things to.
    .....because they know your history, who you are,
    and where you came from.

    so to speak.


  15. My dear Renee. I have much catching up to do here and I've settled right in because I love when you "tell all!"
    This residence is something special! I grabbed a copy of the kitchen as I've always wondered what a "floating" glass cabinet would look like. Really pretty all the way around.
    Thanks for sharing! Now I'm off for more interesting tidbits that you're telling us about.
    Gracie loves the "Mantra" pup on your page.
    xo Lisa



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